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Historians Against Trump  
« on: November 11, 2016, 06:53:45 PM »
When will these people realise they are the problem !!

The Leveller

(No one should allow their college kid, kids, to take a class from any of these rubes.)


Historians Against Trump

 An Open Letter to the American People

Today, we are faced with a moral test. As historians, we recognize both the ominous precedents for Donald J. Trump’s candidacy and the exceptional challenge it poses to civil society. Historians of different specialties, eras and regions understand the enduring appeal of demagogues, the promise and peril of populism, and the political uses of bigotry and scapegoating. Historians understand the impact these phenomena have upon society’s most vulnerable and upon a nation’s conscience. The lessons of history compel us to speak out against a movement rooted in fear and authoritarianism. The lessons of history compel us to speak out against Trump.

Charles Lindbergh addresses an America First rally, Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 3, 1941
(AP Photo/File)

Historians Against Trump does not align itself with any political party or candidate. Many among us do not identify as activists and have never before taken part in such a campaign. We are history professors, school teachers, public historians and museum professionals, independent scholars and graduate students. We are united by the belief that the candidacy of Donald J. Trump poses a threat to American democracy.

As historians, we consider diverse viewpoints while acknowledging our own limitations and subjectivity. Our profession reminds us to look for the humanity in everyone as we examine the ideas, interests and movements that shape world events. We interrogate and take responsibility for our sources and ground our arguments in context and evidence. Donald Trump’s record of speeches, policies and social media is an archive of know-nothingism and blinding self-regard. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is a campaign of violence: violence against individuals and groups; against memory and accountability; against historical analysis and fact.

The Trump candidacy is an attack on our profession, our values, and the communities we serve. No less than his sham “Trump University,” Donald Trump’s contempt for constructive, evidence-based argumentation mocks the ideals of the academy, whether in the sciences or the liberal arts. Academia is far from the only profession endangered by Trumpism. Donald Trump bullies and suppresses the press, and seeks to weaken First Amendment protections as President. Trump singles out journalists for attack and mocks physical disabilities. Both the judiciary and individual judges face public threats from Trump. Non-white, non-male professionals and civil servants are irredeemably compromised in Donald Trump’s eyes. Judges are disqualified from service because of their ethnicity; women Presidential candidates succeed only because of their gender; the President of the United States is under suspicion as illegitimate and alien because of his skin color and heritage.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is the latest chapter in a troubled narrative many decades in the making. In another era, civil society institutions such as the academy, the free press and the judiciary were counted on to safeguard constitutional democracy. That this is no longer the case cannot be blamed solely on Trump. Donald Trump’s candidacy has profited from the fears of people living precariously and a political culture of spectacle and cynicism, both of which long predate his emergence as a candidate. The impulses and ideologies that animate the Trump campaign will not disappear once he is defeated in November. It is all of our responsibility to heal the rifts exploited by the Trump campaign, building an inclusive civil society in its place. Along with Historians Against Trump, groups like Writers On Trump and Citizen Therapists are organizing in defense of the ideals in which their professions are grounded.

We have a professional obligation as historians to share an understanding of the past upon which a better future may be built. This means equipping the public with historical skills and narratives that are “factual, accurate, comprehensible, meaningful, useful, and resistant to cynical manipulators who sell snake oil as historical truth.” When Donald Trump accepts the Republican nomination on July 21st, a Grand Old Party born out of the struggle for abolition and justice will have succumbed to snake oil. We are here to say, “No more.” Join us in standing up to Trump—for our history, for our future, and for each other.

Ryan Abrecht, Assistant Professor, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA
Kathryn Adams, High School History and Political Science Teacher, Middletown, Connecticut
Carrie Adkins, Cofounder and Managing Editor, Nursing Clio, Redwood City, CA
Michael Adoscia, History Teacher, Adjunct Professor of Sociology, Cape Coral, FL
Chris Adrian, Social Studies Teacher, Champaign, IL
Sandra Aguilar, Assistant Professor, Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Felicia Kruse Alexander, Visiting Scholar, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Carbondale, IL
Athenae Aliferis, Undergrad Student at Montclair State University, Newark, NJ
Carol S. Aljets, Retired History and Sociology Professor, Matthews, North Carolina
Benjamin L. Alpers, Reach for Excellence Associate Professor, Honors College, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Jill Anderson, Historian, Atlanta, GA
Bonnie S. Anderson, Professor Emerita of History, City University of New York, Brooklyn, New York
Philip J. Anderson, Professor Emeritus of Church History, North Park University, Chicago, Hovland, Minnesota
Stephen Angell, Earlham School of Religion, Richmond, Indiana
Reg Ankrom, Author, Stephen A. Douglas: The Political Apprenticeship, 1833-1843, Quincy, Illinois
Alfredo Anthony, Retired US Army Officer, Doctoral Candidate, Saint Petersburg, Florida
Joyce Antler, Brandeis University, Waltham, Ma.
