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Eurosceptic Europe
« on: June 30, 2016, 10:11:02 PM »
The EU institution’s strongest backers are the Poles (72%) and the Hungarians (61%). In many other nations, support is tepid. Just 27% of the Greeks, 38% of the French and 47% of the Spanish have a favorable opinion of the EU. Notably, 44% of the British view the EU favorably, including 53% of the Scottish.

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 We're actually in the Netherlands now, where the Dutch Prime Minister just rejected a call to allow a referendum to proceed on leaving the EU. despite polls showing a majority want to leave.

 We're in central Rotterdam today, where I literally tripped over a dead rat on the sidewalk this early morning as I was out looking for a coffee shop. That revolting experience about sums up the situation here where it looks like the native Dutch people are outnumbered by about two or three to one with third world immigrants, the streets are littered with trash and the canal through the city center -- lined with bizarre "modern art" sculptures -- has a sour stink to it. It's a place badly in need of more Christian missionaries, more concern about the survival of its historically Christian culture, and fewer socialist Eurocrats in power. Please pray for the Dutch.

 However, on a brighter note, Poland is showing some backbone rejecting the Germans' call for a EU Superstate in which EU nations give up virtually all autonomy (vindicating the Eurosceptics warnings during Brexit).

 And concurrent with that, the Poles are defending the family from the aggressive LGBT agenda of the EU. A Polish website has just today posted an excerpt from our book Redeeming the Rainbow in English and Polish to help native Poles better articulate their pro-family values.



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