More treachery at Maastricht

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More treachery at Maastricht
« on: June 23, 2016, 09:53:40 PM »

LBC  RADIO -APRIL 24th 2016
The David Mellor Show with Michael Crick
Tom Sackville MP phoned in


I only managed to copy these sentences but you can view the whole converstion at 69 mins in on the link below


This is part of the conversation referring to the vote on the Maastricht Treaty
Tom Sackville said --
"I was one of many I'm sure who voted for the Maastricht Treaty
I didn't believe a word of it
I was enjoying being in office
but a bit scared of what my ferociously ambitious mother would say
I just walked through the lobby,looking back on it,there must have been dozens of us,so A VERY DISHONEST VOTE,I'M VERY ASHAMED OF THE FACT
I went to Luxembourg in 1978 and decided it was a disgusting bureaucracy "


The gist of the converstion was that he made a conscious decision to put his career before his beliefs and his country, along with many others,and that folks is why we are in the pickle we are in,Tom Sackville hang your head in shame,you need to be more than "ashamed of the fact" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Sackville former MP and Home Office Minister

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