At last a movement is gathering pace to remove Calamity Cameron

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3 Great Patriots - Hurrah !

At last a movement is gathering pace to remove Calamity Cameron, the 'Heath imprinted, Heir to Blair'.  Let's all give it a push to gain National Momentum.

Look at the link & sign the petition.


Yes, indeed - Three Cheers!


Interesting article, though - Sir Bill Cash said: "My view is that they’ve been engaged in monumentally misleading propaganda. … They have relentlessly and fragrantly been anything but impartial and inaccurate,” he said.


"Fragrantly"? Something smells about that remark - unless.......he mean "flagrantly"?  (Probably intended - 'rotten fish'!)


I suspect that, even at the Telegraph, "you can't get the staff"! It may be a typo! The level of eddication today is apawling!


Nadine Dorries said: Asked if Mr Cameron could do anything to win her back round, she added: “No and I will tell you why – because he’s lied profoundly and I think that is actually really at the heat of why Conservative MPs have been so angered.”


The "heart" of it, perhaps.....? Ah, well...we all make mistakes! (Speed reading, I expect)


Good luck to them all - the man needs stopping and bringing down, now......he's had long enough making a mess of things! (We need a leader!) - Priti Patel or Owen Paterson.


..and why are the British public still so very quiet and accepting of it all - have they put something in the water?


I am not joking - two perfectly healthy 9-month old pot plants on a window ledge have suddenly died - for no apparent has to be the water! 


I wonder - they are up to all these tricks, you know! Not Bromide necessarily, but something.....certainly the plants didn't like it!



David Cameron facing most serious leadership coup of ...







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