The Coming Emergency….

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The Coming Emergency….
« on: October 26, 2016, 08:44:39 PM »
The Coming Emergency….


Julian Farmer


26th October 20i6



One Paul Weston made a speech on “Gates of Vienna” today. I agree with his sentiments but he is wrong about “civil war” being years away. If we continue on our current course, such a conflict will erupt across Europe within weeks if not months; not in decades as Mr Weston implies. It is a good video and timely.


I judge this to be the case because I base that same upon my deep studies of history and how societies drift into such conflicts. I also read and digest news of ongoing events across the globe. It will not be a global thermonuclear war with Russia over Syria that will destroy Europe but the fact that whole populations are ignored in their daily concerns, by a self-appointed “elite” stuck like the eternal arrogant “teenaged campus revolutionaries” they really are in a time warp, still dreaming and masturbating a Global soviet despite a hundred years of failure. These intellectually challenged talentless failures simply do not understand history or simply ignore its lessons. Wars happen suddenly.


They may convince themselves in their “gated communities” and within the urban or countrified bubbles of ether, within which they exist and float about (Apologies to Lucretius). like the cynical gods of old contemplating their own perfection oblivious to the rest of the Cosmos and its perils but there are those of us, that do not share their ridiculous smug complacency and on balance, are far superior in matters of reality, morality but especially intellectuality to these self-admiring flatulent know-alls, whose continued ethereal farting threatens to engulf us in a global war with nuclear armed states, that will lead to real “Climate Change” and not the fake “warmist”diarrhoea they use to fleece us of our money and jobs to support their kleptocratic greed and schemes but also snobbery…….



Please “Google Red-Green Alliance”. All this is planned and ongoing.


I also refer in part to the 1400 victims of Rotherham, largely ignored by the Leftwing Common Purpose Trotskyite “Establishment”, whose spoiled “Antifas” brats parade their violent “virtues” on any Rent-a-Gob” cause from Black Lives Matter or a host of other weird and wonderful problems, like the mass of "migrants" after a free ride currently being removed at besieged Calais, where the same traitors have aided and abetted people traffickers and slavers, to import many of these into Europe and the UK, with even "luvvy Cumberbatch” adding his pennyworth of comment, to a growing and incredibly dangerous situation. “Irresponsible” does not even begin describe it.


The rage against Cumberbatch: no one is safe from PC | spiked Nov 2015 - The rage against Cumberbatch: no one is safe from PC .... Just how many refugees has Cumberbatch taken in to his home(s) and how many is



Many of those, these well- endowed slimy slitherers have favoured, have killed hundreds across Europe in this Summer just passed and have the temerity to blame us. their long suffering but now increasingly vocal fellow Europeans for the current chaos in Europe because we are racist and “Full of hate”. The hypocrisy and condescension ushering from this crowd is enough to make one gag over breakfast as one tries to reach the bathroom in time. Do these vile people not realise they,themselves may well be guilty of crimes because of their stance?


Two million people and more in the UK, are now living out of soup kitchens and people are being ejected from state housing to make way for the wretches that only a few days ago nearly killed several truck drivers having to run the Calais Gauntlet? I know of two cases at least where life tenants, all in work and not on “benefits” have been rudely ejected by local authorities, because the “Pay to Stay” fiasco introduced to ensure refugees have places to live.


In both families there is cancer and serious disability. This “Pay to Stay” scheme was an EU mandated attempt to ensure migrants had places to stay and in various guises, is operational cross Europe, where even private property was seized by the state and families ejected to make way for what is actually population replacement. It is heart breaking. Not a shred of concern from Cumberwatch and co as they “virtue single” to each other via “Social Media”. Scoundrels!


Locals are now threatening violence across Europe in former states like Sweden, Germany, France, Holland and even in UK. Should these plans persist but especially if “Brexit” is delayed without good cause, then expect serious- very serious unrest indeed. People left in such conditions above and ignored by the “Luvvy Cumberbatches” of this world, have nothing left to lose except their lives and frankly these are becoming less worthwhile as these disgusting abuses continue; abuses like 42 years old “children” imported in their hundreds in recent days and threats from officials to treat anybody that question their ages be investigated for “hate crime”……I believe a plan exists to import far more than those admitted too by May and co through a secret deal with France to disperse the freebooters.....

In Germany the courts have dismissed charges of "migrants" that gang raped children under ten years old. on the excuse, the incomers did not understand it was illegal in Germany. A young boy died stabbed to death in Hamburg a few days ago and his funeral was violently disrupted by uncouth "Antifas". This is an act of war against the German people!


For God’s sake????


Do these morons want a civil war? Do not think it cannot happen “here” because it has before, caused by similar arrogance and contempt for the supposed “masses”. I like Orwell have never understood the utter contempt in which the Left have held English culture. This time it could cost them dear.


The “liberals” know people are angry but do nothing to address the dangers presented except more threats and turning off comment columns in the Beano tabloids and even the Telegraph. As the “Child of prophetess Cassandra” from ancient Troy (apologies to Homer and Suetonius)), “Beware the Ides” of  January 2017 as the weather cools. Don’t say we did not warn you.


I am simply the Messenger….


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