Evidence based dissection of the corrupt EU!, 24 May 2016

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  Evidence based dissection of the corrupt EU!, 24 May 2016
Detailed evidence of Heath's treason


Nicholas Green


This review is from: The EU: A Corporatist Racket: How the European Union Was Created by Global Corporatism (Paperback)

It is a pity that every person in England has not read this book as the "Referendum" would be a huge victory for the Out campaign! With evidence from cabinet office records & meetings this book describes in detail the Treason, fraud & deception conducted by a tri-party cabal led by Heath in the 70's to deceive the country & join the the EEC.

Barnby goes further to describe the fraudulent dictatorial & corrupt EU in detail with evidence. His research is astonishing & the proof that the CIA covertly funded the pro EEC European Movement was simply breathtaking. Also amazed to learn that The NFU also covertly funded The European Movement! Once you pick this book up you won't put it down! The State are deliberately confusing the majority of voters in the build up to this farcical "Referendum". Read this & things will become crystal clear!


Good one David.

Hard to believe that anybody, particularly an MP, would ever vote to stay in this highly corrupt EU, unless of course...............


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