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« on: August 07, 2016, 07:35:16 PM »

Last Sunday, at a meeting organised by the British Constitution Group in Nottingham, over one hundred activists from different campaigning groups (which, in turn, represent well over 150,000 people on social media) unanimously agreed to work together under the title 'Rule of Law'.  Please see the attached two working leaflets which were also approved unanimously with only minor amendments and additions.  The BCG has been tasked with organising a Rule of Law Convention for sometime this coming November and will set out on a campaigning strategy to raise £1 million for a massive information campaign to wake the British people up whilst at the same time distressing and cornering the wrongdoers and traitors.  We've had enough!  It' time for solutions not 'hope'!   

Justin:  BCG Campaign Coordinator

Thu, 4 Aug 2016 18:18

May I please add my voice to John Timbrell's first class clarion call to finally expose this appalling cover up by the Establishment of treason BY the Establishment.

If you believe in the law and the Constitution then you have no option but to expose the treason that Lord Kilmuir warned Heath about and which he subsequently committed with ECA72. This has gone on too long AND SHOULD BE DISCUSSED IN PARLIAMENT. As I explained to Mrs May the other day the reason many of us voted for Brexit was to finally undo Heath's treason, (which we have been fighting against for 43 years), which had the effect of nullifying ALL LAWS since that moment.  The Constitution is very clear, as Lord Kilmuir pointed out and it ill behoves Westminster, of all places as the Mother of Parliaments, to turn a blind eye to this treason and refuse to discuss Lord Kilmuir's letter and Heath's resulting treason.

Quite why the Privy Council have not seen fit to charge Hogan-Howe with misprision of High Treason for failing to act upon the reported treason is quite frankly a disgrace and an abrogation of duty in the extreme and the Queen should dismiss these people immediately.

Does Westminster really believe we fighters and supporters of the Constitution are going to go away and forget this? Do they think our forefathers fought for our Constitutional Rights just for Parliament to ride rough-shod all over them? Well, people, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding "NO!!".

[And neither, as it happens, will we go away from reclaiming our true democracy by the abolition of political parties and the ghastly and filthy habit of Whipping the MP's which is about as undemocratic as it gets, along with the Parliamentary Act. However first things first.]

Nicholas K. C
The Faithful City.


 04 August 2016 16:19:30
Please give them all the encouragement and support you can.

 04 August 2016 14:53
To: Caroline Stephens; Rodney Atkinson; jrgwalker


The bottom line is this goes right to the top.To expose this you could organise a live media conference. Not to mention the child abuse which allows the Kilmuir letter to be kept secret but to expose the fact that 12 separate Chief Constables accepted the treason crime complaints against Francis Maude, John Major and Douglas Hurd which were sent to Bernard Hogan Howe to investigate. About that time he submitted his resignation to Theresa May as Home secretary. According to press reports she refused to accept it.

So there you have hard documented evidence that these crimes were accepted but not investigated. You Rodney came up against the same wall when the attorney general blocked your case as not being in the public interest. I'm sure now that if before that you did not realise what you are up against, the fact that your friends disagree with you must demonstrate the power that silences them. Just excusing them by saying that they disagree with you is a form of assisting the fact that they will not accept the truth. They, you, or anyone else cannot argue if challenged that giving away our sovereignty to another country is treason. 12 Chief constables have accepted this fact. If David Davis will not expose this he has committed misprision of treason.

I suspect that you three, Rodney Caroline and Justin know of others who know the true situation. With or without their help you could expose the truth by going live in front of the media. That should protect you from harm, particularly if you were to stay in a very public hotel or even join Julian Assange in the Ecuador Embassy.This of course would give added publicity. This should not be necessary for long because once the door had been opened, many such as MP Frank Field who must have very troubling consciences would come out to support you. That's it. You could carry on with your lives, no doubt with nagging consciences, but to all appearances life would go on as before; or you could change the way this country is run. I will be circulating this in the hope that others of a similar mind can give you at least moral support.Please you do have the power to save this country and those kids who are abused to satisfy corrupt establishment figures whose  crimes allow the whole stinking mess to continue.
 Sincerely JohnT.

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