David R. Applebaum, Professor Emeritus, Rowan University, Philadelphia, PA
Annette Arena, Retired Art & Humanities Teacher, Melrose, Massachusetts
Kevin C. Armitage, Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio
Joshua Arthurs, Associate Professor of History, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
Eric Ash, Associate Professor of History, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Jeffrey M Augustine, former professional historian, Springfield, Illinois
Diane Auslander, Medieval historian, Lehman College, CUNY, Bronx, New York
Clayton M. Austin, Associate Professor (retired), Fairfax, Virginia
Donald Avery, Professor of History (Emeritus) Western University, Ontario, Canada, Toronto, Ontario
George Axiotakis, Queens College, CUNY, New York
Jere L. Bacharach, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Anntoinnette Silva Backus, Elementary School Librarian, CA, 
John Baesler, Saginaw Valley State University, East Lansing, Michigan
Don Baeszler, Advanced Placement History Consultant, Riverview, Fl
Donald Bailey, Faculty, Providence College, Providence, RI
Greg Bailey, History Writer, St. Louis, Missouri
Anni Baker, Professor of History, Wheaton College, Norton, MA
Marsha Baney, Retired Principal, historian, genealogist, Buckeye, Arizona
Gerry Barclay, History of Science professor; Highline College, Des Moines, Washington
Aneilya Barnes, Associate Professor of History, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, South Carolina
Jeannette Barnes, B.A., American Studies, Columbia University; MA, American Studies, Penn State, Pennsylvania
Mary Margaret Bartelotte, Genealogist, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Craig Bauer, Professor of History/University of Holy Cross, New Orleans, Louisiana
Jean Bauer, Ph.D., Associate Director, Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
Max D. Baumgarten, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
Randolph Baxter, Lecturer in American Studies, Cal State Univ., Fullerton, California
Robert Beach, Doctoral Candidate, University at Albany, SUNY, Utica, New York
Marianne Beckett, Educator, Shepherdstown, WV
Howard Beeth, Historian, Texas Southern Univ. (Ret.), Houston, Texas
J. L. Bell, Boston1775.net, Newton, MA
Wendy Bell, Horace Mann Abraham Lincoln fellowship recipient and Educator, Winooski, Vermont
Robert Bellinger, Associate Professor of History, Boston, Massachusetts
Gordon Belt, Public Historian, Nashville, TN
Carol A Benedict, Professor of History, Georgetown University, Arlington, Virginia
Keith Bengtsson, Retired historian (of science), Sunriver, Oregon
Reed Benhamou, Professor Emerita, Indiana University / Bloomington, Lafayette, IN
Paul Benhamou, Professor Emeritus Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana
Lyn Ellen Bennett, Professor of History, Utah, 
Thomas Bennett, Adjunct Professor of American History, Manasquan, New Jersey
Cynda Benson , Ph.D., Professor of Art History, Savannah, Georgia
Jane Berger, Assistant Professor of History, Moravian College, Pennsylvania
Carol Berkin, Presidential Professor of History, Emerita, City University of New York, New York, New York
R. B. Bernstein, Lecturer in Law and Political Science, City College of New York, New York, New York
Eldon H. Bernstein, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL
Terry Lee Berry, Museum and Library Volunteer, Stillwater, OK
Keith Beutler, Professor of History, Missouri Baptist University, St. Louis, Missouri 
Charlene Bickford, George Washington University, Washington, DC
DeVern D. Biloff, School Superintendent, retired, Fresno, California
Cameron Binkley, Historian, Seaside, California
Allida Black, Research Professor of History, GWU, Washington, DC
Maylei Blackwell, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Kristian Blaich, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
Roland Blaich, Walla Walla University, Professor of History (Emeritus), College Place, Washington
Dr. Sidney R. Bland, Professor Emeritus, History, James Madison University, McGaheysville, Virginia
Peter Blecha, Historian, Seattle, Washington
Robert Blobaum, Professor of History, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia
Marc Bloch, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, Columbia University, NY 
Alexander Bloom, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts
Stuart Blumin, Professor of American History Emeritus, Cornell University, New York, NY, New York
Gerald Bodet, Professor of History Emeritus, New Orleans, Louisiana
Matthew Boesen, Dean of Faculty and History Teacher, Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry Forest, VA
Alan Bogage, Library Director, Westminster, MD
Marvin Bolt, Historian, Corning, New York
Gordon Bond, Independent Historian, Founder & ePublisher of www.GardenStateLegacy.com, Newark, New Jersey
Dea Boster, Assistant Professor of History, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio
Jacques Bourgeacq, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa, Coralville, Iowa
Phil Bova, Public School History Teacher, Saint Louis, Missouri
John P. Bowes, Professor of History, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky
Dr Virginia R Boynton, Professor of History, Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois
Stevan Bozanich, M.A. Student, Victoria, BC
Mark Philip Bradley, Professor of History, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Benjamin Brandenburg, Assistant Professor of History, Montreat College, Montreat, NC
Mariana Brandman, Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Glenn David Brasher, History Instructor, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
Francis J. Bremer, Professor Emeritus of History, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania 
Renate Bridenthal, Emerita, Brooklyn College, CUNY, New York, New York
Nicholas J Bridger, Professor, Ohlone College, , Fremont, California
Laura Briggs, Chair and Professor, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, 
Ron Briley, Retired High School History Teacher, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Pierre-Luc Brisson, Ph.D. Candidate - Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Canada
Edward Bristow, Professor of History, Fordham University, New York, New York
Bradley Brookshire, Music Historian, Assoc. Prof. of Music, Purchase College, SUNY, New York, New York
Irene Q. Brown, Associate Professor Emerita, University of Connecticut, Connecticut
Richard D. Brown, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of History, Emeritus, University of Connecticut, Hampton, CT
Erin Brown, Graduate Student, Los Angeles, CA
Timothy B. Brown, Higher Education Administration, Somerville, MA
Joan Jacobs Brumberg, Professor Emerita Cornell, Ithaca, New York
G. David Brumberg, Ph.D., History Bibliographer (Retired), Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Melissa Bruninga, Assistant Professor of History, Pulaski, Tennessee
