The Life And Times Of The Blintons-Lawlessness-Update

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The Life And Times Of The Blintons-Lawlessness-Update
« on: July 07, 2016, 11:36:24 AM »
The Life And Times Of The Blintons

7th July 2016


“Law” and the Rule of Law. Now meet the Blintons- Anthony and Hillary. Both have either broken the Law under which we all live but as yet have escaped arrest and prosecution for doing things, that the rest of us would by now see us serving time in some establishment of Her Majesty’s Prison Service.


The Blintons are a very large family and see nothing wrong or illegal in acting the way they do. Most, if not all are politically to the Left of the political equation. Examine the direct threat of violence to their opponents.

Mr Farage and his family have not only experienced Blinton style politics while out for a family lunch and on “Twitter”, so recently awash with shocked “Twits” over the murder of MP Jo Cox, yet not a “Tweet” of objection to direct threats made to the family of Farage and talk of paying assassins to murder the leader of UKIP. Silence reigns supreme.


A UKIP friend has informed me that a direct threat was made to Farage’s daughter. As a father and grandfather myself- a still very active one raising a two years old, I can empathise with the UKIP leader’s angst and deep concern. Boris too has seen the mobs outside his doors in the quite street outside his home, calling him “Scum” and inciting violence.


The Police provided derisory “protection”, as they always do to those who are not darlings of the Blintons and their violent supporters seen in the streets and “twittering” their Mob rage on the Internet. I would note too the growing anti-Semitism against Jews, now left to their own devices, as these too seem not to have the favour of the political class, while as we shall read below, the tribe of Ishmael is so favoured. The Jews have given the West so much, yet we are now in a similar situation seen not since the days of Weimar.


Calling the the Blintons “unsavoury” is an understatement. Actually they are a direct threat to the “Rule of Law”, as is the one sided Policing of the British public and their almost open support for people that should have been “collared” years ago, instead of being allowed, or even encouraged to strut their awful odophilosophies on the streets, that has I believe, led to where we are now- a one sided biased system where one’s political hues or race, determine whether one has suitable protection from the Blintons and their enforcers…..


I am sure that should Mr Farage and others end up like the late Jo Cox, we would not see hysterical occult like paganistic oriental orgies of Left Blintonistas or clearly orchestrated Media spanning “Feel ins” but scenes rather reminiscent of the disgraceful “celebrations” after Mrs Thatcher’s death, with Blinton types literally dancing to pop music on her grave. This is in fact lawlessness and "Behaviour likely to cause a Breach of The Queen’s Peace" that covers any act in public that threatens public safety or property. Intimidating mobs outside the homes of politicians is clearly such a Breach, or it used to be before the Police themselves took to political enforcement of the law and its select application.


So too is the carrying of placards demanding the beheading of non-Moslems and shouting “Alluha al Akbar” in the process, when the public atmosphere, already sensitive to such matters, is effectively a powder keg that would not need much of a spark to ignite it. The public temper, still soothing its understandably tender emotions after the public murders of recent years of soldiers and mass slayings in airports, could well snap as the Blintons continue to parade their credentials on various Internet forums and on the streets with seeming impunity. The Police themselves, have created this awful potential threat to public order by the very clearly partial “policing” and even encouragement of acts seen in public, that are clearly Breches of the Queen’s Peace” by any definition of the Law.


Indeed, as a former lawyer, I would humbly suggest that we are now in state of public affairs, where the behaviour of the Police themselves in allowing the “Blintonisation” of our national highways, is in itself a Breach of the Queen’s Peace. And it just doesn’t stop there does it?


The Blintons on both sides of the Atlantic have carried their lawlessness into international affairs. One Hillary Clinton has escaped espionage charges and much more from what I hear. One Anthony Blair went to war according to a released “Chilcot” report, in clear breach of Common Law and Parliamentary consent.


Approximately 200 British soldiers now lie dead as a direct result of Blair’s personal whim to assist President Bush, in what is also a breach of law and international peace. It seems that we are now ruled by a political class that makes up the law “as it goes”….


The new “rule” seems to be, “Let’s shape the law to our politics, rather than “shape politics to reflect the Law”- a law that Thomas More died trying to persuade a Henry VIII that his whims could not override simply because he did not like his wife. The Law is timeless and exist in such manner precisely to deter and prevent the anarchy we now see about us in our daily lives.

Bishop Guy

As a retired Police Officer who used to teach law at a regional police training center as well as taking classes for officers wanting to pass their Sgts. and Inspectors exams I totally agree with the above letter, the police have become politicised. When the Mayor of Nottm. committed crime, sometime in my youth, officers were frightened of dealing with the situation. The then Chief Constable of Nottingham went himself to arrest him. The Mayor said, you can not arrest me I am the chairman of the watch committee and I am your boss. His reply was "I am a police officer, with powers under the crown, I do not have a boss and you are under arrest. Some years later another Chairman of the Police Committee was arrested for drunken Driving, Like BLiar. they were both Socialists who thought themselves above the Law. If only we had Police Officers of that caliber now.
Tom Butcher

Former Police Law Instructor

Founder of Conservatives against the EU

I believe I may have been the first person to use the term BLiar, I had certainly not seen it anywhere before I started using it extensively in all my correspondence. Unfortunately " See A Moron"  (C.A. Moron )the term I use for our latest hopeless PM  has not caught on (Yet) I have also used "Shamcam" I should probably have just stuck to just one term of belittlement.


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