Unexpected support for Brexit from the Green Party

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Unexpected support for Brexit from the Green Party
« on: June 12, 2016, 04:52:13 PM »

Why we must campaign to leave the European Union

By Joshua Bastow


There are some heated debates going on around the country, but as members of The Green Party, we must realise that the European Union will not help us in any of our goals, and instead prevent progress in our country.

1.     Democracy

As a big believer in people power, and freedoms over surveillance, I believe that this European Union is threatening the oldest democracy in history. I’m hoping we haven’t forgot the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is being negotiated behind closed doors. I don’t understand, how we can support these negotiations (made on our behalf by the European Union) when they are not in the interest of the British people. It threatens our NHS.

Not only do we have the evidence with TTIP, but also the transparency within the organisation itself. Who actually elects the commission? That is a question I would like to ask you, and why should these bureaucrats be making decisions on our behalf, even though most of them are not in our interest? I think a question to help you realise this, is do you know who Frans Timmermans is? He is actually the first-vice president of the commission. Not like we chose him for that job.

And finally, and probably most importantly, the EU laughs in the face of democracy. The Dutch and French voted no to the European Constitution in 2005, they rebranded it the Lisbon treaty (which is 99% the same), and forced it through without the people having a referendum. It is as if, when a country makes the wrong choice they are told off. Now, this isn’t all down to the EU, of course, our own parliament destroyed democracy by not even letting us have a referendum on the treaties.

2.     Corporatism

Now, the EU often gets called capitalist, which is a massive misconception. If it was capitalist, there would be much less regulation, such as regulation on how curved a cucumber can be to be sold within the EU. It is corporatist. The Oxford English Dictionary defines corporatism as:

“The control of a state or organisation by large interest groups”

What that basically means is, that large corporations are in charge when it comes to the EU. The small businesses are being throttled by big business, who have very little competition and have monopolised many industries due to their ‘friends’ within the commission itself. This is something we must seek to destroy. Corporatism is the worst form of government dictatorship there is, and shows we are being run by a kakistocracy

3.     Climate Change

Climate change is a big issue for me, and many members of the Green Party. However, the European Union cannot solve the problem. What the EU advocates is the use of biomass generators to replace coal, oil and gas. However, these release more Carbon Dioxide than gas production, and is more hazardous than Nuclear Power. Even though ‘King Coal’ is our ultimate enemy, telling people to switch to biomass is not the answer, and never will be.

We need a combination of wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower and (controversially) Nuclear Fusion.

4.     Rise of the Far Right

The European Union has brought with it a dangerous group of people – the far right nationalists. This is true across the board, especially in France, Sweden and even Hungary. These people have risen due to the unpopularity of the EU within these countries, and if we are not careful, we could return to an age of fascism in these European Countries

5.     Britain needs Europe, not the EU

The two words have been confused for too long – the EU is not Europe. The EU was supposed to bring peace and prosperity, but instead we have seen wage compression, falling standards of living and a stagnant trading block. The EU is in now way prosperous.

Europe was once our greatest ally, but our island mentality means that we don’t love Europe as much as the EU would like, and closer integration into an “EU super state” is not the will of the British people.

I would happily talk for hours about why we should leave, and this is just a taster of some of the reasons why we should leave.

If you are in the Bradford area, and are wanting to campaign for the ‘out’ vote in the European referendum, join my local campaign here (in partnership with Leave.EU)



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