From a colleague in the Netherlands on Brexit

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From a colleague in the Netherlands on Brexit
« on: June 02, 2016, 09:21:43 PM »

Interesting points of view from the Netherlands.


Hi folks, this is Dick Loots from the Netherlands.

I'd like to post a message over here to brighten up some things about the EU. The EU and euro haven't been good to all of us, That was the reason for the Dutch to vote NO in 2005 for the european constitution. What did Bruxelles do? They changed a few lines and dots and changed the name into "Lisbon  treaty" and without referring the people, the Bruxelles autocracts ratified this "constitution"

They said "oh you didn't really understand what is going on" Believe me, I do understand what's going on. And what I see is what I strongly dislike. Do you want a country like Turkey to become one of our european "provinces"?

We knew already that Turkey is bad news for Europe , but the European runaway-train must keep on rolling according to EU politicians. East Germany would cost around the 310 billion to bring it up to west-European level. Till this date they spent MORE THAN 2000 BILLION and it's still not where it should be, financially backward and whenever I'm driving through it I still get this uncomfortable "eastern-Europe" feeling.

If you read the treaty made with Ukraine you'll find out that contrary of what they tell you, they will get financial help like all other European countries in the east, and further down the road, free working and travelling throughout the whole EU.

Now we already have the financial trouble with Greece. Spain and Italy are also candidates in the future for financial aid. Ukraine is a vast country and it is calculated that if you bring it up to the promised level it will cost a multiple of the east- German aid.

Add Spain, Portugal and Italy and we have a public debt bigger then in the USA . That is why we voted NO in the last referendum 2 months ago. YOU AND ME are the ones paying those bills in the end.Bills you and I don't ask for. We'll become 2nd world countries. So we have to make cut backs again at our own facilities. Whilst paying more taxes than ever.

I've already seen over here what it does to healthcare. My late mum (thank god she passed away) , was in a home for dementing elderly people and the treatment she got there was inhumane. All due to budget cuts they had to make from our government in the Hague.

Eu sends as much as 4.6 billion a year to Turkey as financial aid. With dictator Erdogan and his private fortune of 128 billion dollar. Less then 25 years ago he stood in front off an audience and told them pointing at his wedding ring : "This is all Mr Erdogan posesses. If you ever in the future find Mr Erdogan with a fortune you are looking at Erdogan the thief" (?????????) This is where your money goes to. And mine as well.

Wisely Mr Juncker, Barosso, Timmermans and Tusk ( I can't remember I voted for one of these people and nobody I know did. Do you know someone who voted for them? That's called democracy) didn't tell you yet about the raise that they have in mind for membership of the EU. They wait for the Brexit referendum to pass and tell it just THEN.

Trying to prevent a negative result. Because they are afraid. Not for you and me. But for their own jobs.Once founded to secure peace in Europe the main goal nowadays of the EU is POWER. Those idiots in Bruxelles think they have to create some kind of "3rd Reich" "Bigger than USA and China"

Remember the EU delegation at the Maidan Square in Ukraine? Overthrowing a, however corrupt, but democratically chosen government. The Ukranians should have sent this government home in the next elections, but the Bruxelles autocrats wanted them to leave now. The EU is a room full of Chamberlain's . They keep assuring you that everything is ok .

In the meantime there is chaos. Another 10 billion sent to Greece. Believe me when I say that it's not the last time we have to bail them out. Next year again. And again. Because they will never be able to pay back if the Greek don't change their mentality and that mentality is to pay 0 taxes. I know this for fact.

There is however ONE WINSTON CHURCHILL in the room. And his name is NIGEL FARAGE. I wish we had a guy like him over here. Don't believe what they all come up with next days/weeks. Stars will fall from the sky. The plague will return. Everybody's  car will have a flat tyre tomorrow. War will come to us. DONT BELIEVE THEM. Europe has since ww2 never been more divided than now.

In the EEC period there was growth and stability. Now all I see is deterioration. Be wise. Be smart. And keep your independence and right of self-determination. EEC=YES and EU=NO.  Way better for all of us.

If one sheep is over the bridge the rest will follow. So PLEASE vote LEAVE. I hope you British will free us from Tyranny once more. We will be grateful for that. 

Regards, Dick Loots, Dutch citizen. (excuses for my bad English)

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