The Long Hot Summer-The Fall of Europe….

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The Long Hot Summer-The Fall of Europe….
« on: July 15, 2016, 11:03:16 AM »
The Long Hot Summer-The Fall of Europe….

15th July 2016



In 1949, Former German and French Nazis returned to Europe bringing with them a plan first devised in the years 1940 to 1949 and even in the 1930s. These “former” Nazis had converted to Islam, the faith of the countries they fled to for safety from the Allies. They were smuggled out of Europe and assisted by the Moslem Brotherhood and officials from Vichy that had never forgotten the great French Empire that had existed prior to the fall of Paris in 1940 and the Occupation. A wide network and nexus of contact and aid allowed their escape to Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere, much aided also by the Roman Catholic Church that helped the like of Dr Mengele escape to Argentina with a new identity and papers. The Church saw the Nazis as a bulwark against barbarians in the Soviet Union and harboured antipathy towards Jewry.


Many of these war criminals set up secret police Gestapo style offices and regimes similar in every way to the ones no longer in Germany and France. In 1949, they then adopted the 1928 plan for Islamic domination in Europe and America created by one Hassan-al-Banna known simply as “The Project”. That original plan created by the Nazis in 1940 “dove-tailed” very nicely with that of Hassan-al-Banna. The European Union is the result.


Of course Germany was still to the dominant nation but with a strong supporting Islamic “faith” that Hitler and the Nazis much admired while demeaning Christianity as weak. According to Speer, the German industrialist Minister for the regime, the Fuehrer thought that a superior German race would soon dominate and take number one position in Islam- a violent Islam, more suited to the Nazi creed and odosophies of racial hate. Both the “Nation of Islam” and “Black-Lives Matter” follow the same odosophie[1] now openly talking of the inferior caste of white Europeans.


George Soros pays for it all and the flood of migrants into Germany and Europe, that led directly to the growing violent instability on the streets of Paris, Brussels and of late Nice. Mark my words when I say that France is probably finished as a secular republic and will morph into an Islamic state simply to buy peace, just as it caved in 1940 to similar German terror. except this time its enemies live in the various “No-Go” banlieus ready to erupt in support of the killers attacking and destroying civilian life and what is left of freedom. France shows no signs of the will to resist.


I believe that events in the US as I write are also part of a massive global revolution to destroy the West and impose the Kalifate. The “invitation” from Mrs Merkel to 2,000,000 plus “refugees” is part of the overall planned strategy. She takes her orders from the Bilderbergers and bankers that are largely derived from former Nazi interests in an unholy alliance with the Arab Oil kingdoms to destroy the West and hand it to Islam, either through what I have called The Croesus Paradigm, or a deliberate act with intent to do so.


I believe the ridiculous antipathy and violence shown towards a putative ally in Russia, is driven not so much by moneyed interests and massively corrupted bought politicians, including those in the US but also in Great Britain, seen in the slavish toe licking fixations over their attitudes to Islam is driven by a Sunni Arab-Gulf state desire to end the 1400 years old war with shia Islam, that has cleverly bought and paid for the forces of NATO to become a proxy stooge in a very old religious feud dating back to “Mohammed” himself and the succession of his nephew Ali to the position of “Successor” to “The Prophet”.


Russia is the only country prepared to defend Christendom. This is the only historical model that works and explains why we are where we are now.

Julian Farmer

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