ANOTHER poll puts Brexit in front amid fears about immigration

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Some good news.

I don't get it - other than a few idiots in the Worcester centre handing out Remain leaflets neither I nor any of my family have come across anyone willingly admitting to wanting to remain in the EU. These poll figures are really very highly suspect. I have always doubted polling figures in any case since I have never met anybody who has ever been polled in all the years they have supposedly been conducting them! Seems like a lovely little earner for the likes of Bob Worcester etc.
What irked me more than this, Stan, was on Radio 4 this morning they were discussing the eventual Leave (since they are now secretly admitting that the Leave campaign is winning - hoorah!, and the current MP of that appalling Eurotrash family, the Kinnocks, was saying that the Labour Party would not vote in any case to get out of the single market and that we would in effect be stuck with the EU and the border agreements and immigrants. They couldn't even see a situation arising where the UK would even attempt to get out of the EU and would leave the position as a bargaining chip for the future. I will be writing to this bastard quite shortly and reminding him that were he and his evil socialist Labourites so minded that it would be his, and his like-minded undemocratic Marxists, responsibility when an almighty civil war broke out and the Houses of Parliament were brought down on their heads. I rather think that Johnson and Gove both need a very severe warning to this effect as well if they really think that 'LEAVE' means 'LEAVE MAYBE' ! They will playing with fire if they think that.

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From various reports, I would gather this is more accurate than previous polls - but who knows?

If it rains on 23rd, maybe only the Leave will bother to turn out?  Except - not if the polls show Leave ahead - then the Remain folk will all turn out!

The only way to galvanise folk, is make them think they might we all know!


ANOTHER poll puts Brexit in front amid fears about immigration

Research by Opinium said the race was split 43 per cent to Leave and 40 per cent to Remain - the latest in a succession of surveys to show Vote Leave ahead.

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