This week's Treasury report was a load of cobblers.

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This week's Treasury report was a load of cobblers.
« on: May 28, 2016, 11:19:49 AM »

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I think we can all agree that this week's Treasury report was a load of cobblers. When even Nicola Sturgeon, a Eurofanatic who thought people would believe the SNP's post-independence 'White Paper' with its fantasy about oil prices, is criticising it - along with the other fictions espoused by Project Fear - you know that it's struggling for credibility.

The last time we were presented with such guff was in 1992, ahead of our departure from the Exchange Rate Mechanism. As Alex Brummer explained in the Daily Mail this week, this event, far from proving cataclysmic, sparked an economic golden age for our country, as Lady Thatcher's reforms were allowed to take effect without the dead hand of Brussels monetary union to restrict them.

One of Margaret Thatcher's closest advisers was Patrick Minford, an economist who knows the subject about which he speaks - and he has given some usefully specific criticisms of the Treasury's document.

Voters should be in no doubt about the choice facing them on 23 June. It is a false dichotomy to present this as a binary choice between stability and a leap into the unknown. The Times has today reported (£) on a leak from a secretive EU meeting at which advanced plans for an EU army were discussed. There were strict privacy rules at the meeting, designed to keep the contents secret until the next EU summit, to be held (conveniently) on 28 June - five days after the referendum. To quote the article by Bruno Waterfield, The Times' Brussels correspondent:

'Drafting of the document has been shrouded in secrecy because "in the climate of the referendum people are scared it could have a negative effect on the British vote", a source said.'

For those of us well-versed in the Machiavellian, anti-democratic workings of the EU - run, let us not forget, by a man (Jean-Claude Juncker) who once said "when it becomes serious, you have to lie" - this is, sadly, no surprise. Indeed, one commenter on the Guido Fawkes website, called 'IvorSchwartzporsche', has produced a brilliant synopsis of what happens whenever a new EU policy is revealed:

Stage One is mock-incredulity:

"No one is proposing any such thing. It just shows what loons these sceptics are that they could even imagine it."

Stage Two is bravado:

"Well all right, it's being proposed, but don't worry: we have a veto and we'll use it."

Stage Three is denial:

"Look, we may have signed this, but it doesn't really mean what the critics are claiming."

Stage Four is resignation:

"No point complaining now, old man: it's all been agreed."

So the choice is clear: do you want such great changes to be under the control of democratically elected British governments, who can be kicked out if they fail, or would you prefer to endorse all the EU power grabs of the past 41 years and give it carte blanche to progress with its plans for Turkish admission, co-ordinated European taxation policy, and a continent-wide army? By showing that even the most Eurosceptic country is all bark and no bite, the EU would be even more arrogant and less bothered by public opinion than ever before.

As Steve Hilton said last night on Question Time, the future is uncertain. We cannot know what the world will be like in a few years' time. Given that, would you prefer to have the British people in control of the country's laws, borders, and economy, as exercised by its chosen parliamentary representatives in Westminster, or would it be better to surrender control to unaccountable, unelected, faceless bureaucratic jobsworths who know little of this country and care about it even less?

Choose wisely.
Simon Richards
 Chief Executive

The Freedom Association

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Friday, 27 May 2016

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