Arthur Redfearn judgement

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Arthur Redfearn judgement
« on: November 07, 2012, 06:57:03 PM »
? "As for the NUS, the idea of fighting fascism through censorship is completely illogical"
 ? BNP Bradford Drone Strike Odds
? Can't Lose

"As for the NUS, the idea of fighting fascism through censorship is completely illogical"
Posted: 07 Nov 2012 06:22 AM PST
Media really laying Obama's victory on with a trowel now. Here's the funny thing though, if black people vote for the black candidate as opposed to the white one that's perfectly acceptable. However, if white people vote for the white candidate as opposed to the black one then they are racists. Nobody in the media seems capable or willing to explain this strange paradox.
Meanwhile I gather it was Nick who broke the news to Arthur Redfearn last night, reading him the judgement over the phone to him. Arthur has had to take a back seat because of his ill health but this is a great early Christmas present for him and I'm also pleased that his tenacious and capable team of solicitors will be rewarded too.
The battle for free speech goes on though with encouraging signs of students developing backbones. This University of Glasgow publication demonstrates the depth of the row that has blown up following on from an interview in a Leeds Student magazine

The editor of the student-run paper, Lucy Snow, has written a blog post, published on The Guardian website, defending the decision to publish the interview, arguing that it is insulting to students to imply that they need protecting from extreme views, and that the paper has every right to publish the material.
Snow claims it is not only a question of free speech, but one of legitimacy. Leeds' students did not vote for the NUS?s "no platform for fascists" policy, while they did vote on the editorship of the paper: "While we have a say on who gets to be an executive member of the student union at Leeds University, we don't get to choose our national NUS officers or their policies."
Snow has since made it clear that the editorial staff at Leeds Student have no intention of giving in to NUS demands, telling The Journal: "I am confident we made the right decision to publish and will not be backing down. Without a platform on which to display his lunacy, Griffin is as legitimate as the next elected MEP. As for the NUS, the idea of fighting fascism through censorship is completely illogical."
Looks like the Daily Telegraph decided not to run my interview concerning the Arthur Redfearn case. I wonder why?Writs going in for Rotherham and Middlesborough by-elections in next 24 hours to schedule the contests for 29th November.

BNP Bradford Drone Strike Odds

Posted: 07 Nov 2012 01:23 AM PST
Watching Obama bring home the bacon for me this morning I was struck by his acceptance speech and its emphasis on the right to freedom of expression. In other parts of the world, he stated, they have to fight just for the right to be able to have an argument.
Maybe the US President was referring to the Arthur Redfearn case and the appalling comments made last night in the Bradford Telegraph & Argos by the local Labour MP.
Bradford South MP Gerry Sutcliffe criticised the decision which he said failed to take into account the district?s diverse community. ?I think the company did the right thing sacking him? Mr Sutcliffe said. ?I?m sad the European Courts have decided to overturn the ruling because it?s not reflective of the make-up of our community where we want to have tolerance of all society. It will re-open old wounds that don?t need to be opened.?
It's hard to believe that someone, let alone an MP, can have the audacity to argue for the summary and instant dismissal of a political opponent in the interests of "tolerance". Maybe I should invest my winnings on the market for the first US drone strike on UK soil.
Since we are now officially a banana republic the odds will have dropped sharply but Bradford must be in the reckoning. Whether or not the target is Pakistani tribesmen or Labour Party dictators is another matter.
LBC radio might well have a BNP spokesman on the Nick Ferrrari Show at 09:35 this morning.

Can't Lose

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 10:40 AM PST
You can find a much more detailed version of today's Arthur Redfearn judgement by clicking here. I've also had the Daily Telegraph ring about it this afternoon,but they seemed more interested in the BNP being anti-EU than anything else. As such, if anything expect a "BNP Hypocrites"  headline although I spoke to the reporter at length about the broader implications and background.
Hopefully I will be staying up late to watch the US election results tonight. I've got a serious bet on Obama but won't cry myself to sleep if he loses.


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