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Another excellent article from Bob. You cannot vote away the birthright of generations yet unborn it is unlawful and an act treason as Bob so rightly states. Please distribute widely. Di


COMMENT:-    Please distribute this widely, as it seems most of the British people are still blissfully unaware that they are no longer British Subjects but citizens of the EU and as such committed to the demands, constraints and obligations of that citizenship.  BL.



Very shortly the British people will be voting in an unlawful referendum, unlawful because our national sovereignty is the birth right of generations yet unborn just as it was ours and therefore not in the gift of any one generation to decide whether or not they wish to return to being a free sovereign people of self political determination, or remain a satellite state subordinate to the German based European political empire.


The majority will be so doing without the slightest understanding of the issues involved and the consequences and potential perils of their actions, because just as it was in 1972 when the then Conservative government, acting without mandate or regard for due lawful procedure, took the nation into the then EEC by hiding from the people the factual implications under the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Rome. 


Prior to that now historic  treachery in 1972 the people were led to believe that the issue was one of economics and that national sovereignty would not be effected and today’s Conservative government is virtually peddling   the same dishonest and deceitful lie, all be it they are now simply smothering the issue of national sovereignty with a great play on the claimed but totally hypothetical advantages of being permanently subordinate to an unelected, unaccountable and undemocratic foreign political power.


Most importantly the essential issue of this coming  referendum is not about politics or economics, it is about national sovereignty and freedom, the most highly valued thing known to man and for which mankind has time and again been prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend and secure. 


Little wonder the people are divided on the issue which is one of utter confusion as it was deliberately planned so to be. Also as planned, if the people were to be informed of the truth behind our present unlawful governance it would doubtless be met with utter disbelief for such circumstances are expected to be found in third world countries, not in the land of Christian principles and honest integrity, presided over by an elected sovereign monarch and the mother of all parliaments. The sad truth is that in 1972 a parliamentary political coups by the Conservative party deposed the office of the monarch, dismissed the people’s common law constitution and surrendered the supremacy of the Crown, together with the people’s law and the nation’s sovereignty to a foreign political power.


As things presently stand the economies of the world are in a state of flux which does not make for any form of monetary or political stability and the EU is no exception, yet our politicians and a number of very wealthy international speculators are attempting to persuade us to risk a thousand years of constitutional stability by placing ourselves permanently under the dictate of unelected foreign bureaucrats  whose nations histories have never experienced democracy as we understand it; and all in the pursuit of financial speculation.


Important though the issues of trade and investment are, man does not live by bread alone, there are other important aspects and issues that are essential to social cohesion and political stability, such as principle, integrity, truth, transparency and fairness; our ancient word ‘fair’ which summarises all that we are as a people has no equivalent in any other language.  It is these social assets we have in our national disposition and from which our democracy is sustained and gives lead and example to the civilised world, a far greater value than the handful of silver for which our politicians would sell our lawful rights and freedome.


For the past half century the British people have been deceived, lied to and denied the truth of their inalienable common law rights and liberties. Before 1972 we had a thousand year old written common law constitution that summarised, represented, expressed and upheld all that we were as a nation state and upon which our system of law was based. Under the terms, principle and demands of the Treaty of Rome this had to be ignored, buried, forgotten and banished from the nation’s education curriculum's, it being the antitheses of the code  Napoleon on which European law is based, not least on such issues as the presumption of innocence and trial by one’s pears in the form of a jury.


Not surprisingly very few people including politicians understand what the Treaty of Rome is all about. The principle and objective of the Treaty of Rome, based on the German High Command document Europaisch Whitshaftsgemeinshaft 1942, is to realise the planned destruction of the nation states of Europe by the eradication  of the principle of national sovereignty. Prior to the Conservative government signing up to the Treaty of Rome in 1972 there was deceitful and misleading propaganda proffered by that government that we would not be losing but would be sharing our sovereignty, despite sovereignty being absolute and indivisible. In reality our national sovereignty was surrendered and replaced by the political sovereignty of the EEC. Before the surrender we were a constitutional monarchy, this was ended along with the monarchy for there is no provision in the Treaty of Rome for a constitutional monarchy.


Clearly the monarch had either abdicated or been treasonously deposed as there can be no sovereign monarch in a country that is no longer sovereign. Under the Coronation Oath Act 1688 the monarch was also the official Governor of the nation with extensive powers of governance as vested in the monarch by the people at the time of the coronation. The government of the day was no more than a delegated authority with no powers of its own, its only powers being those loaned to it by the people for its temporary duration, and was mounted by the monarch on the people’s behalf for a strictly limited period. The power of governance remained with the monarch and through the monarch to the people, the monarch and the people being as one as established and proclaimed in a marriage as part of the coronation ceremony. In summery, before 1972 this nation was not about Parliament and the people, it was about the people and their elected monarch, Parliament being no more than a temporarily  appointed national administration and legislature;

a national servant.


With the unlawful dissolution of the monarchy and the surrender of the supremacy of the Crown in accord with the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Rome, Parliament, which formerly drew its legitimacy from the Crown became an illegitimate and therefore unlawful assembly and has remained so since 1972. The abdication of the monarch was later officially confirmed when following the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, again by a Conservative government, the then Conservative prime minister John Major announced in the house of commons that all British people had been officially made citizens of the EU including the Queen, the implication being that all, including the Queen were bound by the demands, obligations and restrictions of that foreign citizenship. Had John Major not been correct he would have been ‘imagining the death of the monarch’ and so subject to charges of treason under the Treason Felony Act 1848 but no action was taken against him. Also, clearly no one could be both monarch and citizen at the same time.  By his statement John Major was also making sure that everyone fully understood that they were NO LONGER BRITISH SUBJECTS.


Unlawful though this coming referendum is as it invites the British people to engage in an act of treason against themselves it could at least give expression to those wishing to return to being British subjects and once more under lawful governance.


To those who will be voting.


If you wish to return to being a British subject.


If you wish to have the Crown and the monarchy reinstated.


If you wish to return to lawful governance  and the rule of law administered through a legitimate national parliament.


If you wish to see a return to the lawful recognition of our ancient common law Constitution.


If you wish to ensure your descendants grow up and live in a free and sovereign country of self political determination, there is only one way to vote and that is, for this nation to leave the politically chaotic and financially corrupt European Union. 


Do so with a will and be mindful of the hundreds of thousands of foreign immigrants surreptitiously brought here to vote against you, and the hundreds of thousands of those borne here of foreign immigrants who have no historic affinity with this country, be it politically or spiritually. Digest the facts that are hereby laid out  and check them out for your self should you have a mind to and should you be of a spiritual belief, pray that the sword of truth and enlightenment does ultimately prevail.   


Bob Lomas.



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