The timing of the Scottish veto

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The timing of the Scottish veto
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:10:47 PM »
Please start reading this thread from the bottom upwards

Quote from Rodney Atkinson to an earlier Email exchange..But the 1972 repeal is a purely domestic matter

Rescinding the Treaties is the key


I have a different possible scenario on the below exchange regarding May giving Sturgeon the veto on the timing of the start of negotiations with the EU.
You know that Rodney Atkinson has exchanges with Eurosceptics in parliament most notably now with David Davis the Brexit minister. Rodney has passed his Freenations latest piece to the enlarging on the law surrounding the above quote to which he will either receive a reply or perhaps silence. Either way we will soon know if we are going to stay in or out.

Regarding the below exchange. Theresa May whilst Home secretary made various announcements which will make life difficult for her as prime minister. The first being a remainer which she easily sidestepped by stating she will follow the public's wishes. (The other two being her sharia law stance and the extremism bill).

Her reported statement to Nicola Sturgeon could be seen as buying time and keeping good relations with Scotland temporarily while her government decides what to do with Rodney Atkinson's piece.

In their considerations they must by now realise that the Kilmuir petition at 8233 is getting close to the point at 10,000 when the government has to comment on the Kilmuir letter. At worst by commenting, they will have to admit to the existence of the letter.

If they follow Rodney's piece and the contents of the Kilmuir letter then Theresa May will not have broken her 'promise' to Niclola Sturgeon because the UK will not negotiate with the EU because we will just comply with our laws.


I have noticed some very muddled thinking by some in this circulation. Not criticism because of the muddled thinking or outright deception of establishment figures. I urge those who have doubts about Rodney's quote at the top of this email to research the matter so that they can speak with confidence on the subject. I say speak because this is the only pressure that can force the government to obey the law. It needs people pressure because the judiciary and MPs are too frightened to expose that all previous governments since 1972 have acted unlawfully.

 There are indications,  that Theresa May has been playing a long game to ensure she has got herself in a position of real power where she can really make a change. Very similar to Angela Merkel who lately has shown where she really stands as the Stasi recognised long before she was anyone of note. One has to ask oneself,why did Theresa May put the most Eurosceptic MP David Davis as the Brexit minister. There are only two answers as I can see. One is that David Davis is a dishonest fraud being controlled by the Globalists as is Theresa May, or  two that they both see an opportunity to wrest back control from the globalists and just walk away from the EU.

She has sacked the old guard but apart from that  has not indicated her way forward. I do not blame her for taking time over her decision to follow one or two above because either way it will need very careful planning because exposing the fact that all governments since 1972 have acted unlawfully or putting in a position where they will continue to act unlawfully will cause uproar whichever decision she makes.

We live in interesting times.


The Kilmuir petition stands at 8232. It needs further promotion. Don't take my word for it. Rodney Atkinson asks you to promote it.

He is doing his bit, although bit is the wrong word, because if he is successful his efforts will be world changing. JohnT

Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2016 19:06:03 +0000

How dare this bloody woman give Scotland a veto,  looks as if we have another fight on our hands. Then we have this Owen bloke MP who is running for the Labour leadership saying he will hold another referendum if he is elected leader and Labour wins at the next general election. We have to stop these bloody politicians, just who do they think they are.

From Bob

COMMENT:-  The wicked witch on her two broomsticks meets the ever noisy fishwife. Question.  Does anyone know if that good old firm ‘Hadrian Walling Contractors’ is still in business.


This whole debacle could be resolved in no time by invoking lawful constitutional constraint. The establishment and the politicians would never do it as it would expose them all for what they are, which is why the UKIP went to some lengths to destroy the Magna Carta Society, but if enough people were determined enough to get our country back they could raise a hue and cry that our common law Constitution has been stolen. Trouble is, they are simply not determined enough.  BL.


 First, the good news.....Business Insider - Fri 15th July/16

  I mentioned Theresa May, humiliating this country by crawling up to surrender to the Scottish freeloaders and now it seems, she has given them a veto as to when we apply to regain our freedom!

Braveheart in reverse!

This below, is from BusinessInsider.........

A reduction in immigration to the UK, one of the key reasons why Britons voted to leave the European union on June 23, is not going to happen despite the outcome of the vote.

This is because Britain is yet to negotiate the terms of the Brexit, and needs a unanimous vote from all 28 EU members on any of its demands.

It is highly unlikely that they will agree to Britain shirking off the Freedom of Movement Act.

The country needs to keep some of the most lucrative elements of being in the EU's Single Market in order to stop the economy from diving.

But firstly, let's look at immigration.

Freedom of Movement Act rules only apply to EU citizens — not asylum seekers, expats or economic migrants.

This allows all EU citizens to easily migrate to any other member state.

Official UK government data shows that net migration into Britain from the EU was 180,000 from June 2014 to June 2015 — a new all-time high.

The study said that out of the 3.2 million non-UK nationals working in Britain, 2.2 million are EU nationals.

As I detailed before, EU migrants are the lifeblood in Britain’s dominant GDP driver  — the service economy.

The government would cut its nose to spite its face if it
 decided to abandon it.
In turn, EU members states are highly unlikely to say yes to Britain to withdrawing from the Freedom of Movement Act and even if they said yes, it is unlikely they will let Britain continue enjoying the perks of being part of the Single Market, like unified tax rates on imports and exports.

So, Britain cutting itself off from the Freedom of Movement Act is pretty much a deal killer if it plans to keep some of the trade conditions it has with the EU.

BAML says in its latest note:

"Further problems stem from the seeming few incentives that EU leaders have to avoid granting the UK a bespoke deal on access to the single market (i.e. not enforcing the choice implied by the trade).

"The reasons are twofold. First, European leaders have highlighted the risk that other countries may want to follow the UK if it is seen to get a good deal.

Second, electorates in other EU states seemingly hold different opinions from their UK counterparts about the sort of exit deal the UK should get .

A future trade deal between the UK and EU may need to be ratified by parliaments in other EU states."

Meanwhile, even if new prime minister Theresa May decided to be stricter on border controls for non-EU migrants, her track record is not that great.

She was the Home Secretary for six years and failed to meet the government's own target of slashing immigration — contributing to why Britons voted for Brexit.

May was also a staunch Remain campaigner.

Couple this with the fact that she is now the leader of the country and in charge of navigating how Britain divorces the EU, all signals point towards it being highly unlikely that an immigration reduction will happen any time soon.


Think - the author forgets we import more from the EU than they import from us, so the trade balance right now works in their favour.

Presumably it would be them cutting off their noses, not us  - would the Germans stop exporting their Mercedes and BMW’s to this country or the French refuse to export their Champagne if we just upped and left without seeking permission from all those other 27 states, most of whom contribute nothing to the EU budget, just sponge off the few suckers like us who pour money we don’t have, into that corrupt sink-hole.



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