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Posted By: Rodney Atkinsonon: June 16, 2016In: News
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Rodney Atkinson
Boris Johnson today merely suggests what I have exposed in detail since 1989 – that the whole EU structure, politics and methods mimick the fascist Europe of the 1930s and 1940s – in line with the plans conceived by those Nazis and Fascists involved in the foundation of the European Union.

As I published ever more evidence of the corporatist fascist nature of the EU, I wrote regularly to all the national press (editors, political and economic correspondents) asking them to review or publish my work. They refused. When I started I already had a 10 year track record of political economy, policy papers and advice to Government praised by leading journalists, MPs, academics, Intelligence experts and Ministers. To no avail!

Even those journalists and organisations who later claimed to be fighting for British sovereignty refused to mention or promote my work. Booker and Jamieson at the Telegraph, the Bruges Group, the Campaign for an Independent Britain and even UKIP rejected my work and censored it. They are still doing so today. Today it is only in Russia and Eastern Europe (where 20 million died resisting fascist Europe and German Imperialism in the 1940s) that my work is welcomed.

The following is all well documented in my internationally praised books (all on Amazon):
Your Country, Your Democracy (1989)
Treason at Maastricht – the destruction of the Nation State (1994)
Europe’s Full Circle (1997)
Fascist Europe Rising (2001)
And into the Fire (2013)

Here is a brief summary of some of the devastating truths published over the last 26 years:
1. The political and economic structure of the European Union is based precisely on the structure of Nazi Europe as set out in the blueprint of Walter Funk in “The European Economic Community” published in Berlin in 1942.
2. Today there are no democratic governments or parliaments in the 28 member states of the European Union, with most of the power centralised in the technocratic, unelected bureaucracy in Brussels and the European Parliament a joke for whom only 35% of European vote.
3. The European Union today looks like the Nazi Europe of 1941: the move to the East eliminating self governing nations, the undermining of Ukraine with the help of Nazi gangs and neo-Nazi parties, the destruction of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and the right of Germans (as “European citizens”) to move back into Eastern Europe. The decision of the Crimeans to return to Russia (as their elected Government was overturned by the EU and USA) was the first resistance to the new “push to the East” (Drang nach Osten).
4. Leading Nazis and fascists founded and initially led the European Union. Those elements “set the points” for the development of the European Union along corporatist and fascist lines, regardless of the number of democrats who naively thought they were building something different.
5. Today 28 democratic nations, 28 constitutions, 18 central banks and 18 currencies have been removed in favour of a “Commission” overseeing corporate power, mass unemployment, depopulation of Mediterranean States and electoral powerlessness. All this is no surprise because:
6. The first President of the European Union (then the EEC) was Walter Hallstein, a virulently anti-semitic, Third Reich trained “Nazi Leadership Officer”
7. The man who was Head of the German Foreign Office’s “Europe Division” under Adenauer had done the same job for Hitler.
8. The man who headed Konrad Adenauer’s office in Bonn after the war (Hans Josef Globke) had been responsible for drafting the Nuremberg Race Laws. He helped to formulate the emergency legislation that gave Hitler unlimited dictatorial powers in 1933 and it was on Globke’s advice that KONRAD ADENAUER the first post war democratic Chancellor of Germany made his senior appointments as he worked on plans for the foundation of the European Union.
9. What the Nazis and Fascists  said during the 1930s and 1940s was mimicked nearly word for word by leaders of the European Union in the 1980s and 1990s (see Europe’s Full Circleand Fascist Europe Rising).
10. The EU has encouraged the rise of the most fascist states in Europe – Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia and Ukraine – where fascist gangs, often using the names of 1940s Nazi SS divisions(Handzar, Skanderbeg, Galitzien) aided the destruction of non fascist States.
11. The same corporations who financed, supported and acted for the Nazi regime – eg Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, BMW, Ford etc – now attack the British for daring to wish to restore democratic sovereignty to their country
12. The CBI today attacks democratic national sovereignty. As the “FBI” in 1939, just months before the second world war, they sat down with leading Nazi corporations and banks to do business deals. This was after the march into the Rhineland, after the Krystallnacht attacks on the Jews, after the dispossession of Jewish business by German banks, after Hitler’s march into the Rhineland and after the Nazi attack on Czechoslovakia.
13. Leading Nazi sympathisers in Britain – like the Head of the BBC Lord Reith, the Leader of the British Union of Fascists, Sir Oswald Mosley, his wife Lady Diana Mosley (interviewed before her death by the BBC giving wholehearted support to the EU) – were all fanatical supporters of Hitler and the European Union. Leading Nazi spies were recruited into western Intelligence Services after the second world war. (see the book “And into the Fire…”)
14. The EU’s Charlemagne Prize – awarded to Tony Blair, Edward Heath and other leading Europhiles – was founded by the Nazis, recalling the imperial idea of the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”. It was re-founded after the war by two “former Nazis” and is awarded every year by the European Union. (see the book “And into the Fire…...” – from Amazon)
15. Other Nazi founded organisations like the Toepfer Foundation and the Federal Union of European Ethnic Groups are active in European politics today.
Rodney Atkinson

“In this successor to previous books demonstrating the German imperialist/European fascist origins of the EU, Atkinson produces not only further conclusive evidence of this fact but a devastating exposure of the dirty tricks and contempt for democracy by which an arrogant self appointed elite have set out to rob the nations of Europe.” The Morning Star

“Your detailed exposition was really helpful and enlightening and I will certainly use it in the future.” Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP (Labour Cabinet Minister)

“I congratulate you on putting together such a readable account of the way in which a ‘new’ fascism is creeping through Europe powered by corporatist elites through the European Union – their chosen instrument for attaining aims which we believed had been defeated in 1945.” Lord Stoddart of Swindon (Labour)
“It is to Rodney Atkinson, a brilliant pro-nation activist, that we owe the decisive insight on the delegation of general powers which is at the root of Britain’s malaise.” International Currency Review

“In our fight for Freedom your book was a cruise missile which I hope is still finding targets”. Sir Louis Le Bailly Former Director General, Defence Intelligence Staff

“I was pleased to learn that Mr. Atkinson reads the South Slav Journal. I find his writing inspiring”. Dr Tahir Mahmutefendic

To write a very critical book which reveals the extreme dangers of an official international consensus requires historic awareness, detailed analysis and intellectual sophistication – Rodney Atkinson’s Fascist Europe Rising exhibits these characteristics. Dr Miroslav Polreich, Former Czech Ambassador to OSCE Czechoslovak permanent mission to UN 1964 – 1969
“Since 1215 at Runnymede the English people have been asserting their sovereign rights. I am glad to see the same spirit is still alive and well in the British people almost 800 years later.’ Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven

“Thank you for your inspiring book” President Vaclav Klaus, the Czech Republic.
(For more see “Testimonials” under “Who we are” at freenations.net)

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