Pressure from Berlin.. Is this Brexit as we want it? - Military union .

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Pressure from Berlin...... Is this Brexit as we want it? - Military union ...

Sun 16/10/2016 16:38

Dear all

You may have noticed the following article in the Daily Express:

EU ARMY BLACKMAIL: Germany warns UK NOT to stop bloc’s plans ahead of Brexit negotiations

GERMANY has issued a stark warning to the UK to not block their plans for an EU-wide army.


PUBLISHED: 00:00, Fri, Oct 7, 2016  | UPDATED

The defence minister in Berlin has told with the UK not to thwart the controversial defence scheme and said otherwise it could impact on post-Brexit negotiations.

Ursula von der Leyen, touted as a successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel, was responding to Britain’s criticisms of the proposal to create a Franco-German defence HQ, with fears it will lead to the dreaded EU army.

Ms von der Leyen said: “The plea to the British is only not to block important European developments, when they say they want Brexit.

“It’s not good to prevent Europe from organising itself better.”

For more: world/718527/EU-ARMY-BLACKMAIL -Germany-warns-post-Brexit-UK

On the VoteLeaveUK website....

Military union with Germany and transposing EU law is NOT Brexit

How many gullible Brexiteers were duped by Theresa May’s position on Brexit? Did anyone seriously believe the Remain campaigning PM could be trusted to deliver complete Brexit?

Obviously a small number of Brexiteers swallowed her lies but the vast majority have not been conned and May’s attempt to create a military alliance with Germany post-Brexit is the hard evidence that she is NOT taking Britain out of the EU.

Apparently, Russia poses a major threat to the UK and as such Britain has to form a military pact with the very country that runs the EU. This is not what 52% voted for at the EUref but Hitler would be delighted to see an alliance he dreamed of come to fruition.

On the issue of the Russian threat, it has to be asked what threat? Is Russia assembling an invasion fleet at its Northern naval bases to invade the UK? Of course not, Russia has no such capability or intention to do anything of the sort.

Russian nuclear missiles are pointed at British targets they argue. But British nuclear weapons are pointed at Russian targets and this has been the case for decades.

So why does a post-Brexit Britain need a military union with Germany? Can’t think of a single reason why we need such an alliance other than if British foreign policy is going to mirror that of the EU. Is Britain going to be truly independent in this scenario?

Of course not, if Britain maintains a joint military course in league with the EU, then Brussels will continue to dictate our foreign and military policy and Parliament will have to conform to the will of the Eurocrats. This is not independence it is interdependence.

Post-Brexit, we should be adopting an entirely different defence position but the Tories are incapable of thinking outside the EU box. The Tories have been in league with the Eurocrats for decades and thinking independently is now completely alien to them.

The EU has only one foreign policy, dictated by the hawks in Washington and the emphasis is Russian bear baiting to put it into the proper context.

Only this week, Andrew Mitchell MP made the most insane remark yet on Russian military involvement in Syria. He called for RAF Eurofighter Typhoons to be given authority to shoot down Russian jets to enforce a no fly zone. The man’s staggering stupidity would land us in a WW3 scenario and seemingly just to protect Islamic State and other ‘rebel’ factions being bombed in Syria.

The entire situation with Russia is now dangerously out of control and instead of pulling back from the brink, hotheads like Mitchell want to incite all-out war with a nation that is not preparing any pre-emptive military strike on the UK. Under no circumstances should we be going to war with Russia over Syria or any other issue.

No only is war with Russia unthinkable it is completely unwinnable and any such conflict would be governed by the same Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) scenario of Cold War One.

British Armed Forces have been butchered by the Tories and hundreds of veterans now sleep rough on the streets of Britain, forgotten and ignored by the treacherous Tories, thus destroying their claims to be ‘patriots’. The Tories are obsessed with money matters as always and have far more interest in the rights of foreigners in this country.

Defence spending should be increased to provide better housing, wages and medical care, particularly for PTSD treatment. The way in which veterans are treated is simply appalling and it has to stop.

We voted for Brexit to pull out of the EU project full stop. We did not vote for a military union with Germany to pursue an anti-Russian policy that the majority of people do not want. We did not vote for Brexit to see our armed forces enmeshed with the EU Army at any level.

Our very membership of NATO should be up for review, given the fact that organisation is no longer a defensive force of any description and spends much of its time training and arming Islamist rebels and neo-Nazi volunteer units in Ukraine. We rejected all of this when we voted to Leave the EU.

The same is true of transposing EU law into our law, which means in real terms that Britain would become little more than an offshore protectorate of the EU governed by its tyrannical legislation. We rejected all EU law at the EUref.

But the transposition scam and military union with Germany proves beyond doubt that we are not actually leaving the EU and that Theresa May is lying about delivering Brexit. She is not even delivering Brexit-lite but rather the lightest form of Brexit-lite and it is completely unacceptable to the majority.

We should be pulling out of the EU completely and reconsidering our membership of NATO as well as part of a new foreign and defence policy.

When we no longer have to waste £Billions each year on membership of the EU, we can spend some of the money saved on modernising our Armed Forces. In particular, homeless veterans need to be taken off the streets and housed by local authorities as a top priority over any migrant.

The developments at work now show beyond doubt that Theresa May is not delivering the Brexit that we voted for, she is not to be trusted and in the final count, the treacherous Tories will deliver only 5% of Brexit and the rest will have to be completed by a political party committed to complete-Brexit.

This is why VoteLeaveUK has now formed the Democratic Party to contest the next General Election.

For more:

https://voteleaveuk.wordpress. com/2016/10/13/military-union- with-germany-and-transposing-e u-law-is-not-brexit/?preview=t rue

And over on Twitter earlier today I retweeted the following to include both Theresa May and Boris Johnson......

This is where one of the EU military command & control headquarter centres is located.
 Today I'm in Potsdam in Germany discussing the future of our EU Operations with my fellow Op & Msn Commanders @EUNAVFOR#OpAtalanta

​(This is where one of the EU military command and control headquarter centres is located).

​Have a good evening!  Sleep tight!

Caroline Stephens

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter sAnnStephens

The crowdfunding account for VoteLeaveUK is: und-voteleave-for-complete-bre xit-1/

To watch Caroline's recent interview with the Danish media please click here: eers-er-ved-at-blive-utaalmodi ge

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke


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