A devastating critique of our slippery Prime Minister

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A devastating critique of our slippery Prime Minister
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Facts,figures and phantasies

Hardly top-flight political comment but a devastating critique of our slippery Prime Minister -cs

TELEGRAPH   11 / 5/ 16

Poor Dave’s going through the change

   Alison Pearson

 ‘Calm down dear’.  Remember the famously patronising putdown by David Cameron of Labour’s estimable Angela Eagle? Now It is Dave who needs to get a grip as fears grow that the prime minister is going through the menopause.

Just stay with me and consider the evidence.  Embarrassing hot flushes in the House of Commons. the pink stain of shame scorching from collar to widow’s peak?  Violent mood swings  as the PM lashes out at former friends and foes alike?  Check. Weight gain? Ahem.

Then there’s the chronic forgetfulness like the sudden inability to recall his Bloomberg speech of 2013 in which he claimed to want “fundamental, far-reaching changes” of the European Union.  Well, that’s easily done, isn’t it? First you can’t remember where you put the car keys or your reading glasses, next it’s a solemn promise to the British people that’s gone awol. 

Still we musn’t be too hard on the poor chap. This can be a very challenging time - Cameron celebrates his 50th birthday in October - and irrational and paranoid behaviour are typical expressions of the mid-life crisis.

Only two days ago the PM hired the British Museum to make a totally bonkers speech in which he warned that should we leave the European Union the World War Three would follow soon after. And Britain would become a less secure place, even though we would finally be able to kick out those six charming Algerian gents , friends of Osama bin Laden, whom the Home Secretary has been trying and failing to get shot of for 10 years.  I know, I know. Sheer lunacy.

But what can we do? Get his security men to grab the PM and force a lot of Black Cohosh down his throat?  An infusion of Red Clover?  Maybe an HRT patch to restore some much-needed balance?

It;s clear that things can’t go on like this.  “Project Fear gone mad” is how one veteran commentator described the PM’s speech.  For the sake of the British people, Dave needs to do something more normal for his time of life,  Buy a Harley Davidson, perhaps consider a gender reassignment, or phone that nice Tim Farron and ask to join the Lib Dems.  Anything to cool this new-found fever.  Cool down dear!


Turning to Thursday, the real thing to note is the triviality of much reportung.  For instance front pages of the main stream media are barren territory!  Take the Express with itgs lead story "NOW EU WANT TO BAN OUR KETTLES [and] Toasters and hair dryers also targets".  Metro has "BORIS BLASTS 'DEMENTED' CAMERON"       Only the Telegraph has anything notable up front and I concentrate on that paper beginning with the front page lead claimed as 'Exclusive'.


The format for the only man he is willing to confront - and that only indirectly - namely Farage hardly can be classed as a debate

.  The man is a coward as well as all his multiple failings!

TELEGRAPH   12/ 5/16

 David Cameron will not debate against any Tory ahead of EU referendum

      Peter Dominiczak, political editor

David Cameron will refuse to debate against any of his Conservative rivals ahead of the European Union referendum but will appear on the same programme as Nigel Farage, The Telegraph understands.

The Prime Minister’s has set a “red line” over the prospect of a televised debate against a Tory Eurosceptic such as Boris Johnson.

Instead, he will on June 7 appear on an ITV debate against Mr Farage.

However, the two men will never be on screen together and will face separate 30-minute question sessions by Julie Etchingham, who is hosting the event.

The disclosure will come as a major blow to the BBC, which had been pushing for a TV debate featuring the Prime Minister against one of his Eurosceptic Cabinet colleagues, most likely Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary.

It will also infuriate the Vote Leave campaign, which Mr Farage is not a part of.

The disclosure means that Mr Cameron is now unlikely to take part in any head-to-head encounters with his political opponents ahead of the referendum.

Vote Leave, which is chaired by Mr Gove, has previously accused the Prime Minister of “running scared” of televised debates by refusing to take part in a contest against a Conservative Cabinet member.

“Put it this way. I think I’d look a bit of a wimp if I said no… For me to recuse myself from the debates would be wet.”Boris Johnson

The previous week on June 2, Mr Cameron will also take part in programme on Sky News, which will see him interviewed by Faisal Islam, the channel’s political editor, before taking part in an audience question and answer session moderated by Kay Burley.

Sources close to the Prime Minister said that he “feels very strongly” that the debate ahead of the EU referendum should not be focused on the “narrow issue” of conflict in the Tory Party.

Mr Johnson has made clear that he is prepared to debate the Prime Minister on live television.

Asked if he would take part in a head-to-head contest with the Prime Minister, Mr Johnson told the Spectator magazine: “Put it this way. I think I’d look a bit of a wimp if I said no… For me to recuse myself from the debates would be wet.”

