If you can keep your head, when - -

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If you can keep your head, when - -
« on: July 03, 2016, 09:09:22 PM »
Alvechurch Bugle PR16 – 004  (29-6-16)


If you can keep your head, when - - 


PMQs today, was the perfect example of why politics cannot be left to politicians, as individual MPs sought to reassure their constituents that they were earning their corn and acting in their best interests - - and on the whole failing miserably.


One inane question after another, demonstrating their crass lack of understanding of the organisation (EU) which their better informed individual constituency electorates had wisely voted to leave.


The Member for Torfaen, Nick Thomas-Symonds asked, with an endearing childlike naivety  :  “ Can the Prime Minister assure me that the funding we receive here in South Wales will not be affected by the decision taken last Thursday ?.....right, but the PM to his undying credit (and in his current frivolous pre retirement mood) refrained from replying : how the f - - -  do I know Taff  ?  .  you tell me  !


Like so many allegedly intelligent, career politicians, who park their arses on the green leather of parliament, this Corbynite boyo hasn’t a clue how much British taxpayers money goes to Brussels to maintain 751 MEPs and its unelected Commission, or why only 0.33 p comes back for every hard earned pound sent.


Article 50.

Those charged with tidying up the paperwork associated with our hopefully speedy withdrawal from the Brussels cesspit, should tear up article 50 in front of the Commission, and say

: Sorry lads, nice try, but this is the way its going to be – We Tell You – You don’t tell us !


Take all the time you like dotting the i‘s and crossing the tees, but the money stopped at mid day on the 24th when the British electorate voted to leave this fraud riddled political scam and any monies  transferred to you by mistake by our Treasury after that date, will be reclaimed.


Article 50 is part of the Lisbon Treaty (and an earlier EU Constitution which France and Holland rejected) and it has never been legally tested - and now is too late.


Who would stand the Secretary of a golf club you had just left, telling you what you could or could not do ?


Unless Nigel Farage is involved in the pre-negotiation negotiations, it will go badly wrong and the 17,000,000 British citizens who voted LEAVE, are going to get very angry indeed. 



Ed.   --     --     --     Bromsgrovia.





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