Final letters to the Queen

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Final letters to the Queen
« on: November 04, 2012, 10:05:23 AM »
Hi everyone, you should all know by now, that we are dealing with a corporation pretending to be a government.  A corporation they were never given permission to create.


You all know by now that they have no authority whatsoever.  Yet they take our wealth, our personal and Commonwealth assets and harm us in courts that operate under American civil law.


Attached is the final 2 letters to go to the Queen in this matter.  If she does nothing, then our only recourse to justice will be in the International Courts of Justice in The Hague.


Please read the final letters, respond as requested if you wish to and forward these to every single person in Australia and internationally that you know.  To media and to politicians.  To everyone.


The research is over, the evidence has been gathered.


The next step is now up to the Queen.


Thank you

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