Why the Paedophilia News Was ONLY Recently Released

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Why the Paedophilia News Was ONLY Recently Released
« on: November 05, 2012, 02:41:14 PM »
Why the Paedophilia News Was ONLY Recently Released

I have previously reiterated too the many of the seen patterns of the NWO intent for total control just as I have of the many patterns of the same/similar in their unlawful degrading persecution. This total control just like their expenses rip offs has always been there it is just now more available to UK society from other sources. In such as the worst thing Blair ever said he ever gave to society which is the FOI act as well as their allowing the (Backfire) freedom of the net to name but two of those major sources.

Where if one looks at the overall picture of the combined for NWO (Big Business) total control one will know of how the paedophilia was adapted into their (Higher Masonic levels as well as business) unlawful intent to be used for blackmail as well as many other unlawful intents. Is sexual favours/perversion not also common knowledge of being used by our secret services to blackmail others to obtain what they want, where yet again it is still against the UK law?????

Just as it can be seen of the continual unlawful corruption of government further unlawfully aiding and abetting this unlawful intent, where unlawful greed as well as many other unlawful actions is continually shown running rife?

Where what can be seen from these deliberately created unlawful scenarios is how personal greed has also been brought into it by the further greedy for self gain ? WHERE IT HAS NOW GOT COMPLETELY OUT OF GOVERNMENT HAND ? For the intent for unlawful business profit by the many involved has also aided their own personal greed where they unlawfully hide behind the deliberate created (NWO) government facade presented.

Where because of the unlawful situation that has now presented itself with the many aiding and abetting each other, plus all the continual donations to each party by these self greedy where profit has to be maintained. With very often big business owing billions to the Inland Revenue, it has produced a he said, she said, we know about this and that, out of control situation. ? Just look at the no name deals recently announced said to be under parliamentary (another whitewash) review run by the Inland Revenue inspector???????????? = Under the law this is fraud and deception to unlawfully procure

Where the all has to be brought back into their NWO line, so how do they do it?
They do what they have always done in these situations of our deliberately created pacification system and toss society the odd bone by way of a dead person they knew all along who was involved.

This creates a fear in the many involved not only in the paedophilia itself, but also a few other of their ongoing deliberately created scenarios for total control, which produces many others thinking it could be me next. For even though not directly involved there is under the law (for which they continually show unlawful contempt) evidence to show they knew or are somehow connected.

This move also is another deliberate intent of the NWO order in carrying out this procedure in getting rid of the much paedophilia for they now have introduced a more legislative scenario to take is place called common purpose. (Not that it still will not be secretly there but again more deliberately buried)

Where the all are taught to think alike so they can move further forward in their unlawful intent while pretending to do their job by further blackmail of those they know are involved but will now toe the line in fear of this exposure. ? For why do you think Cameron (like Blair and his previous D Notice) has once again stopped the real full government involved truth from prevailing?

It is further why masonry is in degrees so they can sort the sick perverted greedy wheat from their chaff in order to maintain their unlawful status quo.

I have heard the many talk of H M and royalty involvement, where of course their will be the sick and perverse and greedy in all walks of life, where they will be deliberately encouraged, (like the Michaels of Kent)just as are members of society as well as the Masonic brethren.

Where just as members of society have been deliberately manoeuvred and psychologically manipulated into their NWO unlawful intent has royalty? ? For in my previous research I can question the murder of Lord Mountbatten just as I can the murder of Princess Diana? ? Was Mountbatten?s murder a further warning to the Royal family to toe the line? ? Why was their no UK government investigation into all the invoices Diana found with the many UK MPs names on for the unlawful selling landmines in which our UK government was said to be preventing?  What was the announcement she said she was going to make which would astound the world = could it have been the deliberate getting rid of Royalty for the NWO big business to control the world and all its societies?

Where who have we had propositioned for many years as its elected president? - A blatant shown liar and law breaker, a man who was tried under his Christian names for his sexual perversions to save his political career, why???? For this man Blair should be like his cohort Cameron and many other NWO Prime Ministers previous, on trial for Crimes against humanity, yet instead has been allowed to make an ill-gotten gained fortune, and is the same not ongoing with the many in government and otherwise today, where yet again society/the taxpayer is always made to pay?
   Where in regard to the Monarchy and all the laws that should go with it or an EU president (Blair?) and a UK government that has been shown on ever-rising issues to place itself above the law, I know what I would prefer, do you?

