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Here follows an update on how stock and currency markets have responded to Brexit. A clue is that the more fanatical Remainiac politicians and media have fallen rather silent on this subject, real-world developments not fitting into their Brussels-endorsed "the sky is falling" script.

Indeed, we can see whose stockmarkets have borne the brunt of Brexit - and it isn't the UK. Now there's a surprise for you - not. 

UKIP knew why the EU political cadre and collaborators were so desperate to stop Britain from leaving their failed politico-economic experiment. Many of our opponents also knew that LEAVE would be very good for Britain, the EU's principal financial victim. Germany pays in even more, but the setup is truly rigged in its favour. It gets something in return - a captive market.
As the Party Chairman has observed, something else has happened to refute REMAIN's prophets of gloom. Already, the USA, China, EFTA states (including Norway and Switzerland), all our major Commonwealth trading partners (including India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana...), South Korea, Mexico and... yes... Germany have signalled they wish to enter into free trade deals with the UK. I wonder how the BBC, Guardian and other hostile media outlets will try to bury, or spin, this development. UKIP told you so.



The REMAINians can't give up and let Brexit occur. For after Brexit, Whonexit? Will the last one to quit the EU please turn out the lights?
With Corbyn-fed Labour in such disarray as to be wholly unintelligible to the man on the street, and Libdem policy-makers pursuing oblivion with vigour, REMAIN's efforts are predictably focussed upon the Tory Party's strife.
After all, while UKIP too will soon have a leadership election, we know that our winner will be a determined warrior for LEAVE. No doubts at all there!
Tories, though, seem set to ignore the results of the EU Referendum and elect as their Leader - and hence as Prime Minister - a REMAIN candidate, chief backer of Cameron's fraudulent promise to "cut net immigration to tens of thousands" (in terms both of EU and of non-EU migrants, quite impossible while we are trapped in the EU), and someone who seemed to have been in hiding for the whole of the Referendum campaign. Bizarre?
While to choose such a P.M. would prove very electorally damaging to the Tories, we in UKIP put country before party interests, and so hope the Tories see good sense, honour the population's democratic will, and so elect a LEAVE candidate who will deliver in full measure what Brexit requires.
The second ballot, to determine which two candidates will fight it out for the leadership, takes place today. I have evidence of Con scheming to encourage tactical voting. If enough supporters of Queen REMAIN do not vote for her in this second stage (her presence in the final being guaranteed), but instead switch their vote to the lame duck, they can eliminate Andrea Leadsom...


UKIP's able Defence spokesperson, Mike Hookem MEP, has, in the aftermath of the publication on July 6 of the Chilcot report on the Iraq War, released a damning expose of the former Labour P.M. Read Mike's article about a man craving power and influence over caution, good advice and common sense.
Personally, though sadly I don't think it probable, I would like to see Blair considered for prosecution for war crimes, as well as sued by those whose lives were ruined by his "mistakes". I was among many millions around the world who fruitlessly begged him not to invade, a blunder which led to many terrorist threats the world now faces, as well as to much criticism of the UK.
Further, I associate a lot of the moral and social decline in the very fabric of Britain with the arrival of Blair & Co. in 1997. Belatedly, so do millions of Labour supporters, who may now repudiate a party that did so much harm to us all. They should switch to UKIP. Perhaps this can help persuade them:
The report of the Iraq Inquiry is available from the official website HERE, but it is split into 58 separate, individually downloadable parts. So, if you need to look for something ("mislead" and "45 minutes" are good starters), you need to know which of the 58 parts it is in - which, of course, you won't.
For your convenience, I have therefore concatenated all 58 into a single Word document which you can download either here (RAR-compressed) or here (ZIP-compressed). Press only the green button. Formatting isn't perfect.
It is a damning document, but at 2.6+ million words, 'Search' is needed.


I can think of someone who many millions, within and without UKIP, believe deserves to be honoured for his services, still ongoing, to Britain, one who battled for two decades for our Britain's independence, throughout enduring vicious, untruthful, unfair attacks from a political class and media acting in common purpose. But, with a little help from his friends, he won.

Many of you have asked me for help to set up, or support, a petition on a Parliamentary or other website towards this end, to which I have replied:

(1) Parliament won't accept it, as Honours aren't decided by Parliament, and private citizens can directly nominate people for Honours.

(2) Multiple, similar petitions on the same or different websites dilutes and lessens their effectiveness, rather like splitting the vote under FPTP.

Instead, here are two links which may be of assistance:

How to nominate someone for an Honour   Download a nomination form


The need for UKIP is running at an all-time high. We must ensure a full Brexit occurs, and we may have to fight a snap election too. To join, renew membership, volunteer or donate, click here if using a mobile or here if not.



Freddy Vachha

UKIP Regional Chairman - London

UK Independence Party, Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Heathfield, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT United Kingdom

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