A Number 10 source said: “This is not simply an argument in the Conservative Party. The Stronger In campaign is a broad coalition of many political parties. We want to demonstrate the breadth of the debate rather than focus on a narrow issue in the Tory Party.”

The hour-long programme featuring Mr Cameron and Mr Farage will have the same format as the “Question Time” debate the Prime Minister had with Ed Miliband ahead of the general election in 2015.

During the first 30 minutes, Mr Farage will appear alone on screen and will face questions from the audience.

There will then be an ad break and Mr Cameron will then have the floor for 30 minutes. The two party leaders will not appear together on screen at any point, it is understood.

It is understood that on June 9, ITV will also hold another televised event with three pro-EU politicians taking on three supporters of the Leave campaign.

ITV is believed to have invited key figures from the Vote Leave campaign including Mr Johnson to take part in the event.

The BBC is planning a major event at Wembley Arena with an audience of thousands, two days before the vote on June 23.

The corporation had also planned a special edition of Question Time in which a leader from the Leave and Remain camps takes questions from the audience.

Downing Street sources said that they are still considering a proposal from the BBC.

However, the chance of Mr Cameron appearing on screen with any other opponents is “unlikely”, the sources said.

TELEGRAPH   12/ 5/16

Remainers are moving heaven and earth – but not the polls


Goliath wants to annihilate David, and do it in style. Day after day, the massed forces of the global establishment are delivering their blood-curdling warnings, with one simple mission: stop Brexit at any cost. The plan is ruthlessly efficient, the roll-out beautifully choreographed, the elite troops perfectly briefed. Generals, diplomats, company bosses, economists, entertainers, assorted virtue-signallers: they are all rigidly on-message with their grotesque claims that Britain could not possibly cope with standing on its own two feet.

It is like nothing the UK has seen before, a display of raw power and political professionalism that makes the Referendum of 1975 and even the Scottish campaign of 2014 look like amateur theatrics. The next six weeks will see total war, with all weapons and tactics fair game.

 Yet something remarkable is happening – or rather, isn’t. Goliath’s weapons of mass destruction aren’t working, and David is not just surviving but standing tall. The opinion polls are not moving. If anything, support for Leave has crept up a little. The latest ICM poll puts Leave at 46 per cent and Remain at 44 per cent; YouGov estimates Remain at 42 per cent and Leave at 40 per cent.

It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. By now, the Remain camp should have emerged triumphant, its lead in the opinion polls unassailable, the referendum’s outcome a foregone conclusion. In a classic case of cognitive dissonance, the Westminster establishment, in awe at the massive numerical and financial superiority of the Remainians,  is finding it difficult to accept that this isn’t happening.

Despite the evidence, the elite narrative in recent weeks has been that Remain has been doing all the running; but that is to confuse headline-grabbing activity with results.

Some readers may be tempted to dismiss the polls: they spectacularly under-estimated the nation’s lack of appetite for change at the general election, so why not this time around? I disagree. After being humiliated last year, the polling companies have made huge efforts to fix their broken models. This is paying off. YouGov’s final call on the London elections was spot on: it predicted perfectly Sadiq Khan’s final 57-43 per cent victory after second preferences, using its sophisticated online panel.

It also performed well in Scotland and Wales, though of course there will always be a margin of error. The industry in general and online polls in particular have thus earned the right to be listened to again – and their findings are that the race is remarkably close, that the Remainians’ onslaught of propaganda has had no overall impact to date and that a small minority of undecided voters will determine the outcome.

Behind the scenes, there is now real worry on the Remain side. But it is so wedded to its elite-driven fear campaign – getting powerful people or institutions to warn of Armageddon – that its answer is simply to do more of the same, albeit even more aggressively. It hopes and believes that most people haven’t switched on yet, and that they eventually will as the referendum nears and the volume is turned up ever further.

This is a dangerous strategy. Apocalyptic claims from endless grey-suited figures may come to sound like old news. Hysteria only works when it is seen as plausible and dispassionate. Barack Obama’s heavy-handed intervention backfired, while the Prime Minister’s claim that a Brexit would increase the risk of war was so over the top that it will have encouraged many undecided voters to switch off altogether.1:59

That said, one scare campaign to have cut through was the Treasury’s dodgy dossier on the economic costs of Brexit. The Government is planning to roll out more editions of this nonsense: it will say that tens of thousands of jobs will be lost in the City and that wages would fall by thousands of pounds if we leave. This will frighten some undecided voters into backing Remain.

The pro-Brexit strategy will be to try to neutralise these attacks by focusing on the public’s other worries, something that it has been doing with increasing success in recent days. The key to the referendum will be which of these countervailing forces prevails.

