Plan to negate the referendum result

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Plan to negate the referendum result
« on: July 01, 2016, 08:43:44 PM »
Plan to negate the referendum result

OKTC, copied to my MP and IDS as a courtesy

It should now perfectly clear to everyone that Michael Gove was put up as a puppet leader of VoteLeave, with the support of the Electoral Commission and the Cabinet Office, to which the Electoral Commission reports. (It is not independent - its creation was simply a device to transfer control of elections from the Home Office to the Cabinet Office). I said as much during the campaign of course. Even Blind Freddy can now see it.

There is simply no other credible explanation for the failure of VoteLeave to emphasise the massive trade deficit with the EU27, the huge regulatory burden imposed as a result of our membership of the so-called single market and the massive costs of labour displacement due to the uncontrolled immigration into the UK of unskilled and semi-skilled EU economic migrants.

Gove is playing a similar game with the Tory leadership contest. He has no campaign on the ground and if he gets on the ballot paper he obviously plans to lose, as he planned to to lose the EU referendum. He has very obviously agreed with Theresa May that he will be Chancellor and she will be PM.

The idea, equally obviously, is to subvert the constitution of the Conservative Party by having two MPs on the same ticket nominally opposing each other. If Gove were to succeed in blocking Andrea Leadsom, the conservative with most Parliamentary support, from the ballot, the 'contest' would be a farce, like a televised wrestling match, followed by a 'unity' Cabinet, which at best would include a token handful of Eurosceptics.
Remember that May was the author of those gratuitously offensive 'nasty party' remarks (apparently she has never forgiven me for taking up some of 'her' air-time that night with my speech to the Bruges Group). Both May and Gove, sadly, appear with respect to be ruthless, unprincipled, centrist machine politicians.

More than that, each is obviously committed to continuing membership of the EEA Agreement, i.e. each supports uncontrolled labour dumping from Europe, regardless of the social and economic cost, and the likely loss of life, as the angry, displaced white working class take their revenge.
The uncontrolled immigration policy has clearly been rejected by the electorate. It is not even clear that Article 50 would operate to terminate membership of the single market, i.e. bring UK membership of the EEA Agreement to an end. It probably woudn't. Thursday's vote was as much a vote against membership of the so-called single market as it was against EU membership.
It is understood that Germany is relaxed about our leaving the EU, provided that we can be forced to remain trapped inside the 'single market', so that we continue to be a dumping ground for EU, mostly German, exports, and EU27 surplus labour. Cameron appears to have caved in to these key German demands as the European Council meeting.

Chris Grayling is obviously being lined up as Home Secretary. He is weak man, with respect, and would probably continue May's policy of not doing much to interrupt the distribution of narcotics inside the UK (May has been a failure when it comes to controlling the deadly trade in dangerous drugs). Since Germany's GO2 controls the two main distribution cartels in the UK this is another key German demand, although of course it can only be made in smoke-filled rooms as German control of the drugs trade, which costs about 30,000, mostly young, lives in the UK each year is covert.
I do not say that May as Home Secretary is aware that the drugs trade is controlled from Germany. She is not that bright, with respect, is intelligence illiterate (so much so that she has probably never heard of GO2) and so far as I know has not read Spyhunter. She is a typical, "house-trained idiot", to paraphrase 'Jim Hacker', no offence intended. It would not be difficult for Home Office officials to pull the wool over her eyes.

Eurosceptic MPs should clearly question Gove closely about his views on denouncing the EEA Agreement. I imagine they will find him evasive, as he was during the referendum campaign. The reality is that he belongs to the Chamberlain/Heath/Major/Cameron wing of the party and is prepared to cave in to German demands, just as he would probably have supported our community partner Adolf Hiltler's demands at Munich in 1938.
The good news is that Andrea Leadsom has a good chance of being placed on the ballot. Eurosceptic MPs should swing behind her. If she becomes PM she will have a strong team and would probably go down the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties route. She has already made it clear that she will not accept uncontrolled immigration from the EU27 and that Europeans would have to take their chances like everybody else.

European economic migrants already here should be given time to leave, parallel with the notice period, preferably the 12 month Vienna period.

We do not need tariff-free access to the so-called single market and there is no need at all to enter into time-wasting negotiations with our community enemies.

Michael Shrimpton

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