You Owe It To Your Country To Know The Facts Before Voting.

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“We have our own dream and our own task.  We are with Europe, but not of it.  We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed.  If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea.”--Winston Churchill

You Owe It To Your Country To Know The Facts Before Voting.

Please, please take 10 minutes of your time to read this - and then send to everyone on your Email list and place on Facebook - requesting others to do the same. Thanks, I spent a very long time researching all of this! It is in 2 parts - firstly tackling the lies - secondly dealing with the reasons we must leave.  Les


The Fear Factor - Major Remainist Tactics Refuted.


1) We shall still be able to travel throughout the EU; expat homes will not be lost; EU universities will still accept our students.


2) Attempts to claim major job losses with Brexit are baseless. NO hard FACTS have been offered. What about jobs lost by being inside the EU?


3) Firms leaving the UK after Brexit - evidence not given. (Why would they leave if profitable? - One answer: see in Section 2.)


4) The EU is a net exporter to the UK - they MUST trade or hurt themselves far worse than they can hurt us by being awkward.


5) Article 50, Lisbon Treaty means they must trade with us. See also Article 8.


6) WTO rules prevent them attempting to isolate us.


7) Even if tariffs were illegally imposed - as we are a net importer - selective tariffs between us and them means they lose!


8) The EU has not 'kept the peace since World War Two' as many are claiming:

i) The EU did not begin for well over a decade after WW Two.

ii) NATO has actually kept the peace.

iii) No functionally democratic nations have ever gone to war with each other.

iv) The EU record of fomenting peace can be judged by their disasters with The Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia.

v) They are not to be trusted with controlling our Armed Forces. The new EU Army will mean we lose national control of our forces.


9) The EU did not bring Equal Pay. We had it before joining!


10) 'Reform from inside'. Impossible. Harold Wilson PM - won the first referendum on this deceit. The C.A.P. and Common Fisheries Policies have been a disaster. Now Cameron uses the same deceit. Because of the ratchet principle (acquis commaunitaire) powers can never be repatriated.


11) 'We have influence'. Where? - We have 8.3 % of the MEPs; one commissioner out of 28 and ALWAYS lose if we challenge The Council Of Ministers. (72 times consecutively.)

MEPs - our only elected representatives CANNOT stop legislation - they can only delay. Total democratic deficiency.


12) 'The EU is transparent'. So why is the entire TTIP discussion under lock-down behind closed doors?


13) 60% of our exports are to the EU. A DECEIT! They have taken the actual 46% and added another 14% because of goods passing through Rotterdam which are actually going worldwide!!!


14) Lie: 'We cannot save a third of a billion a week to spend as we like.'

Yes, we can! But the saving is actually greater. It is not about the rebates to be taken off this figure (which is true) but by calculating in the supplementary demands which are demanded from us on the whim of the Union.


15) 'Leaving the EU means isolationism'. NO!!! We shall trade with the EU AND the entire world. So big a lie - how do they dare tell it?




Now - Why We MUST Leave:


The EU is failing. Long ago it had 38% of world trade.

This fell to 26%  around 1980 and is currently only 18% - a figure which cannot be stopped from falling even further to a disastrous 15% over the next three years. This, with far more members!

We have hitched our wagon to a dying horse.


The EU has not managed any real trade deal with any economy in 60 years. (Hence the absurd desire to embrace TTIP?)


We shall regain charge of our government and our courts. (Please do not believe the EU is ever on our side - it always is on its own side.)


Note the shadowy and consistently malign influence of the Bilderberg group on senior europhiles, politicians, bankers, business magnates etc.


British international charity, Oxfam, expressed grave concern that the European Union (EU) was set to ‘increase significantly’ import tariffs on poor countries’ goods from 2008.

The EU has NOT improved since then at all! It makes it harder for developing nations to develop.


Germany sells more than $4billion of processed, African coffee per year as one nation out of 28. Germany's coffee selling alone is greater than the entire earnings of all African coffee growing countries put together. EU tariffs on raw beans are very low: tariffs on the finished products from Africa are astronomical. This is how EU keeps poor countries poor - and coffee prices high for consumers. (This is just one product out of many.)


We shall have control of our own borders with Brexit and will be in a position to move to a 'points based' immigration policy which does not give automatic rights to come here to EU members but which can be fair to all peoples of the world whilst suiting our own needs. It is ridiculous when they assert that 'this will not work'.


Migration Watch figures show that EU migration cost us a net £25 billion 2001 to 2011. (MW generally produces more accurate stats than HMG)


Former PM Ted Heath admitted LYING to electorate over the Union's imperialistic ambitions and federal plans in 1975. 1st Referendum part won on his LIE.


Harold Wilson, former PM' encouraged us to 'In' in 1975 - stating that the many problems would be reformed. 41 years on - same problems: CFP, CAP, Democracy Deficit, Corruption etc - the same or worse.


The Bruges Group carefully costed the expense of remaining in  the EU - all things taken into account (for example, the costs to firms of bureaucracy etc) - as being £55 billion annually. The Taxpayers' Alliance has a figure of double that amount.


In recent years, 902,000 EU migrants - but 2.2 million NI numbers given out. Government is lying!


We are not allowed to deport EU nationals who are criminals or even terrorists.


Lord Hill is our solitary EU Commissioner but he is not permitted to represent us in any way. He has to take an oath of loyalty to the EU alone.


There are more than 250 EU migrants serving life sentences in the UK.


Migration Watch figures show a net EU migrant cost of £25 billion between 2001 to 2011.


