London Cabbies being swamped! - UKIP

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London Cabbies being swamped! - UKIP
« on: October 18, 2016, 10:27:08 AM »
London Cabbies being swamped! - UKIP


 Well done UKIP but what was Cameron's connection with UBER and why did some countries ban them and he did not.  UKIP could easily suggest to their members not to use UBER because of the possibility of  Incorrect documentation and therefore risk.     If these drivers do not earn enough money do they get benefits.?  Are they all legal entrants to this country.?  Are they all registered for Tax and N I?  Is Uber paying the right amount of tax on earnings here.?    These multinationals who take trade from honest workers are a curse and the damage caused should be removed.  Terry Lyden

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This is from UKIP.

Supporting our Black Cab drivers


UKIP AMs Peter Whittle and David Kurten have been vocal in supporting the historic and fine cab trade in London. London cabbies are second to none in the world, and all have to pass ‘The Knowledge’, which is a source of immense pride and prestige to our cabbies.

There are 25,000 cabbies in London, but the number of PHV drivers has increased from 50,000 in 2010 to 125,000 in 2016. This number is increasing by 35,000 every year, and at £300 per licence, it is nice little earner for TfL who rake in £10 million per year.

The majority of these drive for Uber, who are known to flout numerous rules including not having proper ‘Hire and Reward’ insurance, taking calls and jobs while moving, having fake IDs and fake ‘Letters of Good Conduct’ as well as often having poor English. The number of reports and convictions for sexual assaults perpetrated by some of their drivers is horrifically high.

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