Daniel Buccieri, History Teacher, Los Angeles, CA
Nancy Bulgarelli, Librarian, Troy, MI
Alice Bullard, Ph.D. & Esq., formerly professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, currently President of IRA - USA, Washington, DC
Joseph Bullins, Historian/Professor, Greensboro, North Carolina
Eric Bunnell, History, California State University Sacramento, Redding, California
Rebecca M. Bunse, Historian, Davis, CA
Lisa Burgin, History Professor, Dallas, Texas
Karla Burkhart, Retired Educator, Sandy, Utah
Kristen M. Burkholder, Librarian and Historian, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Gary Burnside, B.A., History, Washington State University, retired, Mount Vernon, Oregon
Mark S. Byrnes, Professor of History, Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Stacy Cabibbo, Teacher, social studies, Tuxedo, New York
Una M. Cadegan, Department of History, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio
Mary C. Cain, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
Jane E. Calvert, Associate Professor of History, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Stephen Campbell, Lecturer, Cal Poly Pomona, Pasadena, California
Amy Canfield, Associate Professor of History, Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, ID
Fabio Capano, American University, Washington, District of Columbia
Richard Caproni, Social Studies Teacher - Retired, South Side High School, Rockville Centre, New York
Robert Carley, Assistant Professor, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio
P.J. Carlino, Doctoral Candidate, Boston University, American & New England Studies, Boston, MA
Peter P. C. Carlson, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA
Marybeth Carlson, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio
Eric Carlsson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin
Juan Carmona, Donna High School/South Texas College, Donna, Texas
Edward Carson, Independent Historian, Brooks School, N. Andover, MA
Dan T. Carter, University of South Emeritus Professor, Brevard, North Carolina
Lucas Carvalho S. A. Pereira, Professor of History, Instituto Federal Minas Gerais, Betim, Brasil
Matthew P. Casey, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA
Eugene S. Cassidy, Ph.D., University of Michigan, CT
Antonia Castaneda, Independent Scholar, San Antonio, TX
Peter Catapano, Associate Professor, New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn, New York
Ben Cater, Ph.D., Asst. Professor Of History, Eastern Nazarene College, MA
Dolita Cathcart, Associate Professor of History, Wheaton College, Norton, MA
Sandrine Emmanuelle Catris, Assistant Professor, Augusta, Georgia
Jacqueline M Cavalier, Associate Professor, Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Susan Cederholm, Pacific Northwest & U.S. History adjunct for Everett Community College, Everett, Washington
Christina Ceisel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, CSU Fullerton, Los Angeles, CA
Elaine Challacombe, Librarian, Minneapolis, MN
Ava Chamberlain, Professor, Department of Religion, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio
Abby Chandler, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, Massachusetts
Douglas M. Charles, Associate Professor of History, Penn State University, Pittsburgh, PA
Barbara Chase-Riboud, Historical Novelist, Chicago Press, Paris, France, 
William Cheek and Aimee Lee Cheek, Professor Emeritus of History, San Diego State University, and Writer, San Diego, California
Peter Sebastian Chesney, Graduate Student, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Jeffrey Cisneros, PhD Candidate, History, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Amanda Clark, Genealogist, Indiana, 
Lori Clune, Associate Professor of History, CA State Fresno, Fresno, CA
Miriam Cohen, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York
Lori Cole, Adjunct Professor of History, UMM & UMA, Northfield, Maine
Mark Cole, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio
Cynthia Compton, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at BYU Hawaii, Laie, Hawaii
Deborah Condren, Social Studies Teacher, Stafford, VA
Vivian Bruce Conger, Associate Professor, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
Carolyn A. Conley, Professor Emerita, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Marietta, GA
Stephen E. Conrad, Retired History Teacher and ABD, Glenside, PA
Sandi E. Cooper, Professor Emerita, History, City U of New York at Staten Island and the Graduate School, New York, New York
Vanessa Corcoran, Washington, DC, 
Mary E. Corey, The College at Brockport, Brockport, New York
Barbara Corrado Pope, Professor Emerita, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
Bryan Cottle, Ph.D. Student, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA
Michael L. Courtney, High School History Teacher, Warsaw, Kentucky
Jonathan Couser, Adjunct Instructor in History, University of New Hampshire, Merrimack, NH
Berry Craig, Professor emeritus of history, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Paducah, Kentucky
Michael Croley, Educator, Amarillo, Texas
Rebecca Cross, Teacher, Houston, Texas
A. Glenn Crothers, Associate Professor of History, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
Elaine S. Cummings, Retired School Librarian, Rockaway Beach, Oregon
Geoffrey Cunningham, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
Laura Cuppone, Historian, History Instructor, Oberlin, Ohio
Jennifer Curtis, Fellow, Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, Springfield, Missouri
Jesse Curtis, Ph.D. Candidate, American History, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Hannah Cutting-Jones, Ph.D. student, Auckland, New Zealand , 
Daniel Czitrom, Professor of History, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts
Anthony D'Ascoli, Professor, Miami, Florida
Peter S. Dahl, Emeritus Professor of Geology, Kent State University, Kent, OH
Kate Dahlstrand, Ph.D. Student of History at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 
Gary W. Daily, Indiana State University/History (retired), Terre Haute, Indiana
Heather Ponchetti Daly, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
Tia Dang, Graduate Student, San Diego, CA
Elisabeth Dangerfield, Teacher and Counselor, Citrus Heights, California
Steven Danver, Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Beverly Daross, Retired Teacher, El Paso, Texas 
Michael R Davidson, Independent Scholar, Kingston, Pennsylvania
Rebecca L. Davis, Associate Professor of History, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
C. Sherwood Davis, Historical Interpreter, Boston, MA
Adam Davis, Professor, Denison University, Granville, Ohio
Alicia De Jong Davis, Oral Historian, El Paso, Texas
Joseph Day, Emeritus Professor of Classics, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Rachel Deblinger, Director, Digital Scholarship Commons - UCSC, CA
