Britain’s mainstream media went into overdrive this weekend

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Britain’s mainstream media went into overdrive this weekend to accuse UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage of “scaremongering” and “outrageous claims” after he raised the spectre of the Cologne mass migrant rape scandal as well as major cultural clashes between migrants and the West.

Speaking to LBC radio, Breitbart London’s Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam dispelled the notion that Mr. Farage was being provocative, instead citing the statistics recently released by the German government which showed that migrants were overrepresented in crime statistics, including those related to sexual offences.

But the Independent, the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Mirror, and theHuffington Post all took issue with Mr. Farage’s comments without citing the statistics recently released by the German government. Nor did they seek to include evidence from around Europe – Sweden especially – about how migrants were not integrating, and indeed even attack other migrants en masse across major cities.

And the comments reported on by the mainstream outlets were from a government minister who admitted she hadn’t even seen Mr. Farage’s comments.

Andrea Leadsom MP told the BBC: “However we know for a fact that there was an appalling experience for women over in Germany over the Christmas period… I do not approve of that sort of campaigning, I do not believe in outright blatant scaremongering so I think it’s really, really regrettable.

“I haven’t seen it and I wouldn’t support suggesting if you vote to remain you’d be raped. Obviously that is just an outrageous thing to say.”

But Mr. Farage also said nothing of the sort.

What he did suggest however, is that the vast numbers of migrants currently in Europe, with millions more yet to come, would be able to get to Britain in a matter of years under European Union free movement rules. In most countries, migrants can obtain passports in under five years, with some as little as two. After that, they are free to move around Europe as they see fit: including to Britain.

“There are some very big cultural issues,” Mr. Farage told the Telegraph, before the paper’s reporter asked him if he thought a Cologne style attack could happen in the United Kingdom. Mr. Farage replied: “It depends if they get EU passports. It depends if we vote for Brexit or not. It is an issue.”

While the German government has tracked whether crimes were committed by German nationals or non-Germans or illegal immigrants, the Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom told Breitbart London they do not hold such detail on crime statistics in Britain.



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