Please pass this to the Deputy Speaker of today's debate in Westminster Hall.

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 Please pass this to the Deputy Speaker  of today's debate in Westminster Hall.

Sir, I mean no disrespect serving on you this notice but hopefully you might use it to expose some serious manipulation of parliamentary  business which amounts to fraud and the use of parliament to hide facts from the British people.

To the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.


At 4.30 pm today there is to be a debate in Westminster Hall discussing the 6 petitions regarding the Brexit subject.i a living man born in the country of England require of you, the deputy speaker of the House of Commons,who has duties and responsibilities to rule on the conduct of debates, to rule on the deception being practiced by the government by refusing to comment of  a parliament petition which refers to the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath. This letter is crucial to the debate today. The government should have responded to a petition reading 

we require parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath
77 days ago when the petition reached the required 10,000 signatures. The government has failed to reply to the Parliament Petition Committee's letter requesting a reply. i know from using a Freedom of information request that there is writing added to the letter in the House of Commons but the content cannot be revealed because of parliamentary privilege. The refusal to answer the parliament petitions request, the refusal to respond to the petition after 77 days,and the refusal to allow it to be discussed today in Westminster Hall amounts to a crime against the British public. i require you as a public servant to mention this at the start of the debate and if your duties allow you to, that you read out the content of the Kilmuir letter.
Signed electronically as allowed for in the civil procedure rules john of the family timbrell.

who lives at........ Address redacted

Please pass this to the journal office and explain that it is to do with today's date in Westminster Hall

Dear Journal office worker,

Please see this

And the reply in the attachment which indicates that they will not give the information due to parliamentary privilege. I read the reply two days ago but for some mysterious reason I cannot access it  today. However I am sure you will be able to access the reply elsewhere in the HOC.

A lady who phones you for advice told me your office was very helpful in such matters so I am seeking your advice.

You should know that today in Westmister Hall there are 6 parliament petitions to be discussed regarding the subject of Brexit. The reply to my FOI indicated that something had been written on a parliament petition committee letter to the house but they had not replied to the letter.

My petition reached the 10,000 figure when the government are supposed to respond 77 days ago.

Are you able to suggest a way to get the information that I require.

My MP. Mark Harper will not answer my letters on this subject,

Sincerely John Timbrell,
==========================It's people power time. Please copy and send this to the Speaker and circulate it your friends . The below will be ignored if I am the only one to do it.

The wording on the notice may seem archaic but it is precise and necessary. Please remove my name and write your name in all lower case letters and leave the word i as lower case. The lower case indicates that you are living. If you use capital (same meaning as capital punishment i.e. dead) it indicates that you are a corporation or dead thing.


To whoever reads this first. This email contains a legal notice which anyone handling this and not immediately forwarding to the Speaker commits a similar offence to a postman misdirecting letters.Parliament.

Dear Mr, Speaker/Mr. Bercow,

                                                         There is serious organised misconduct being conducted under your nose in the houses of parliament which affects the conduct of debates to the effect that it misleads the British people.

My petition on the parliament petitions site, "We require Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath to be debated in Parliament", reached the 10,000 figure when the government are supposed to comment on it 79 days ago.

A letter to the government from the parliament petitions committee asking why,  remains unanswered, although I know it has been seen because there is some handwriting attached to the letter as my FOI to parliament shows.

There were 6 petitions regarding Brexit debated on Monday 17th September 2016 in Westminster Hall.

I tried to serve a notice on the Deputy speaker. wishing him to mention at the start of the debate, the existence and content of the Kilmuir letter. I believe the notice was illegally withheld because instead of the usual prompt answer from your central office my notice was given a ref. no.581283. The effect of the omission to introduce the content of the Kilmuir letter was to reduce the whole debate to a farce and act to deceive the British public.

