Scottish figures for remain mean no plebiscite

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Scottish figures for remain mean no plebiscite
« on: July 19, 2016, 09:32:42 PM »

Scottish figures for remain mean no plebiscite

COMMENT:-     I suggest everyone copies this and sends it to their MP just to remind them that we are here and awake.  BL.

Dear Prime Minister May,

Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish Parliament is trying to get you to delay our EU Exit, by claiming the Scottish people gave her a mandate for staying in the EU.


The Official figures, however belie the fact that she has the support of a majority of Scottish Voters.

They were


4,138,345 people registered to vote in Scotland,


1,661,191 voted remain,


1,018,322 voted leave,


1,458,832 could not be bothered or did not care.


I hardly call that a ringing endorsement for remain just over 1/3 of the votes available, which means she only has about a third of the Scottish people supporting her aims to stay in the EU, so no overwhelming plebiscite.


This fact needs to be widely publicised in the media, before this dangerous woman derails our Brexit.


yours sincerely

Mrs Jane B

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