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Letter to my MP
« on: October 14, 2016, 06:09:42 PM »
Karl McCartney M.P.J.P.
Farrier Rd,

Dear Mr. McCartney,

Since the 23rd of June, when the electoral majority voted in the referendum to quit all ties with the European Union , little has happened to promote this decision.  Britain must exit the E.U. Immediately.  The E.U.cannot issue sanctions/ fines etc as it is in itself unelected and unwanted, and has NO control over the British public, it's ParlIament, nor its Judicial system based upon the Common Law.  The EU can keep its Naploeonic/Admiralty/ Rules of Oleron/U.C.C 1-308 unto itself.**** (See Below).

I can only surmise that she in turn has been chastened into conforming to the wishes of the city of London (a state within a state, as the Vatican is unto Rome, absolved of any laws of this country) which in it's best interest as the financial pulse of the Western nations, wishes to keep Britain within this European Union, and thus under it's financial control.  Since then despite George Osborne's assurances prior to the referendum that the £ would be safeguarded, the reverse has happened, with the pound at its lowest for 30 years against the $, and with the continuous rising in the value of the Euro (.89 pence as of today 7/10/2016).
Doubtless this has been deliberately engineered by both the Bank of England and the Federal reserve, in order that the only solution would be for Britain to remain with the E.U.  It is such a transparent ruse.

Should you please research the London Gazette (www.thegazette.co.uk/notice 2170348) for the 14th. July 2014, you will see that Queen Elizabeth 2nd Issued Her Royal Command that both Gold and Silver coins were to be made by the ROYAL MINT, (NOT Maundy monies) for general circulation as coin of the Realm for everyday purchasing.

The Queen again issued a similar ROYAL Proclaimation in this Journal the following year 2015 stating that the Royal Mint was to make similar coins for general circulation.  This was/is obviously a means to safeguard our currency and its continued worth, by placing it under the treasury instead of the Bank of England, that is tied to the corrupt City of London, acting under the law of Admiralty as opposed to Common Law which the Queen in her oath at her coronation swore to uphold.

However, in 1997, by duplicity and misprision of Treason by members of the Privy Council, and Parliament, the "Treaty of Amsterdam" was signed (not by the Monarch, as required under our Constitution, ref Blackstone's Commentaries "The King's Duties") that simultaneously made Elizabeth 2nd a Queen in name only within her realm, otherwise merely a Citizen of Europe outside, devoid of her sovereignty and her Royal assent.  Her Royal barge, "Britannia" was removed from her usage, under the excuse of maintenance costs, to further her belittlement, and remains after much public finance spent upon it, as a floating "Gin Palace" for those E,U. beaurocrats etc, in Leith, Scotland.

The City of London Corporation, as a place apart from Britain, and outside the control of Parliament, is itself controlled by the families governing the Western world, who are
The Orsini
The Breakespeare
The Famiglia
The Somaglia
The Conti
The Farnese
The Este
The Medici
The Pallavicini.
They control every facet of Governance worldwide, every financial institution also, together with the "Knights of Malta", although I am reliably informed that Pepe Orsini ("The Grey Pope" has suffered a fatal accident, removing his influence permanently).

I sincerely hope that all Members of Parliament will take IMMEDIATE action to remove Britains currency from the control of the Bank of England and alternatively place our coinage back under the safety of the Treasury office, and seek the assistance of Elizabeth 2nd to release the Gold and Silver coinage into general use, and secure the £ Pound.

Much is happening throughout Europe as I am sure you are aware, with France, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Scandinavia all chomping at the bit to assist in the demolition of the European Union, and a return to independent currencies. Just look at the remarkable success of Iceland, and again how well Spain has flourished these past 93 days WITHOUT any government in power..

**** Malfeasance in Public Office

Parliament has now taken upon itself the task of question the relevance of this statute that has been law for a thousand years, and now one must ask why has Parlament suddenly become imperative to chang/remove/interpret it?


That the charge of Malfeasance has recently been brought to the High Court in several instances regarding Police/Magistrates and the so called "Business Court", establishes that the public are becoming more aware of its importance in their daily lives as a lawful means of redress.  Malfeasance in Public office has been seen to take place daily, especially by the Police, who now have reneged on their oaths as Constables to administer the Common Law, and have taken instead an "Affirmation", and placed their allegiance under the "Crown " the City of London, and NOT the Queen.  They now serve as "Police Offficers " under the laws of Admiralty (Rules of Oleron) and now are revenue collecting agents.  Magistrates Courts too now sit under the Laws of Admiralty, despite the charade of pretending to sit in "The Queen's COURT " under the Royal coat of arms, but not under their magisterial oaths.

Given the numerous instances where Parliamentary members and outside authorities regulary commit acts of malfeasance I can understand their desire to legislate to remove this controlling law in order to continue freely.  Next we shall have the crime of Burglary removed allowing theft to be lawful.  As the law of Malfeasance has been most adequately described and anylized by such legal luminaries as Lord Chief Justices Blackstone, Coke, Holt and Denning, then I would make the assumption that in the public perception it should remain as law in its entirety, and that Parliament is inadequately trained to even question it.  It reflects Jack Straw's cunning ploy in 1999, when during the voting in the House during the small hours of the morning, of the "Young Offender's Act" he quietly slipped through the passing to remove all but one of the Treason Acts.  What occurred shortly afterwards would have previously been considered Treason, but now this is no longer a crime.

Kind regards,


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