Under the current acts of UK law, taking unlawful pecuniary advantage of the taxpayer is tantamount to fraud and deception to unlawfully procure money under false pretences and should carry a seven to ten year jail sentence, so why is the law not being fully upheld?
   Because in real reality we live in and are deliberately kept as slaves without the (yet) shackles to a (NWO) created pacification society. Which could but will never keep the taxpayer out of debt and as lab rats for their continuing medial experimentation, most of which they deem as not society cost effective?
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Re: Why the Paedophilia News Was ONLY Recently Released
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2012, 11:01:48 PM »
Hi The Learner,
Excellent post,you may be intereted in this which I found on Wales online

'Broadcasters refused to commission documentary on paedophile John Owen'
The Leveller

Martin Shipton, Chief Reporter
 Oct 26 2012
 Karl Francis, one of Wales' most prominent film directors

One of Wales? most prominent film directors has entered the Jimmy Savile controversy by accusing the BBC and ITV of refusing to commission a documentary he proposed about paedophile dramatist John Owen.
Karl Francis, a former head of drama at BBC Wales, alleges that neither broadcaster had been prepared to screen the proposed programme because it would have highlighted Owen?s abuse of teenagers while they worked with him on TV programmes, as well as embarrassing the Welsh language ?establishment?.

John Owen committed suicide in 2001. He had been due to stand trial for offences allegedly committed against pupils of Rhydfelen Welsh medium comprehensive school in Pontypridd, where he had been a drama teacher.
His death provoked huge controversy, with suggestions from relatives of his alleged victims that Mr Owen had been protected because of his prominent position in Welsh language media circles. Many prominent people attended his funeral.
He produced a teen drama series called Pam Fi Duw? (Why me, God?) under the auspices of ITV Wales for S4C.
Mr Francis said: ?Owen?s way of operating was very similar to Savile?s. Both used their celebrity to help them abuse children and both should have been stopped.?
The proposal he says he sent to the BBC and ITV networks in 2004 was for a documentary to be called A Paedophile At Large in Television. It states: ?The subject matter is about a paedophile, John Owen, director/writer and producer, eventually, of children's programmes in Wales, in the Welsh language.
?The real problem about making this documentary with Welsh television companies such as BBC Wales or HTV Wales is that they employed John Owen and they are very reluctant to examine their parts in this story.
?John Owen was protected by the Welsh language {establishment} when he was a teacher 12 years ago. Actors, who were his students, subsequently went to the police. I have the support of these actors who are the main victims and eloquently explain the case.
?As an investigative documentary maker, I have talked to HTV Wales {now ITV Wales} who say it is not their business to investigate their former employees. Also, BBC Wales now employs several people who previously employed John Owen, who cannot be seen to make a documentary about John Owen.
?As far back as 1999, when he was investigated by police and lost his job at a Welsh language school, cover-ups, which had been made, were now coming out. The education system is clearly culpable, but the real issue is not simply this but the number of cases one comes across when investigating Welsh speaking communities who are being protected by the Welsh language {establishment}.
?The serious question one must ask is how are television documentaries made about paedophile priests in Wales, but not about paedophile Welsh speakers? This raises all kinds of moral and political issues.
?Some of the people who will participate in this are the actors who were seduced by John Owen, the police officers who were involved in the original investigation 12 years ago, the people who believe that John Owen was innocent and the actors who took their case to the police. Also the various media people who were prevented from making documentaries at the time about these issues.
?The fascinating thing, of course, is the way in which someone like John Owen can completely dominate other people and live a very secret life. The fact that he was directing young actors, naked, for S4C and HTV, would have been known to these people, together with the fact that he had been the subject of a paedophile inquiry a few years earlier. We need to question the judgement of the people who employed him.? >:(
Owen was employed to do a play about the miners' strike: next page

Related stories

Jimmy Savile 'pawed me and threatened to rip my dog's head off'
Police investigate racism allegation at Bolton Wanderers v Cardiff City

Millionaire businessman who downloaded child porn tried to kill himself after police chase

Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2012/10/26/broadcasters-refused-to-commission-documentary-on-paedophile-john-owen-91466-32103168/#ixzz2BOLhY7BW


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Re: Why the Paedophilia News Was ONLY Recently Released
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2012, 08:09:18 PM »

Councillor's justice call over North Wales abuse scandal

Published date: 05 November 2012 |
Published by: Garth ApThomas and Rebecca Cole


Councillor Keith Gregory


A COUNCILLOR who was sexually abused as a child has backed calls for a fresh inquiry into Wrexham?s paedophile scandal.