Jean-Paul deGuzman, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
Chelsea Del Rio, Ph.D., History, University of Michigan, Michigan
Roberto C. Delgadillo, Academic Librarian, Davis, CA
Peggy Dellinger, Graduate Student, University of Florida , Gainesville, FL
Stacy DeMore, Saddleback College, Laguna Hills, CA
David Dewar, Professor, San Angelo, Texas
Francesa Di Poppa, Associate professor of Philosophy, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
Joseph Diaferia, Professor, Yonkers, New York
Pamela Diaz, Hamilton College, NY, 
Michael Diaz, PhD Student, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Bruce Dickerson, Professor, Centerville, Iowa
Elizabeth Digeser, Professor of History, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
Aaron Dilday, Instructor of History, Wiley College, Texas
Ingrid Dineen-Wimberly, Historian, University of La Verne, Oxnard, CA
Brian Dirck, Professor of History, Anderson University, Fishers, Indiana
Justus Doenecke, Emeritus Professor of History, New College of Florida, Sarasota, Florida
Michael Dolber, American History and Social Studies teacher (retired), Medford, NY
Brian Dolber, Independent Scholar, Los Angeles, CA
Adam H. Domby, Assistant Professor of History, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC
Raymond Dominick, Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Ann Donaldson, Social Studies Teacher, NY, 
Roberta Sheridan Donofrio, Humanities, Millerton, New York
Frank R Douglas, Educator Historian, Carmel, California
Rachel Downey, College Adjunct, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Jonathan Dresner, Associate Professor of East Asian and World History, Pittsburg, Kansas
Ellen Carol DuBois, Distinguished Professor, UCLA, Los Angeles, California 
Gail Dubrow, Professor, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
W. Dennis Duggan, Historian, Judge (Ret); Adj. Prof., UNV-Reno (Ret), Albany, NY
John J. Dunphy, Writer of American history, Godfrey, IL
J. Joaquin Duran, Assistant Professor of History, Rio Hondo College, Whittier, California 
Adrienne Duris, Former Teacher and Student in Archives, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mary Duty, American History teacher, retired, Waco, Texas
Eileen Eagan, University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine
Theresa Earenfight, Professor of History, Seattle, WA
Aurore Eaton, Author, history of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, weekly newspaper column about New Hampshire history, Manchester, New Hampshire
Robert Edelman, Historian, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California
Steve Edenbo, Public Historian/1st-Person Interpreter of Thomas Jefferson, Philadelphia, PA
Carolyn Eisenberg, Professor, Hofstra University, Brooklyn, New York
Jay Eldred, High School History Teacher, New Bern, NC
Geoff Eley, Karl Pohrt Distinguished University Professor of Contemporary History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Elizabeth Scott, Journalist, History columnist, New Orleans, Louisiana 
Rebecca Elliot, Art Historian and Curator, Charlotte, North Carolina
Blake Ellis, Professor of History, Lone Star College, Houston, TX
Elizabeth Ellis-Marino, California State University, East Bay, California
Franklin Engel, Professor, Retired, Mt. Angel Seminary, Oregon, Oregon
John Ronald Engel, Professor Emeritus, Meadville/Lombard Theological School, Tucson, Arizona
Kristen Epps, Professor, Conway, Arkansas
Lucas Erickson, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Lawrence Espey, Cowles Distinguished Professor of Life Science, Emeritus, Trinity Univ., San Antonio, Texas, 
Emily Evans, Historian of Art, Editor, Berlin, Germany
Anne Exton, History Instructor, Santa Rosa Junior College, santa rosa, California
Judith Ezekiel, Professor in Residence, Wright State University, Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Matt Faatz, M. Ed/BA History - Educator, Keizer, Oregon
Babette Faehmel, Schenectady County Community College, Schenectady, New York
Garrett Fagan, Professor, Penn State University, University Park, PA
Stanley L. Falk, Historian, Alexandria, Virginia
Don Falls, Adjunct Professor/History Teacher, Bradenton, Florida
John Fea, Professor of History, Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Ronald L. Feinman, Historian and Author, Boca Raton, Florida
Sara Feldman, Lecturer, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
Nina Felshin, Curator and Writer, NY, New York
Merideth Ferguson, Utah State University, Logan, UT
Michael Ferrari, Adjunct Professor, American History, Cañada College, Redwood City, CA
Joseph Ferreira, Public School History Teacher, N. Attleborough, Massachusetts
Amy Filiatreau, Library Director, Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL
Natalie Fingerhut, History Editor-University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Ontario
Roy Finkenbine, Professor of History, Detroit, Michigan
Joshua Fitzgerald, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Mitch Fleischer, Ph.D. Student, Wayne State University, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Robin Flemin, History Professor, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA
Chris Fobare, Utica College, Utica, New York
Travis J. Foltz, Teacher, Renton, Washington
Randall Foote, Professor of History, Roxbury Community College, Boston, Massachusetts
Bonnie Ford, Professor Emerita, Sacramento, California
Elizabeth Fowler, Retired Library Director, Hampton, Virginia
Carly Fox, High School History Instructor, Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, Vermont 
Sandra Fox, Ph.D. Candidate in American Jewish History, Brooklyn, New York
Leigh-Anne Francis, Assistant Professor, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, New Jersey
Roxanne Franco, Educator, El Paso, Texas
Brian Franklin, Associate Director, Center for Presidential History, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Harry Franqui-Rivera, Historian/Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College, CUNY, New York, New York
Renee C. Fraser, History Instructor, Moorpark College, Moorpark, California
Donald J. Fraser, Historian of American Revolutionary Era, Roseville, CA
Erin Freas-Smith, Historian, Arlington, Virginia
Ruth Frey, Retired High School History Teacher, Baltimore, MD
Terry Frey, Retired High School Teacher, Berlin, Maryland
Richard M. Fried, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois
Elaine Friedland, Political Scientist, Staten Island, New York
Joshua B. Friedman, Anthropology/Judaic Studies, Rutgers, Brooklyn, New York
Joan S. Friedman, Associate Professor of History and Religious Studies, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH
Laura Frommer, History Teacher, Glendale, Arizona
Shannon Frystak, Associate Professor, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, Bethlehem, PA
Ann Fuhrman, Teacher, Bellingham, MA
