still no word of Cameron, so I ranted at him on his Facebook Page.

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still no word of Cameron, so I ranted at him on his Facebook Page.

"Andrea  ...Mr Cameron, either you're acting as if somebody stole your dummy, which I can appreciate, hence your cunning plan to teach the British a lesson backfired massively on you and that will have made your bosses very, very angry, or you just crawled away and leave the pile of rubble you and your bosses have created and leave us all to fend for ourselves. You're one heck of a sad example of a leader. Most of us knew that all along and the longer you remain quiet the more I believe that we're better off without you and your bosses in the EU. It was them with their ridiculous rules and regulations who have brought the economic growth of Europe to state of either very small, stagnant, or negative. Did you e.g. know that the pillow you rest your head on every night, was made by nearly 500 EU laws to be observed? Yet, it probably wasn't even produced in anywhere near Europe. These are the little things, that make us think. Have you any idea, how difficult it is, to set up a small business with this mountain of rules and regulation from Brussels crashing down? Even on the ones who don't even intend to export anything? Are you aware, Sir, that Great Britain, the largest of Europe doesn't even have it's own shipyards anymore? Are aware, Sir, that the fleet of British trawlers has declined from several hundred or more to a pathetic number of around 100 - 200? Are you aware, Sir, that there is no more British Steel, which used to be the finest steel in the world? Are you aware, Sir, that the automobile industry that once was British now belongs to foreign corporations and that the same goes for every single once British industrial trademark? Are you aware, Sir, that the EU is now dictating the sexual education of toddlers in nurseries? Are you aware, Sir, that there are no more real jobs in Britain, but only part-time employment, zero-hour contract employment and absolutely next to know security for the average worker? (At this point I am still wondering where you got the idea from that average income in Britain is £25K)? Are you aware, Sir, that even the most personal data of British people are being processed and stored by foreign corporations such as Capita? Are you aware, Sir, how the unemployed are being harassed by the huge administrative monster called Job Centre, who call the unemployed "customers" and are not even allowed to give career advice to school-leaver? (Now, well that makes complete sense, as there are no career perspectives anymore, as the industry has disappeared to countries far, far away) and you know why this is the case? Because of the EU! The EU is preventing every government in its grip to take the shackles of the economy of their own country, with the least possible interference of either the government of that country or the interference of the EU themselves! And there you stood last Friday, like a weeping pile of self-sorrow. Instead being a man, rolling up your sleeves, pack the bull by its horns and at least steer the sinking ship into safe waters until you leave it and hand it over to a new captain. How can you sleep at night, as all of the above must have been obvious and evident to you, yet you only had yourself in mind. That can be the only reason, because nobody can be so blatantly ignorant.

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