Cllr Keith Gregory supports fellow abuse victim Steven Messham who believes a new investigation is needed to uncover the full horror of the exploitation of victims which took place at nearly 40 children?s homes across North Wales in the ?70s and ?80s.

 As boys, both men lived at Wrexham?s Bryn Estyn care home which was targeted by a paedophile ring. It is now a conference and training centre used by Wrexham Council.

 Cllr Gregory said even now, decades later, news reports on abuse make the full trauma of his childhood come flooding back.

?I have never received any counselling and that made it very hard,? he said.

?I was sexually, mentally and physically abused and there were a lot of very powerful people involved.

?I say everyone that took part must be brought to book.

?That is one of the reasons I became a councillor, to help those who feel powerless against injustice.?

On Friday BBC TV?s flagship current affairs programme Newsnight aired an interview with Mr Messham, who has called for a meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron to press for a full investigation to fill in the gaps left by the Waterhouse Inquiry in 2000 which, he said, uncovered only a fraction of the crimes committed.

 A report of the inquiry was never published and paperwork was pulped so the former Clwyd County Council could ?maintain its insurance cover?.

Mr Messham and another victim, who was not identified, claim a leading Conservative politician from the Thatcher era was involved in persistent abuse of children.

 Cllr Gregory, who stayed at the home between 1972 and 1974, said: ?I believe the abuse specifically involving that man took place after I had left Bryn Estyn.

?Steve was at the home a little bit later on. We met years afterwards.?

Cllr Gregory, who represents Smithfield ward on Wrexham Council, has worked with Mr Messham in the past in running a support group called Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse.

 Mr Messham revealed he went to the police at the time and was called a liar but the Welsh Government revealed it would be taking allegations very seriously.

 A spokesman said: ?The Welsh Government is very concerned by these allegations and will look at all the evidence as it comes forward.

?Even though the allegations relate to the period before devolution we believe in transparency in dealing with such issues.

?But we are unable to comment further until we have more detail.?

The Newsnight report concluded ?there is simply not enough evidence to name names? but acknowledged that attitudes to such allegations had changed since the Jimmy Savile case came to light, giving victims ?renewed hope?.

Cllr Gregory said he was not surprised at the huge scandal which has broken out over the child sex allegations made against the former BBC presenter.

?I saw he displayed a number of mannerisms that can be common behaviour in abusers,? he added. There were some well recognised signs.?


the watcher

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Re: Why the Paedophilia News Was ONLY Recently Released
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2012, 08:26:10 PM »

New child abuse inquiry launched

A victim claims the Waterhouse Inquiry into abuse at the Bryn Estyn children's home looked at only a fraction of the allegations

The National Crime Agency is to head a new police investigation into abuse in children's homes in North Wales in the 1970s and 1980s amid claims that a senior Tory was among the perpetrators.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the agency's director general Keith Bristow would review the original police handling of the case as well as looking at the latest allegations by one of the victims.

"The Government is treating these allegations with the utmost seriousness," she told MPs in a Commons statement.

"Child abuse is a hateful, abhorrent and disgusting crime and we must not allow these allegations to go unanswered."

In a further development, Downing Street said Mrs Justice Julia Wendy Macur, a High Court judge, would carry out the review of the original Waterhouse inquiry announced by David Cameron.

Mrs May said she would also consider Labour calls for a wider, over-arching inquiry into child abuse - including the allegations involving the late DJ and BBC presenter Jimmy Savile - if the evidence was shown to justify it.

However Labour backbencher Tom Watson, who has raised claims of a past paedophile ring linked to No 10 and of a former Cabinet minister allegedly involved in child abuse, dismissed the latest moves as simply "the next stage of a cover-up".

The announcement comes after David Cameron said yesterday that he would be appointing a senior figure to review the original public inquiry into abuse at the home led by Sir Ronald Waterhouse, a retired high court judge.

The investigations followed renewed allegations last week by one of the victims, Steve Messham, who said the inquiry by Sir Ronald Waterhouse - which reported in 2000 - examined only a fraction of the claims of abuse.

He told BBC2's Newsnight that he was taken out of the Bryn Estyn children's home and "sold" to men for sexual abuse at a nearby hotel and that a senior Tory from the time was among the perpetrators.



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Re: Why the Paedophilia News Was ONLY Recently Released
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2012, 08:48:58 PM »
Pindown survivor
Some very interesting posts and information on the above blog

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