If no deal is done with EU within 2 years we're out of Single Market

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If no deal is done with EU within 2 years we're out of Single Market (Customs Union) - bring it on


Clarification from today's 'Brexit Central':



'Parliament debated and voted on the legislation to hold a referendum, passing the European Union Referendum Act 2015 by a majority of six to one. Throughout the campaign, the Government was crystal clear that it would implement the result of the referendum, to the extent that a leaflet was infamously sent out at a cost of £9 million to ensure that every voter was informed of this. David Cameron was similarly unambiguous about Article 50, saying that the British people would “rightly expect” the process of leaving, as triggered by Article 50, to start “straight away”.:



But with the special status this settlement gives us, I do believe the time has come to fulfil another vital commitment this government made – and that is to hold a referendum.


So, Mr Speaker, I am today commencing the process set out under our Referendum Act to propose that the British people decide our future [not Parliament NOTE] in Europe through in-out referendum on Thursday 23 June.


The Foreign Secretary has laid in both Houses a report setting out the new settlement that the government has negotiated.

This fulfils the duty to publish information set out in section 6 of the European Union Referendum Act 2015.

And as the Cabinet agreed on Saturday, the government’s position will be to recommend that Britain remains in this reformed European Union.


Mr Speaker, this is a vital decision for the future of our country. And we should also be clear that it is a final decision.

An idea has been put forward that if the country votes to leave we could have a second renegotiation and perhaps another referendum.

Mr Speaker I won’t dwell on the irony that some people who want to vote to leave – apparently want to use a leave vote to remain.

But such an approach also ignores more profound points about democracy, diplomacy and legality.


This is a straight democratic decision – staying in or leaving – and no government can ignore that.


Having a second renegotiation followed by a second referendum is not on the ballot paper.


And for a Prime Minister to ignore the express will of the British people to leave the EU would not just be wrong, it would be undemocratic.


On the diplomacy, the idea that other European countries would be ready to start a second negotiation is for the birds. Many are under pressure for what they have already agreed.


Then there is the legality. I want to spell out this point very carefully. If the British people vote to leave there is only one way to bring that about – and that is to trigger Article 50 of the Treaties and begin the process of exit.


And the British people would rightly expect that to start straight away.


Let me be absolutely clear how this works. It triggers a 2-year time period to negotiate the arrangements for exit.


At the end of this period, if no agreement is in place then exit is automatic unless every 1 of the 27 other EU member states agrees to a delay.


And we should be clear that this process is not an invitation to re-join, it is a process for leaving.


Sadly, Mr Speaker, I have known a number of couples who have begun divorce proceedings.


But I do not know any who have begun divorce proceedings in order to renew their marriage vows.


We should also be clear about what would happen if that deal to leave wasn’t done within 2 years.


Our current access to the single market would cease immediately after 2 years were up.


And our current trade agreements with 53 countries around the world would lapse.





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