The Government’s biggest problem is that it can preach and bully, but can’t do real populism. Its tone oozes a certain class-based disdain: how dare these uppity Leavers defy us? It’s almost as if they thought that everybody who matters is on the Remain side, and that anybody else, by definition, is a non-entity unaware of their lowly station in the world. There are few real arguments, endless appeals to authority and a nasty assumption that elites and international technocracies are always right, a faulty approach in our non-deferential, post-Iraq and post-economic crisis age.

Leave has also played the establishment card, of course, wheeling out its own senior figures. But the core of its strategy is traditional campaigning and messaging, focused around value for money, control (including of migration) and highlighting the dangers of staying in.

Crucially, such claims aren’t rooted in appeals to acronymed institutions or large multinationals. Boris Johnson’s great strength is that he can call the Government’s bluff, dismiss its threats and simply say that he would do better.

“The global establishment has gone nuclear but, astonishingly, it’s still all to play for”

While Remain has been campaigning flat out for the past month or so, Vote Leave has kept much of its powder dry. Its digital campaign will be good. Boris’ national bus tour is likely to be highly effective, including on TV: this is a defining moment for the former Mayor of London, and I suspect that those of his critics who thought that he didn’t have it in him to seize the moment will soon be eating humble pie.

This won’t be enough, on its own, to ensure that Boris, Michael Gove and their band of merry men defeat their hugely powerful and highly-disciplined opponents. They will also need lots of luck and a lowish turnout. But while Remain are still favourites, only a fool would now dismiss Leave’s chances. The global establishment has gone nuclear but, astonishingly, it’s still all to play for.
Other stories in the Telegraph include "THE FALKLANDS WOULD BE SAFER AFTER BREXIT" , "US BANKS PUT THEIR FINANCIAL MUSCLE BEHIND REMAIN CAMP", and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has a chilling article not about our Referendum but about the financial chaos that is Italy entitled "SHACKLED TO THE EUROZONE ITALY FACES THE NEXT DOWNTURN WITH FEAR"  and... the first in the series of interviews by Charlie Brooks of which I am supposed to feature in  the second one!  I have not yet read this [page 10]  ("Europw has turned into a ship of fools and they are not looking at the rocks in front of them".  but I would have put it up nevertheless except that it hasn't reached the website yet...at 4pm!


Open Europe from its pro-EU standpoint [it runs a separate operation in Germany!]  assesses the current situation  Note that it is believed but not certain that copies of Flexcit have been circulated in a number of ministries! - cs

OPEN EUROPE  12/5/16

Osborne admits Treasury contingency planning for Brexit as Vote Leave cry foul over Cameron-Farage TV debate

The Treasury has started contingency planning in case it needs to shore up Britain’s financial system in the event of a vote to leave the EU, Chancellor George Osborne told MPs yesterday. “I think there would be very significant financial volatility around a vote to leave,” he said. The Treasury had previously denied making formal plans for a Brexit vote. He defended the Treasury’s claim, in its recent report about the consequences of Brexit, that the costs in terms of lost economic output would be £4,300 per household. Andrew Tyrie, the Treasury Select Committee’s chair, said the estimates had an “arbitrary air of precision”.........

David Cameron and Nigel Farage are scheduled to appear in a live referendum event on ITV less than three weeks before polling day in the EU referendum. Vote Leave has accused ITV of allowing Downing Street to choose the Prime Minister’s “opponent”. Boris Johnson has said he’s willing to debate Cameron head on. In an interview with The Spectator magazine, Johnson also accused ministers of dishonesty on inward migration. “Politicians, if they’re going to have a pro-migration policy, should take responsibility for it, stand up and explain why they want hundreds of thousands as opposed to tens of thousands,” he said.

....... Separately, In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan said, “I am very worried about Brexit, not only for the immediate damage that can come to the U.K economy and the European economy, but also from the fact that this could be taken as an example of leaving Europe by other countries.”

Source: The Times, The Times 2, The Times 3, The Guardian, The Financial Times


OPEN EUROPE  12/5/16

Although our British government actually wanted this decision the fact that a EU Commissi

oner speaks for "UK consumers" is like a red rag to a bull!-

European Commission block O2 – Three merger

The European Commission has blocked CK Hutchison’s (the owner of the mobile network Three) £10.25bn bid to acquired O2; a move that would have seen Three and O2 eventually merged. The Commission cited anti-trust and competition concerns in defending its decision with Margrethe Vestager, the Competition Commissioner, saying “Allowing Hutchison to takeover O2 at the terms they proposed would have been bad for UK consumers and bad for the UK mobile sector.

What a coward he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As well as being a traitor

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