Takashi Fujitani, Professor, U of Toronto, Professor Emeritus, UC, San Diego, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Michael J. Fuller, Professor, (Emeritus), Miami University, Crest Hill, Illinois
Joshua Furman, Rice University, Houston, TX
Matthew Gabriele, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Virginia
Tonia Gallagher, Retired educator, Cortland, Ohio
Sandra Gambetti, Associate Professor of History, CUNY, New York, NY
Oscar Garcia, High School Social Studies Teacher, El Paso, Texas
Mark K. Gardner, Public Historian and History Teacher, Coventry, Rhode Island
Elliot Garfinkel, Ed.D., American History Educator, Superintendent of Schools, Retired, Boynton Beach, Florida, 
Karen Garner, Professor, Historical Studies, SUNY Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, New York
Timothy Garrity, Executive Director, Mount Desert Island Historical Society, Mount Desert, ME
Sheila Hickey Garvey, Professor Emeritus, Hamden, CT
Dr. Catherine Gatewood-Keim, Faculty, Austin Peay State University, Cumberland Furnace, TN
Christopher Gehrz, Professor of History, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN
Donald Gerardi, Professor Emeritus/Brooklyn College, New York, New York
Peter R Gerlach, Adjunct Instructor of History, Project Archivist, Freelance Historical Researcher, and Taxi Driver, DeKalb, Illinois
David Gerwin, History Teacher Educator, New York, NY
Arch Getty, Professor of History, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
James M. Giardina, San Diego Mesa College, La Mesa, California
Liette Gidlow, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
Daniel Gilfillan, Associate Professor, Tempe, Arizona
James T. Gillam, Professor, Emeritus, Spelman College, Stone Mountain, GA
Glenda Gilmore, Professor of History, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Robert Gilpin, Historian, Vineyard Haven, MA
Brent Glass, Author and Museum Director, Washington, District of Columbia
Elizabeth H. Glassey, Professor of History, Vincennes University (retired), Bloomington, Indiana
Leona Glazebrooks, Social Studies Teacher, Indianapolis, Indiana
Susan A. Glenn, Professor of History, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Thomas F. Glick, Emeritus Professor of History, Boston University, Boston, MA
Steven N. Goetz, Professor of History and Philosophy, Northwest Christian University, Eugene, Oregon
Janet Golden, Historian, Rutgers, Camden, NJ
Tim Goncharoff, Independent scholar, Santa Cruz, CA
Rhonda Gonzales, Historian, San Antonio, Tejas
Victoria Gonzalez-Rivera, Associate Professor, San Diego State University , Chula vista, California
Daniel Gorman Jr, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York
Stephen S. Gosch, Professor of History, Emeritus, UW-Eau Claire, Madison, Wisconsin
Gene Grabiner, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Buffalo, New York
Thomas M. Grace, Assistant Professor, Erie Community College, Buffalo, New York
Brian Gratton, Arizona State University (Ret.), Tempe, AZ
Karen Graubart, History Dept, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana
William Glenn Gray, Associate Professor of History, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Erik Greenberg, Ph.D., Public Historian and CSULA Adjunct Faculty, Los Angeles, California
Sandra E. Greene, Historian, Ithaca, NY
Gale Greenleaf, Retired professor, Brunswick, Maine
Rachel T. Greenwald, Independent Scholar, Riverdale, NY
Janette Thomas Greenwood, Professor of History, Clark University, Worcester, MA
James Gregory, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Michael Griggs, Ph.D. Candidate - University of Edinburgh, Charlotte, NC
Ronnie Grinberg, Assistant Professor of history, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Richard Grossman, Instructor, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL
John K. Grube, M.Ed. West Chester University, Retired Social Studies Teacher, PA
Rachel Guberman, Journal of American History and Indiana University, Bloomigton, IN
Zevi Gutfreund, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
Will Guthrie, Independent Scholar and Bookseller, Spring Branch, Texas
Robert Guthrie, Psychologist/Yale History Degree, Roanoke, Virginia
R. Kent Guy, Professor, Univ of Washington, Seattle, WA
Morgan S. Guzman, Ph.D. UCLA, California, 
Judith Hallett, Professor of Classics, University of Maryland, College Park, Bethesda, Maryland
Martin Halpern, Professor of History Emeritus, Henderson State University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Michael P. Hanagan, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York
Mary Hancock, Professor of History, University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
Tona Hangen, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Worcester State University, Worcester, MA
Sarah Hanley, Professor of History and Law, Emerita, University of Iowa, Scituate, MA
Wayne Hanley, Professor/West Chester University, Cochranville, Pennsylvania
Patsy Hardin, Historian and writer, Reno, Nevada
Casey Harison, Professor of History, University of Southern indiana, Evansville, Indiana
Anita Harker, Sociology Professor, Bellingham, WA
Gillis Harp, Professor of History/Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania
David Harpine, Educator, Pittsburgh, PA
Robert Harris, Curator of Exhibits, Greensboro History Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina
Ricardo Harris, B.A. in History, Junction City, Kansas
Lily Hart, Historian/Student, Phi Alpha Theta member, Washougal, Washington
Amy E. Harth, Ph.D. Student, Union Institute & University, Overland Park, Kansas
Ian Hartman, Assistant Professor of History, Anchorage, Alaska
Lawrence L. Hartzell, Professor of History, Brookdale Community College, Howell, New Jersey
Jonathan H. Harwell, Librarian, Cultural Historian, Fern Park, FL
Jonathan Harwell, Librarian, Fern Park, Florida
John Hatch, Signature Books, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ann Haugo, Associate Professor, Ph.D in Theatre History, Normal, Illinois
Jason Hawke, Associate Professor and Chair, History Department, Roanoke College, Salem, VA
J. Russell Hawkins, Associate Professor of History, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana
Kevin Healey, Assistant Professor of Communication, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire 
Thomas M. Heaney, Associate Professor of History, Feather River College, Quincy, CA
Joel Hecker, Associate Professor of Jewish Mysticism, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Wyncote, PA
Mary Ann Heiss, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Adrian A. Helleman, Independent Scholar (retired), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ena Heller, Museum Director, Winter Park, Florida
Amanda Hendrix-Komoto, Assistant Professor, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
Horace Henry, Historian/Photographer, Atlanta, Georgia
Ellen Herman, Professor of History, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Rachel Herrmann, Lecturer, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK, 