MEPs have no democratic powers - these lie with the unelected Commission aided by unelected bureaucrats. eg) Even recent attempts by MEPs to stop the ridiculous funding of TWO parliaments at huge expense to taxpayers have failed.


The EU is so inefficient and corrupt that its own Court of Auditors has not properly signed off the accounts in 21 years.


Even the WWF receives £4 million annually to promote EU policy. This kind of propagandising is common with taxpayers' money.


EU will not stop live animal exports.


EU continues to fund bullfighting breeding programmes.


There are estimated to be 30,000 lobbyists in Brussels. Paid by whom? - The multi-nationals. Why spend so much? - Because their pressure WORKS!


Moreover, the Lisbon Treaty stipulates

that the EU must make a trade agreement with any country which leaves the EU.


The many perverse decisions in Euro Law come from the ECJ - an EU Institution. (Europhiles often pretend that there are few links between the EU and the courts.)


Big business loves the EU. (Refer to the CBI which is part funded by the EU!). They can absorb and cope with the masses of bureaucracy and regulations - they simply raise prices. Small businesses go to the wall under the burden - thus giving a larger share still to the multi-nationals.


Trade last 50 years:Switzerland opened up trade markets worth £24trillion over the period compared with just £3.3trillion for the UK over the same period. The Swiss are outside - we are inside! (Note that this is actual trade.)


Swiss are not in the EU. Can be an expensive nation but: salaries more than double the UK; low tax economy; low unemployment; super democracy; GDP per capita twice size that of the UK; exports per capita five times ours; in fourth place in top ten exporters to India - BUT not one EU nation in that top ten.


Swiss dictate trading terms to EU - not other way round.


Swiss democracy gives little power to either politicians or bureaucrats.


The EU is currently trying to remove influence from The City - here in the UK - and shift this huge amount of business to Frankfurt.


Half A Trillion £s Paid To EU Since 1973.


EU regulations on dredging were largely responsible for flooding chaos.


Chinese steel dumping largely responsible for steel job losses. EU unable to respond - trivial tariff barriers imposed. Meanwhile, USA puts tariffs at over 550%! However, EU rules largely prevented protection for the industry in any case.


European Free Trade Association does NOT boss its members such as the EU does.


Leaving means that we can, once again, have a voice in the WTO - denied to us as an EU member.


In theory, Europol's powers are unlimited. Some say - greater than those of the Gestapo. They are not involved in brutality in any way - but why give them the right?

We shall have to join TTIP. BE AFRAID!

Article 9, Capital Calls of The ESM: ' members hereby, irrevocably and unconditionally undertake to pay on demand any capital call made (from the EU) ... within 7 days of receipt of such demand'.

The European Stability affects even outside The Eurozone. BE VERY AFRAID. This is 'demanding our money with menaces.'


Why haven't our europhile governments ever allowed a full and independent Cost Benefit Analysis of our EU membership? - They would not dare.


In the EU 'harmonisation' is a synonym for 'control'.

EU demanded Britain pay an extra £1.7BILLION - because our economy's doing so well (while France gets £790m rebate). Er ... our economy is 'doing well' when we are 1.3 trillion pounds in debt? -

Who wants us in? Self-serving politicians; giant conglomerates; bankers; luvvies; wild-eyed idealists; gravy train bureaucrats. Meanwhile, UKIP MEPs are all all working very hard to put themselves out of their well-paid jobs! Some politicians do have integrity.


The EU raided and stole from personal bank accounts in Cyprus.


How many times shall we have to bail out: Greece; the Eurozone of which we are not even a member; other failing economies?


Turkey will soon join the EU. One careful newspaper poll found that 12 million Turks are considering coming to the UK. Inside the EU, this cannot be prevented.


Have you noticed in the TV debates how it is only the Remainists who shout down opponents - ask yourself why this would be!


Be warned! The EU has held back a raft of legislation which would have been VERY unpopular in the runup to the Referendum. If we vote Remain - all of this will arrive in one mighty lump.


The following are just a small percentage of places where UK jobs have been moved OUT of the UK WITH EU LOANS - or usually - WITH EU GRANTS! Now will you believe that they are not our friends? - Where are the grants the other way? List:

Cadbury factory moved to Poland; Ford Transit - Turkey: Jaguar Landrover - Slovakia; Peugeot Ryton - Slovakia; Ajax fighting vehicles (Wales) to Spain! Dyson - Malaysia! M&S - Far East. Texas Instruments Greenock - Germany; Indesit Bodelwyddan Wales, Hoover, Merthyr Tydfil - Czech republic. ICI - integrated into Holland's Akzo-Nobel with 3,500 job losses. These are just a few of many.


Could you make a list of positives from the EU which we could not have done ourselves - and more cheaply? - Blue Flags on beaches are being praised. Where is the proof that HMG would not have done this over the last 41 years? One example out of many.


Now you have a representative view of a few of the facts - please check if there are any factual - not wild guesswork - reasons to Remain! Please, please send this to everyone for whom you have an Email address and also place on Facebook. Our nation's future can be saved.


Late in the day, but here's a very good list of facts...and reasons to vote Leave, from Les

That is if you know anybody who is actually still in doubt........!

The main sticking point, will be Cameron insisting on the Lisbon Treaty two year exit strategy!  We really should just walk away on Friday morning! Au revoir! No two year nonsense - but, him and Osborne will spin it out for as long as possible, in order to do as much financial and trade and reputation damage as possible!

The man is no friend of Britain...and I just hope there are enough (more than 50) MPs who have sufficient brains (and guts) to get rid of him! 

It's time we had a patriot in charge - not a smiling, lying double-crossing, deceitful traitor to our nation!



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