BREXITEERS Take Control of EU Exit Negotiations

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BREXITEERS Take Control of EU Exit Negotiations
« on: July 15, 2016, 08:34:52 PM »

Dear Friends and Supporters,

BREXITEERS Take Control of EU Exit Negotiations

 This week the appointment of our new Prime Minister went into overdrive after leadership contender Andrea Leadsom was forced to withdraw from the contest on Monday. David Cameron formally went to Buckingham Palace and resigned and in under a minute. Seconds later Theresa May was arriving at the Palace to formally accept the Queen’s invitation to become Prime Minister and form a government. Out with the old and in with the new – as quick as a flash, but hopefully this will bring us some stability.

 Our new Prime Minister has unveiled her new Cabinet in the last couple of days and she has given leading Brexiteers prominent roles to deliver BREXIT. David Davis has been appointed Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. Liam Fox is in a new post as International Trade Secretary, and Boris Johnson has been given the Foreign Secretary brief. These are the outward facing roles in which their main jobs will be to negotiate the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union and new trade agreements with the rest of the world. These 3 Ministers have all campaigned tirelessly for a Leave vote and will fulfil Theresa May’s pledge to ensure “BREXIT means BREXIT”. What is still unclear at the moment is what Theresa May’s own version of BREXIT really means – and as you will have read in last week’s e-Bulletin we have our own reservations about Mrs May’s commitment to leaving the EU.
 David Davis and the new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, have both made it clear they do not want the UK to remain inside the Single Market. Instead they want the UK to have ‘access’ to the Single Market, without remaining a member. This would allow the UK to enjoy the benefit of trading freely with the European Union without large tariffs, while at the same time giving control over our laws and regulations to our elected Government at Westminster, restoring our democracy. Additionally, the UK would no longer have to accept free movement of people from the EU. This would allow us to decide our own fair immigration policy - to suit our needs, rather than the needs of the EU’s 28 unelected EU Commissioners.
 Get Britain Out has viewed - with some trepidation - Theresa May’s coronation as our Prime Minister and Philip Hammond as our Chancellor, as both clearly supported a Remain vote in the referendum. We are pleased about the appointment of David, Liam and Boris - because they are all committed Eurosceptics, and Boris was the star of the Leave referendum campaign. His remit as Foreign Secretary seems to be minimised as the Foreign Office now seems to be split with the new appointments, and there is already betting on him becoming the first cabinet minister to resign! Time will tell, but we hope not.
 None of this detracts from the fact Theresa May’s appointment was nothing less than a stitch-up which has caused considerable anger, especially amongst you - our supporters. Get Britain Out was featured in the Daily Express this week as we were inundated with calls from disappointed and upset supporters and grassroots Tories denied a vote in the Conservative Party’s leadership election. Our Campaign Director, Jayne Adye said: “Once again, it seems this is a clear case of the Westminster bubble ignoring the voters for the sake of future political careers. The people of this country dealt the establishment an almighty blow with the result of the EU referendum – but nothing has changed”. (Grassroots fury at being denied vote in Tory leadership contest)
 We can promise you we will do our best to monitor the situation and keep up the pressure to make sure there is no EU membership by the back door!
 Over recent weeks there has been extensive talk about the actual process of Leaving the EU. Nearly all of this chatter has referred to Article 50 – and what it means. This has led to a great deal of confusion. Get Britain Out has written an article for The Commentator to clarify the meaning of Article 50 - we explain Article 50 would be implemented by the Prime Minister informing the European Council we are invoking Article 50. This could have been done immediately following the BREXIT referendum result – as David Cameron had always promised would happen following a Leave vote – but he didn’t. He gave notice of his resignation as PM instead!
 At the moment it seems the new Ministers want to carry out preliminary negotiations with individual Member States, in particular, trade and border control issues, prior to triggering Article 50 – possibly sometime around the end of the year – as this might avoid time-consuming discussions with many of the Member States we have few dealings with.  EU law will still apply to the UK while exit negotiations take place. This means our UK budgetary contributions will continue - along with all the onerous regulations, directives and decisions – including those the EU may have in store for us.
 Some claim the UK could by-pass Article 50 altogether, by simply repealing the UK’s own European Communities Act 1972, which was the UK’s domestic legislation to originally join the EEC (which then morphed into the EU). This line of action would not be desirable. Firstly, the UK would consider itself as having left the EU, with UK courts no longer applying EU law. This might sound like a good idea, but in the EU’s eyes the UK would still be a member of the EU. This would result in the EU ‘cancelling’ our EU membership without any agreements being in place – due to a fundamental failure to comply with EU law. Secondly, it probably isn’t a good negotiating tactic to snub the organisation you are trying to forge a deal with - immediately before entering negotiations. Finally, failure to withdraw by using Article 50 would also breach international law - unless all the Member States agreed. This is set out in Article 54 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, meaning the avoidance of Article 50 would be pointless. (Article 50 and the Brexit process explained)
 On Monday we wrote an Article for the Huffington Post which sets out why EU migrants currently living in the UK need not be concerned about BREXIT. EU migrants who currently live in the UK, have - under international law - certain ‘acquired rights’. This essentially means the rights you enjoyed before a certain event occurred will continue to be enjoyed afterwards. The right in question concerns the residence of EU citizens currently living and working in the UK, and the event which would terminate these rights without this provision is, of course, BREXIT. These rights can only be taken away if the parties agree to terminate or amend these rights. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell of the EU and the UK wishing to terminate the rights of both EU migrants in the UK - or UK expats living in the EU. (EU Citizens Need Not Worry Over the Impact of Brexit)

 However, so far Theresa May has not withdrawn her suggestion of using these EU migrants living and working in the UK being used as a bargaining tool in the negotiations!

Get Britain Out will continue to hold the UK Government to account to ensure the delivery of the best deal for Britain following BREXIT, which would be the fulfilment of the promises made to the Great British Public during the referendum.

 Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out
 P.S. There are many people who still do not understand the process of Leaving the EU following the Brexit referendum, so it is important to spread information and the truth about this vital issue. If you know of any of your friends, colleagues and families who have not signed up to receive our newsletters, it would be great if you forward this to encourage them to Sign Up to our campaign (if they have not already done so). These are usually fortnightly unless we have something more special to tell you. The more people who understand what’s going on, the better. All information remains confidential.

 Please also check out our website regularly, as there is lots of information, links to our research and articles, as well as links to all the EU stuff in all the national newspapers.

 P.P.S. We hugely appreciate your help, both financially and otherwise. If you have any queries, please e-mail them to [email protected] and we will do our best to help. Everything you contribute in donations goes directly towards our work to secure Brexit. Do please also think about donating to our vital campaign. Huge thanks.


Daily Express: Grassroots fury at being denied vote in Tory leadership contest
The Commentator: Article 50 and the Brexit process explained
Huffington Post: EU Citizens Need Not Worry Over the Impact of Brexit

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