Deborah Hertz, Professor of History, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla California 92093, CA
John Hesting, Professor - St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg, Florida
Damon Hickey, Historian and Dierctor of Libraries, Emeritus, The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio
David Hickey, History Teacher, Stony Brook, NY
Nolan Higdon, California State University, East Bay, Hayward, California
Michael Hill, Historical Researcher, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Patricia R. Hill, Professor of American Studies, History, Wesleyan University, Connecticut
Patricia Evridge Hill, Professor of History, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
Dennis Hillers, Graduate Student, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Susan Hindersmann, Reference Librarian (ret.), Norton, Massachusetts
Gloria Selene Hinojosa, Librarian, Buda, Texas
Steven J. Hirsch, Historian, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Laura Hirshbein, MD, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 
Lauren Hirshberg, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Charles Hixson, Historian, Retired, Eugene, Oregon
Katie Hodges-Kluck, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Stefan Hodges-Kluck, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Peter Charles Hoffer, Historian, Georgia, 
Matthew Hoffman, Associate Professor of History, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Sandie Holguin, Associate Professor of History, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Meg Honey, History Teacher/Adjunct Faculty, Walnut Creek, California
Laura Honsberger, Historian/Teacher, New York, New York
M Burton Hopkins, Public school Latin and Social Studies teacher, New Castle, Delaware
Patrick Hornberger - Author, Author, Eastwind Publishing, Trappe, Maryland
Helen L. Horowitz, Professor of History, emerita, Smith College, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Daniel Horowitz, Smith College, Emeritus, Cambridge, MA
Bill Howard, Author/Historian, Delmar, New York
Paul Richard Huard, History Instructor and Social Studies Department Chairman, Ashland High School, Ashland, OR
Jim Hubbard, Independent Historian, Baltimore, Maryland
John Huddlestun, Associate Professor, Charleston, SC
Julia Hudson-Richards, Historian, Pennsylvania
Jennifer Huerta, Ph.D. Student in History, UCSD, La Jolla, California 
Sakina Hughes, Assistant Professor of History University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN
Craig Hughes, M.A. History, Ph.D candidate, Social Worker, New York, New York
Cory Hulsizer, Social Studies Teacher, Pennsylvania, 
Michael Huntsberger, Associate Professor, Mass Communication, Radio Historian, Linfield College, McMinnville, OR, 
Larry Ingle, Professor emeritus, History, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Maurice Isserman, Hamilton College history department, Clinton, New York
Nate Jacklin, History Department Faculty, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
Will Jackson, College Coordinator, Pawtucket, RI
Hanni Jalil, Assistant Professor, Universidad Icesi, Cali, Colombia
Linda R. James, Art History, UW-Platteville (Emerita), Wisconsin
Stephanie Jass, Professor of History, Adrian College, Adrian, MI
Susan Jennings, Retired Public School Teacher, Mebane, North Carolina
Matthew Johnson, Graduate Student, Huntsville, Alabama
Michael Johnson, Historian – Retired/Disabled, Carbondale, Illinois
Valerie Ann Johnson, Mott Distinguished Professor of Women's Studies, Bennett College, Greensboro, North Carolina
Marianne Johnson, Professor of Economics, UW Oshkosh, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Charlotte Johnson, Retired Teacher, Kansas City, MO
Barbara Johnson, Retired/Disabled Teacher, Dayton, Ohio
Betty W. Johnson, Teacher, Beaverton, Oregon
Melinda M. Johnson, Ph.D., History, Unaffiliated, Lexington, KY
Ruby Johnson, Ph.D. Candidate, George Washington University, Washington, District of Columbia
Charlotte Johnson, Retired teacher, Kansas City, MO
James E. Jolly, Historian/thejollyhistorian.com, Williamsburg, Virginia
Heather Jones, Historian, Cultural Services Provider, Arvada, CO
Jacqueline Jones, Professor of History, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
Fred Jordan, Instructor in History, Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry Forest, VA
Ray Juaire, Senior Exhibitions Manager, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Steve Jusseaume, Journalist, History Major, UMass-Boston, Hampton, New Hampshire
Marc Kagan, Historian, New York, New York
Dean Kahler, Retired High School History Teacher, East Canton, Ohio
Helen Kasic, Graduate Student, Chicago, Illinois
Gary Kates, Professor of History, Pomona College, Claremont, CA
Dr. Phyllis Kavett, Ed.D., Professsor Emerita, Mathematics and Education, Kean University, New Jersey
John P. Keenan, Emeritus, Middlebury College, Newport, Vermont
Philip Keisman, Ph.D. Candidate, New York, NY
Mary Kelley, Professor of History and American Culture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Kathryn W. Kemp, Associate Professor of History, Morrow, Georgia
Laura Lee Kerr, Museum Development/Adjunct History Professor, Louisville, Kentucky
Young-Hyun Kim, Ph.D. Candidate in History (UCSD), California, 
Lauren Kimbell, Graduate Student, History, 
Bart King, Author and educator, Portland, Oregon
Amy Kinsel, Dean, Seattle, Washington
Kate Kinser, Independent Historian, Chicago, Illinois
Richard S. Kirkendall, Professor of History Emeritus, U Washington-Seattle, Seattle, Washington
John W. Kirshon, Journalist/Historical Novelist, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Jessica Kirzane, Ph.D. Candidate, Yiddish Studies, Columbia University in the City of New York, Overland Park, KS
Jill Klasson, Retired History teacher, Merrick, NY
Shayne Klein, History Teacher, Raleigh, North Carolina
Joanne Klein, Professor of History, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho
Amy Koehlinger, Associate Professor, Corvallis, OR
Richard Koepsell, Retired Professor, Troy, Virginia
Troy Araiza Kokinis, Ph.D. Candidate UC San Diego, California, 
Michael Koncewicz, Cold War Collections Specialist - Tamiment Library (New York University), Brooklyn, New York
Nancy Koppelman, Member of the Faculty, The Evergreen State College , Olympia, Washington
Richard Kornweibel, Ph.D., Professor of History, Emeritus, Sacramento State, Sacramento, California, 
Nadine Korte, History Instructor, St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada
Kate Korth, History Graduate Student at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
Katharine Krassan, Adjunct Professor, Southampton, New Jersey
Michelle Ann Kratts, Historian, librarian and author, Niagara Falls, NY
B. Robert Kreiser, Adjunct Professor of History, George Mason University, Chevy Chase, MD