Yesterday, 18th October 2016, a petition existed on the parliament petitions site viz. "Amend the Treason Felony Act to make supporting membership of the EU a Crime"

I make no comment on the wording or lawfulness of the petition because I know and understand the content of the Kilmuir letter. What I do wish to draw to your notice is that the petition quickly achieved 3,000 signatures.

Now if a member of the public wishes to sign it they find error messages stating that the petition does not exist.

Most, if not all, MPs know of the existence and content of the Kilmuir letter. Many, including myself, have wished their MPs to raise a point of order from the floor of the House with yourself asking you to rule how the content of the Kilmuir letter would affect our remaining a member of the EU.

I'm not a lawyer myself, but know as a common man that if an act of parliament or treaty if achieved by withholding facts that would affect the act or treaty, the act or treaty itself becomes null and void.Edward Heath admitted to the house and in his memoirs that he misled the house regarding loss of sovereignty.

Again as a common man I know that if one is exposed as doing something that is causing harm to another one has to stop doing that activity.

Again as a common man, I see the solution to follow the British vote to leave the EU as very simple.

All the statutes that gave away our sovereignty to another state should be declared by you in the house to be null and void. The laws affected would revert back to the previous laws as they were in 1972. This would no doubt cause much reaction in the stock market and money markets but with the certainty of where Britain's future lay, the return to normal would quickly follow whereas the probable three years of uncertainty would cause more long term damage .

I believe you as a man wished to remain in the EU. However you as Mr. Speaker have duties that require you to make sure the house follows the rule of law. I mean no offence serving this notice on you. You of course will know that if a man knows of the circumstances of treason he has to do all in his power to report it otherwis he commits the offence of misprison of treason.. You as Mr. Speaker have more duties. I urge you to follow the rule of law and your duties as Mr. Speaker.  With all due respect JohnTimbrell

Address Redacted

TO Mr. Speaker United Kingdom House of Commons.   


i john of the family timbrell a living man born in England wish, require and order you Mr. Speaker to return my property. My property is your duty to expose the treason that the house of commons has been complicit in by giving away my sovereignty to a foreign power  which is causing myself and  other living men and women of the United Kingdom harm and alarm

signed electronically as allowed for under the civil procedure rules.

john of the family timbrell.

Circulated widely for my own protection.

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New response to your FOI request - Failure to respond to Parliament Petition after ir reached 10,000 signatures

You have a new response to the Freedom of Information request
 'Failure to respond to Parliament Petition after ir reached 10,000 signatures' that you made to
 House of Commons.

 To view the response, click on the link below.

 When you get there, please update the status to say if the response
 contains any useful information.

 Although all responses are automatically published, we depend on
 you, the original requester, to evaluate them.

 -- the WhatDoTheyKnow team


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Reply from a Conservative councillor-
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2016, 07:52:47 PM »
Dear Christian , You will see from the below that I have served a notice on the Speaker of the house of Commons.

Me and thee seem to be in the same boat and may be able to hep each other.

As an observer my opinion is, even if you did state that the conservative party was behind you,; so what they have to be because you were only promoting what in fact is the rule of law. To justify their stance they would have to say they were treasonous criminals. Please use your publicity in the Express to show a copy of the Notice that I suggest that you serve on the person that Suspended you.

To Whoever,


I Christian Holliday an elected councillor under the conservative banner, have received a notice from  xyz to state that the Conservative party does not wish me to operate under their banner. I found that strange because I started a petition that would restate the law of this land, both common and statute law. The recent Brexit debate seems to have ignored the facts stated in the Kilmuir letter to Edward Heath which detailed how giving away our sovereignty (control) to another state was against our common law and constitution. Are you trying to silence me for exposing the truth? Do you realise that would be an offence as serious as treason itself. It's called misprison of treason. I urge you to publicly withdraw my suspension. You of course will realise that you have trashed my character and I am considering what further action to take. However without prejudice, I would prefer you to reinstate me and apologise publicly for your mistake, for I believe you would wish to be on the side of the law and as a man I realise that we are all capable of mistakes.

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