The BBC is too Christian?????????????

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The BBC is too Christian?????????????
« on: May 18, 2016, 08:43:05 PM »

My contribution to the BBC website today:

From my perspective, there is too much 'liberal' Christianity on the BBC - favouring evolutionist, feminist, 'gay' and multi-faith agendas. More 'authentic' Christianity is needed. Since Islam is alien to our Christian culture, and set on overthrowing it, I regard it as outrageous that a Muslim should be in charge of BBC religious broadcasting. Tolerating the unholy alliance between Secularists and Muslims (boosted by London's Muslim mayor) is suicidal for our Christian legacy. May God-in-Christ (the true and only God) have mercy upon us!

The Revd Dr Alan C. Clifford (Pastor, Norwich Reformed Church)

The BBC is "too Christian", according to the BBC.

Schedules could be "changed" to make room for live broadcasts from mosques, with extended coverage of the Islamic Eid celebrations, according to Muslim leaders.
The suggestions come after Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC's Muslim head of "religion and ethics", said the broadcaster's current output was "too Christian" in an internal review.
Meanwhile, the cost of educating 700,000 children from the EU in British schools has hit £3.2billion a year.
The bill has nearly doubled in 10 years thanks to the EU's "free movement rules".
Employment Minister Priti Patel said the figures showed the impact of mass immigration which would remain "out of control" as long as Britain stayed in the EU.
At the same time, gangs from Eastern Europe are controlling serious organised crime in the UK as a result of our "weak borders", a police chief has claimed.
Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld blasted the EU's "Schengen zone" for allowing criminals to move freely around the continent.
Also broadcast this week on the BBC, a shocking documentary has revealed how white Londoners are leaving the Cockney East End borough in huge numbers after thousands of immigrants moved in.
More than half of the white population have abandoned Newham in the last 15 years, while a staggering 70,000 migrants moved in during the same period.
Once known for being a white working class area, Newham now boasts the lowest percentage of white British residents of anywhere in London and is the most multicultural borough in the UK.
Newham has 66 primary schools and two decades ago more than half of the pupils were white British.
But now one school, Drew Primary, has just three white British children per class, with 43 languages spoken throughout its corridors.
If that wasn't bad enough, we learned this week that those who flee Britain to fight with Islamic State cannot be stopped from returning thanks to EU rules.
At least 800 UK citizens have joined ISIS with roughly 60 believed to have been killed in fighting.
Shockingly, figures released by the Home Office's counter-terrorism unit reveal around 450 jihadis have returned to these shores - and Britain cannot stop them coming back.
These are just some of the crazy news stories from the last few days.
Are you only going to sit on your hands and do nothing about this situation?

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