David Krikun, Assoc. Prof of History, emeritus, SUNY-New Paltz, New Paltz, New York
Catherine Kudlick, Professor of History, San Francisco State University , San Francisco, California
Chenjerai Kumanyika, Assistant Professor, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina
Alicja Kusiak-Brownstein, Historian, South Bend, Indiana
Sally Kvebak, Retired Teacher, Msnkato, Minnesota
Scott Laderman, Professor of History, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN
Robert M. Lamont, Retired High School History Teacher, Chicago, Illinois, Illinois
Pablo Landeros, History Faculty, EMCC, Avondale, Arizona
Michael Landing, Associate Professor of History, Augsburg College, MN
Megan Lange, Community College Instructor, Los Angeles, CA
Julie Langford, Associate Professor of Ancient History, Tampa, Florida
Nancy Langston, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI
Traci Langworthy, Jamestown Community College, Jamestown, New York
Sarah Larkin, Educator, Indianapolis, Indiana
Scott Larsen, founder, HistoryALIVE!, New Westminster, BC, Washington
Derek Larson, Historian/Professor, Collegeville, Minnesota
Michelle Laughran, Associate Professor of History, Standish, Maine
Denise Lay, Graduate Student, History Teacher, Borger, Texas
Perry Leavell, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of History Emeritus, Drew University, Princeton, NJ
Janet Gayle Ledbetter, B.A., M.A., Historian, Cleburne, Texas
Pat Ledbetter, History professor, Gainesville, Texas
Anna Leff, Educator, Tempe, AZ
James Leiker, Professor, Overland Park, Kansas
Daniel Leland, Social Studies Teacher, minneapolis, Minnesota
Heikki Lempa, Professor, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA
Lois Leonard, Historian, Portland, Oregon
Melinda Leonard, M.A. in Public History, Chicago, IL
Virginia Lettinga, Art Historian/retired university chaplain CRCNA, Prince George, BC
Christopher J. Levesque, Ph.D., Instructor, Colorado Community Colleges Online, Tampa, Florida
Teresita Levy, Associate Professor, Lehman College, Bronx, New York
Danielle Lewis, Independent Scholar, New York, New York
Rachel Leyland, High school History Teacher, New Cuyama, CA
Jinying Li, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Susan Liang, Independent Scholar, Honolulu, Hawaii
Felice Lifshitz, Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Patricia Y.C.E. Lin, Ph.D., Researcher, UC Berkeley, CA
Neal Lindsey, Salem Historian, School of Principal Knowledge, Bee Spring, Kentucky
Rebecca Reid Linford, Adjunct Professor of History, Georgetown University, Virginia 
Mary Ann Linsell, Professor, Business Administration, Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, Michigan
John A. Liss, History Professor, McAllen, TX
Ian D Livingston, Social Studies Educator, Suffern, New York
John Locke, Doctoral Candidate, Union Institute and University, Plattsburgh, New York
Ann Marie Lodl, M.A. History,  University of Illinois at Chicago, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Michael B Loughlin, History Professor, Ada, Ohio
Matthew Luckett, Academic Coordinator and Lecturer, CSU Dominguez Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Trevor Stacy Luke, Associate Professor of Ancient History, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
Casey Lurtz, Harvard Academy Scholar, Cambridge, MA
Wes Lybrand, Educator, BIRMINGHAM, AL
J.B. Lyle, Historical Fiction Writer, Queen Creek, Arizona
Daniel Lynch, Ph.D. in US History, Los Angeles, CA
Denise Lynn, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, Indiana 
Stephen Lyons, Professor of History, Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania
Steve Macek, Professor, Department of Communication, North Central College, Naperville, Illinois
Pamela Mack, Historian, Clemson, South Carolina
Dr. Nick Maher, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA
Katharine Mahon, Professor, Vincentown, New Jersey
Terry Major-Hollidat, Retired Educator, Waupaca, Wisconsin
Jennifer Lavris Makovics, Archaeologist (BA, MA) and current graduate student in Criminology, California
Joan Marks, Michigan State University, Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Thomas C. Maroukis, Professor Emeritus, Capital University, Venice, Florida
Dawn G. Marsh, Associate Professor, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN
Bonnie Marshak, Librarian/Keiser University, Pembroke Pines, FL
Erich Martel, Retired World & AP US History Teacher, Washington, DC
Myrna Martin, Doctoral Candidate in History, Colorado Springs, Colorado
John Jeffries Martin, Duke University, Durham, NC
Sean Martin, Cleveland, Ohio
Sebastian Martinez y Trevino, B.S., M.A.: University of Texas, El Paso; Educator, El Paso, Texas
Marilyn Chapin Massy, Retired Professor of History of Religion, Pitzer College, Washington, DC
Kevin Mattson, Connor Study Professor of Contemporary History, Ohio University, Athens, OH
Brian Matzke, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Paul Matzko, Doctoral Candidate, Instructor, Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania
Meredith May, Ph.D. Candidate, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas
Matthew Mayer, E-Publishing/History Undergrad, Lake Worth, FL
Blake Mazurek, U.S. History Teacher, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Thomas B. McAffee, William S. Boyd Professor of Law, Las Vegas, Nevada
Elizabeth McAlister, Professor, Religion and American Studies, CT
Preston McBride, Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Christi McCallum, Ph.D., Instructor, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Paducah, Kentucky
Erica McCarthy, Adjunct Faculty, CT, 
Thomas McClendon, Emeritus Professor of History, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas
Alexander McConnell, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Austin McCoy, University of Michigan, Michigan, 
Marie McDaniel, University Professor, New Haven, CT
Nick McGinnis, M.A. History, Morgantown, WV
Stephen P. McGrath, Historian, Litchfield, Connecticut
Paul McKenzie-Jones, Assistant Professor, Montana State University-Northern, Havre, Montana
Pat McKnight, University Faculty (retired), Tucson, Arizona
Glenn McMullen, Retired Archivist, Austin, Texas
Daniel McNamara, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Suffern, New York
Alan McPherson, Professor of International and Area Studies, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
David Meola, Assistant Professor of History and Jewish Studies, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama
Penny Messinger, Historian (Associate Professor of History), East Aurora, NY
Virginia Metaxas, Professor of History, New Haven, CT
Carter Jones Meyer, Professor of History, New Jersey, Mahwah, NJ
Donald Keith Midkiff, Grad student, author, tour guide, New Orleans, Louisiana
Michael D. Miller, Military history author, Redding, California
Tim Miller, Retired Union Rep. and Labor Studies Instructor, Philadelphia, PA.
