The biggest threat to sovereignty

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The biggest threat to sovereignty
« on: May 30, 2016, 07:29:34 PM »


EVERY working person in the EU is to be given a personal European Taxpayer Identification Number under plans by Brussels. The move, dubbed “yet another signpost to Superstate”, followed the decision by the EU Parliament’s economic affairs committee to rubber stamp a plan by Commissioners to create a “common corporate consolidated tax base”.  In the biggest threat to sovereignty, the plan also calls for the EU to take over member states’ corporate taxation powers with a common corporation tax base, banning sovereign states from increasing their competitiveness by cutting corporation tax below 15 per cent.



LONDON, May 29 (Reuters) – Two leading members of the ruling Conservatives accused British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday of breaking his promise to curb immigration, stepping up hostilities in the party over a battle to win next month’s referendum on remaining in the EU. In an open letter to David Cameron, his one-time allies Justice Minister Michael Gove and former London mayor Boris Johnson said “a failure” to curb migration was “corrosive of public trust in politics”.


In Japan, ostensibly to cover Prime Minister David Cameron’s talks with other G7 leaders, travelling reporters had other things on their minds — mainly next month’s vote on whether Britain should ditch its membership of the European Union. With the June 23 vote looming, British “hacks” who had paid thousands of pounds to watch Cameron’s every move in Japan and to try to quiz him and his team on “Brexit”, were frustrated to be swept off to a Japanese dance and music show miles from the summit venue. Obsessed with one of the biggest events in modern British politics which was dominating the headlines at home, the disappointment of some in the press corps was palpable.

ITV News

Tory tensions appear to be escalating after two prominent party members suggested that there were calls within their ranks for Prime Minister David Cameron to step aside. Tory MP Nadine Dorries told Peston on Sunday Mr Cameron could be “toast within days”, depending on the referendum vote and said her “letter is already in”, along with 50 other MPs, asking for the Prime Minster to stand aside. Meanwhile Andrew Bridgen told BBC’s 5 Live he thought “we probably need to go for a general election before Christmas and get a new mandate from the people”.

Sky News

David Cameron has been put on notice by his own MPs who have warned he is “finished” after the EU referendum – even if his side wins. Tory backbencher Andrew Bridgen escalated hostilities in the party by saying a challenge to the Prime Minister’s leadership was “highly likely” after 23 June. A vote of confidence in Mr Cameron’s leadership could be held if 50 MPs called for it, but half of the parliamentary party would need to vote to depose him as leader.


A third Tory MP has broken cover and said he is ready to demand David Cameron goes unless he tones down attacks in the EU referendum as a leadership coup erupted in public on Sunday. Sir Bill Cash, who chairs the European Scrutiny committee, told The Telegraph he has grown infuriated by the Prime Minister’s “monumentally misleading propaganda” and demanded a more conciliatory tone.


Fractures in the Conservative Party over the European Union referendum have deepened as Tory MPs openly called for David Cameron to quit and heavyweight ministers questioned the Prime Minister’s credibility with some of their strongest personal attacks on him so far. Mr Cameron – who received a significant boost over the weekend after 600 leading economists declared Brexit would harm the British economy – was branded an “outright liar” by Tory MP Nadine Dorries, and, in a thinly veiled attack, employment minister Priti Patel said Mr Cameron was “too rich” to care about immigration.

BBC News

David Cameron must accept the failure of the government’s manifesto pledge to reduce migration into the UK, two leading Vote Leave MPs have said. Michael Gove and Boris Johnson said the pledge was “corrosive of public trust” while Britain remained in the EU. But Number 10 said their claim was an “attempt to distract” from the fact that an EU exit would be “disastrous”. It comes amid growing Tory turmoil over the EU, with some MPs threatening a post-referendum leadership challenge.



Religious leaders in the UK have joined together to oppose Brexit, writing a letter claiming peace in Europe would be jeopardised if Britain leaves the European Union (EU) and warning their co-religionists that a vote to leave is a vote against a “fairer, cleaner and safer world”. In a letter to the Observer, dozens of signatories — including former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams (pictured) and Professor Mona Siddiqui, who is chairing an inquiry into Sharia courts — claim that the EU is vital for combating world poverty, preserving peace between European countries and tackling the migrant crisis.



THE migrant crisis will get worse and the European Union (EU) will continue to cost Britons thousands of pounds a week extra if we remain in the UK, Brexit campaigners have claimed. The harsh reality of staying in the union has been laid out by the Leave camp as they retaliate against Remain campaigners accusing them of having no details to offer voters ahead of the June 23 referendum. Leave campaigners said today the UK will continue to send £350m to Brussels every week if we stay. They said the free movement of people will “continue permanently” and will only get worse when Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey join the EU.

Daily Mail

Britain’s lax border controls were branded a ‘complete mess’ last night as experts warned vast swathes of coastline were wide open to migrants. Coastguards intercepted a dinghy carrying 18 Albanians trying to reach the Kent coast – the second in the same location in just two weeks – raising fears that many more are attempting the journey. And it emerged that there are only three Border Force boats patrolling Britain’s entire 7,700 mile coastline. The former head of the Navy said the UK was taking a huge ‘gamble’ with its security and demanded ministers ‘get a grip’.

The Times
 Two Britons are at the centre of an investigation into suspected people-smuggling after they and 18 Albanian migrants were rescued from an inflatable boat in the Channel early yesterday. The authorities were alerted after some of those on board the craft, who were travelling between Calais and Dover, called their families, triggering a rescue mission on both sides of the Channel. The coastguard deployed a search and rescue helicopter and lifeboats from Folkestone, finding the stricken vessel at 2am just off the coast of Dymchurch.

The Sun

TWO Brits were among a boatload of Albanians rescued off Kent amid fears UK organised crime syndicates are muscling in on the migrant crisis. The Channel could be the new front line after the stricken vessel was found at 2am yesterday. All 20 on board were being held by the Border Force. The incident comes days after 17 suspected Albanian migrants and a Brit wanted for murder were detained after a craft arrived in Chichester, West Sussex.

ITV News

Twenty people, including two children, had to be rescued on Sunday after the inflatable boat they were in started taking on water. Border Force officials confirmed they were questioning the 18 Albanians and two British nationals who were rescued from the English Channel in the early hours of the morning. According to officials a separate vessel was also discovered on the beach at Dymchurch and has been seized.

Daily Star

COASTGUARDS have warned that desperate migrants could drown in the Channel in repeats of the Med horrors. Rescue teams yesterday saved 18 Albanians and two Brits from a boat two miles off Kent. And French coastguard president Bernard Barron said he expects more migrants will attempt to cross the busy shipping lane. He warned: “It’s starting to become a very similar situation to that seen in the Mediterranean.

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