Shocking newa on EU poll cards

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Shocking newa on EU poll cards
« on: June 01, 2016, 08:58:03 PM »
Call to battle!

Posted on June 1, 2016 by Vivian Evans in EU Referendum

On June 23rd we are facing a battle as vital to our survival as a nation as those we fought at Waterloo and Trafalgar.

Admiral Nelson’s famous, immortal signal before Trafalgar – “England expects that every man will do his duty” – has to be adapted to our modern times so as not to ‘offend’, so we’ll cry:

“Great Britain expects that every citizen will do their duty”.

This duty is already upon us because unlike at Trafalgar our own Government seems to be on the side of the enemy, the EU. The proof for that is the way they are thwarting a proper, unbiased vote on June 23rd, through the way the Electoral Commission has set up the Referendum and has set up the voting and scrutiny by us, the people. Of course, it’s not just the Electoral Commission, it’s civil servants up and down the country. While one really should not ascribe to malice what can be explained by ordinary stupidity, another fine saying applies equally: “If it happens once, it’s an accident, twice – it’s coincidence – three times and it’s enemy action”.

Here’s the evidence:

1) The Electoral Commission gave ‘Vote Leave’ the lead role, against the data provided by The weeks since then have shown all of us how that was just what the establishment, Cameron and his cronies in government wanted, how that decision has turned our vital decision to remain or leave the EU into a bun-fight between various Tory MPs and into a jockeying for position to oust and replace Cameron.

That is not what the Referendum is about!

2) The Electoral Commission has again allowed extensive postal voting, despite warning for years that it is open to widespread fraud. Since Cameron has reneged on his ‘promise’ from 2014 to address that particular issue after the GE, it is now obvious why he did so. All evidence shows that postal voting opens the doors to extreme underhand dealings, and the news about councils sending out ‘guides’ with their postal ballots on how to vote, as The Telegraph reported two days ago.

Stupidity? You make up your own mind …! But remember that people in our own Armed Forces currently serving overseas are not allowed a postal vote …

3) The Electoral Commission, on the latest scandal of EU citizens receiving their polling cards even though they are not allowed a vote on June 23rd – first reported here and picked up here later, before it hit the MSM – came up with the most anodyne comment, as reported in today’s Express

“The Electoral Commission stressed that receiving a polling card does not mean that someone is entitled to vote, adding that stringent checks are carried out at polling stations before anyone is allowed to cast their ballot.”
Cue hollow laughter across the whole of the UK!

Remembering that ex-pats are not allowed to vote in the Referendum, and you’ll agree that this is enemy action, that this is malice and not simple stupidity.

But there’s more. We’re being kept in the dark as to who can become a vote count observer and how to become one. The website of the Electoral Commission is not just unhelpful, it makes the whole thing look like an exercise in bureaucratic obfuscation. Do read again the excellent article by Sonya Porter to see what we’re up against!

However, not taking things lying down, I’ve spoken to the Recording Officer at my local council, and the information applies to all local councils (yes, I asked!):

Unlike at elections, where the political parties apply for vote count watchers, only the two designated campaigns are allowed to do so: the remain one and of course Vote Leave. Yesterday was the deadline for them to nominate their local representatives, and it’s those representatives who apply to the local council to nominate vote count watchers, in the usual way.

So no need to jump through the hoops of the Electoral Commission – but urgent need to get onto your local Vote Leave ‘representative’. Do remember that this vote is not meant to be ‘political’ in the sense that only a Political party can nominate vote count watchers. Vote Leave has to nominate the watchers, and should your local chapters make difficulties, because you haven’t registered with them, do make a public stink! Yes, that means telling us, too, so that we can inform everybody.

I don’t have to repeat that this is the most vital decision we’re called on to make in our lifetime, you know that!

I don’t have to repeat that we must be aware of government and Electoral Commission shenanigans to swing the votes to ‘IN’, as recent news has shown.

It’s up to all of us to check the sinister influences of government and Remainians on the fair vote of the Referendum.


“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”

– said by Stalin who knew a thing or two about rigging outcomes.

Therefore, to recall Admiral Nelson’s order, “Great Britain and her coming generations expect that we, the people, will do our duty” – not only on June 23rd, but from now on.

Let Cameron and his EU cronies not get away with it because we aren’t doing our duty!

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