Lord Grit says "VOTE LEAVE"

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Lord Grit says "VOTE LEAVE"
« on: May 25, 2016, 11:29:34 AM »
 LORD GRIT has an unconditional love of his Human Masters' He has evolved over a period of forty years, and his prime purpose is to elevate the human spirit. His Lordship is not political, but he is most definitely of and for the people. He is here to open doors to a better quality of human  life, where honesty , integrity and ethical values are essential.

  People need dreams on which to base their life, they need determination and courage to fulfil them, and to develop within their own country, without foreign interference. They also need peace, and our armed forces, with nuclear sub's; and NATO with a massive US base in Lakenheath, are preferable to some European army, where history has them as our foes, not our friends.

.It seems that half his beloved nation sees Great Britain as the Titanic, and the EU as the iceberg, 90% submerged. No matter what the present gains may or may not be, it is what they may become. He fears it is the 90% below the surface, which can sink the good ship Britain.

  Below are some quotes that helped form the character of Lord


“We are here for higher things than mere praise and reward”.

Dr Samuel Johnson.

“The Empires of the future, will be Empires of the mind”. Sir Winston Churchill.

 “People who give up their freedom for economic gain, deserve to loose both”. Thomas Jefferson

“I fear the Greeks, especially when they come bearing gifts”.


“A society, is the willing gathering together of like minded people, for generally acceptable purposes”.

Archpip Plumtree.

These documents are without political interference, or financial assistance, they are entirely my own work,  Frederick c Webb Published by Lantern County Ltd, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PR. Www.lanterncounty.com

       People + Enterprise = Progress and Prosperity

                                 [The equation of independence]

 The greatest assets of the British, are their brains, creativity,  and enterprise, these freedoms we must never surrender.

  But we need leadership,  and the 30 million honest hard working taxpayers on PAYE, create the wealth, and they have the right to know where and how their money is spent. The EU accounts are not signed off, even the auditors don't know where the money has gone!

  From the debates so far, no person has the foggiest idea of which politician is telling the truth, and as most of them proved unable to fill in their expense accounts, this should not come as a surprise.

  The voters in this referendum, have no idea either, so let us look at what is known.

  Every year, the UK pays the EU £20+ billion. Every year the

internet giants and multinationals avoid taxes of £10+ billion, and the 'offshore fiddles' are at least £20 billion.  Thus £50 billion of UK money, is being spent abroad. It would be of massive benefit to our economy if it were spent here.   If the tax threshold was raised to £15,000 pa, it would put £15.00 per week in every workers wage packet, and the £20 billion spent in the EU, our people could spend here. This fair method of distribution would help every region of the UK, and from then on. every year after we've left the EU, this £20 billion will  circulate, and boost the economy by around £45 billion p a.  Raising the threshold, will take ten million of the lower paid out of the tax bracket, providing hundreds of man hours, for tax inspectors to collect proper taxes from those avoiding taxes. [Qualified accountants are here to prevent clients overpayment, not to cheat their country] There may now be redundant tax inspectors, and, ever anxious that they should be gainfully employed, they could be retrained as border control officers; supplied with a fleet of high speed ocean going launches, to protect the coastline of these islands against people smuggling, and protect our fishing waters.

  Ted Heath  gave away our fishing rights, and the EU must hand them back. Once under our control, concrete 'coral reef' nurseries could be placed in our shallows, and tons of our waste food deposited within their surrounds. In two years, this will double ocean life at the bottom of the marine food chain, and within five years, with proper husbandry, our fish stocks could be at their highest recorded levels. The technology and expertise could then be 'exported' to poorer countries, a good use for overseas aid.   As the fifth industrial nation, heavy industries are essential for our manufacturing and defence needs. Let us turn coal, steel, and shipbuilding into a vertical combine, and put it under one management, not three. These industries were beset with labour problems, but if the workers are involved in the management, these problems would lessen. In times of  low demand,  overproduction' of steel could be held as stock, and not seen as a loss. It's unlikely that anyone would see a sell by date on a girder.

  The 'New Great Britain', will buy back our utilities, and buy back control of the Stock Exchange. In spite of spectacular banking disasters, we must not forget 'the city' has financial expertise that is not for sale. But the Banking and financial sector needs to introduce better methods of control,  overseen by Westminster, and bank chairmen held to account.   The purpose of politicians, is to look after the people. For 45 years, the debates on Europe, have confused them, they have taken their eyes off the ball, especially in Scotland. They have allowed huge companies to collect our money, without giving proper service, even BT will not answer the phone. Bad service is a huge cause of stress, and has to be penalised. If any call is not dealt with in four minutes, then tax each subsequent minute at £1.00 per minute; that should do the trick.

 The British are humane people, and inhuman animal husbandry, forced on producers by cost cutting super markets has to end. With another £15.00 a week in their pockets, people can afford better quality food, and the supermarkets should compete on quality, better food, healthier people. Who wants cheap bread, if it tastes like recycled cardboard.

  Housing needs a boost, and a 'let to buy' scheme for council housing tenants, would offer them a 'vacate' incentive in the form of a 75% rebate of rent paid, providing a deposit for their own home, thus preserving council stocks. Similarly a 'rent to retire' scheme, would help older single people rent out their homes, and move to smaller rented housing, without losing out on the capital gain of their children's inheritance.

  The new high speed train will begin in Scotland, and sweep down to Liverpool/Manchester, Birmingham, and London. Fifty years ago I travelled on the 'Bullet Train' in Japan, high time we had one here. The new airport, 'London Medway', will be built in the Thames estuary.

  Stress is the biggest cause of illness, poverty is the biggest cause of stress. With more money in their pockets, and delighted that their government actually cares about them, people will work harder, production will go up,, and sickness and absenteeism will fall. This will take much pressure off the NHS, and surgeries will give a quicker service. In a similar way of the new worker/management schemes in heavy industry, the hospitals can involve nurses and doctors in their management, and operating seven days a week would maximise the use of expensive equipment.   With no EU smokescreen to disguise their inertia, politicians seeking  re-election, might buckle down to get these ideas under way. This is no 'Party Political' document, it is one man's dream of seeing something done, a dream shared by many.

  Once again the maths:- £20+ billion from the EU. £30 billion from the tax dodgers. Employment in the retail, fishing, and other industries,is likely to add another £20 billion to our GDP. The possible total is £70 billion a year  from the day after we VOTE  LEAVE.  £70 billion of our money, every year from now on, to  invest in our country, free of any outside interference.

  Prosperity and Sovereignty will be restored.

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