Roger, History teacher, retired, Eagle River, Alaska
Noah Millstone, Historian, 
Scott Miltenberger, Consulting Historian, Davis, California
Betty Mitchell, Professor Emeritus, UMass Dartmouth, Northampton, MA
Brian Moeller, High School History Teacher, Wantagh, New York
Richard Moniz, Librarian/Historian, Charlotte, North Carolina
Jean M. Montagnon, High School Teacher, Fort Worth, Texas
Deborah Dash Moore, Frederick G.L. Huetwell Professor of History & Judaic Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Judy C. Morelock, Ph.D., Professor - University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Mark Moreno, Historian, Commerce, Texas
Brandon Morgan, Assistant Professor, Central New Mexico Community College, Rio Rancho, NM
Douglas Morgan, Washington Adventist University, Takoma Park, MD
Maryann E. Morran, Retired Public School Teacher, Concord, MA
Sarah Morris, Graduate student, Philadelphia, PA
Christopher Moses, Ph.D. Candidate, History, Princeton University, NJ
John Mulholland, The University of Chicago D'Angelo Law Library, Chicago, IL
Ruth Mullen, B.A., History, M.A. History, New York, NY
Ruth Mullen, Writer, New York, New York
Sean Munger, J.D., Ph.D. Candidate, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Amanda Murphy, M.A., Architectural Historian, Alexndria, VA
Jamie Murton, Historian/Professor, North Bay, 
Stan Nadel, Historian, University of Portland, Salzburg Austria Center, Salzburg, Austria
Carol Nance, Historian and History Teacher, Long Beach, CA
Constantine Nasr, Documentary filmmaker/historian, Los Angeles, California
Jillian Nataupsky, Mercersburg Academy, Pennsylvania
Natasha S. Naujoks, History Teacher, Norfolk, VA
Jeremy Neely, Instructor, Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri
Larz Neilson, Editor, (ret.) Town Crier, Wilmington, MA
Larry L. Nelson, Professor, Bowling Green State University, Weston, Ohio
Karen Nelson, American History Teacher, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
John Nerone, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois 
Charlie Newhall, History Teacher, Salem, Massachusetts
Brooke Newman, Assistant Professor of History, Richmond, Virginia
Randy Nichols, Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, University of Washington Tacoma, Tacoma, WA
Jeff Nichols, Professor, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah
Becky Nicolaides, Research Affiliate, UCLA Center for Study of Women, Los Angeles, CA
Constance Sue Noakes, National Board Certified Teacher, Longview, Washington
Ana Maria Nogueira, Teacher, Public School, Boston, MA
Mary Nolan, Professor of History, NYU, NY
Jody Noll, Ph.D. Student, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Anita Norich, Collegiate Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mark Marston Norris, Dean, Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana
Debra Norris-Rich, Writer/Adjunct College Faculty, Broomall, Pennsylvania
Dael Norwood, Asst. Prof., Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York
Dr. Andrew Ó Baoill, Director, Journalism Programmes, NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland
Jonathan O'Brian, Historian, Jamestown, New York
Elizabeth O'Brien, Ph.D. Candidate, Austin, TX
Patrick O'Brien, Adjunct, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas
Margaret O'Mara, Associate Professor of History, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Kenneth O'Reilly, Emeritus (History), University of Alaska Anchorage and instructor, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Barbara Oberg, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08540, NJ
Kari Oelkers, History Teacher/Director of Teacher Training Program, Bozeman/King Abdullah University, MT/Thuwal KSA
Arnold A. Offner, Cornelia F. Hugel Professor of History, Emeritus, Lafayette College, Easton, PA
Leslie Offutt, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York
Christine A. Ogren, Professor, history of education (U of Iowa), Iowa City, IA
Rachel Oppenheimer, PhD candidate, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Avigail Oren, Doctoral Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Laurie Orman, Former Teacher of English & History; Former Educational Television Producer, Austin, TX
Dale Osborn, Retired Teacher, Connecticut, 
Melissa Otis, Historian, McCandless, Pennsylvania
Judith Oulund, History Chair, Boston, MA
Laurence Overmire, Author, Historian, West Linn, Oregon
W. M. Owens, Associate Professor of Classics, Ohio University, Athens, OH
David Pace, Professor Emeritus, History Department, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Peter Pagan, Amateur historian, Staten Island, New York
Patrick Parker, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 
Michael Patrick, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri, Fairhope, Alabama
Michael Pearlman, Professor of History (ret.), U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Lawrence, Kansas 
Tracey Pepper, History Professor, Seattle, Washington
Edgardo Pérez Morales, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Very Rev'd Michael Perko, Professor Emeritus of History and Education, Sandia Park, New Mexico
Christine Peters, Retired High School Teacher, Morton Grove, IL
Art Petersen, Professor of English, Emeritus, Juneau, Alaska
Kurt W. Peterson, Director of Development, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL
Pam Pettengell, History museum administrator, Williamsburg, Virginia
Alison Philippi, Middle School Reading/Social Studies teacher, Phoenix, AZ
Lisa Phillips, Associate Professor of History, Terre Haute, Indiana
Victor Pickard, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Kerry Pimblott, Assistant Professor of African American & Diaspora Studies and History, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming
Linda Pitelka, Maryville University, St. Louis, Missouri
Mark Pittenger, Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Dr. Joseph A. Pizzo Jr, Sc.D., Historian, engineer, scientist, Newtown Square, PA, 
A.J. Plotke, Ph.D., Historian, Great War Primary Documents Archive, Phoenix, Arizona
Sue Plummer, Walnut Hills Historical Society, Cincinnati, Ohio
Lisa Poirier, History of Religions, DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Dana Polanichka, Assistant Professor of History, Wheaton College (MA), Norton, MA
Daniel Pope, Professor of History, Emeritus, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Amy Poppinga, History professor, St. Paul, Minnesota
Brian Porter-Szucs, Professor of History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Rich Potter, Assistant Professor, American Jewish University, Los Angeles, CA
Claire Potter, Professor of History and Director, Digital Humanities Initiative, The New School, New York, NY
David M. Powell, Teacher: World History, Government, Economics, Hemet, CA
Margaret Power, Professor of History, Illinois Tech, Chicago, Illinois
Michael Shane Powers, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Heather Munro Prescott, Professor of History, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT
Douglas Scot Price, Executive Director, Brenham Heritage Museum, Brenham, Texas
Lynn Price, Assistant Editor, The Washington Papers, UVA, Charlottesville, Virginia
Doug Priest, Ph.D., History, Albany, New York
Richard Primuth, History instructor, villa rica, Georgia
Rain Prud'hommeCranford PhD, Lecturer, American Indian Studies, 
Sara Pugach, Associate Professor of History, Cal State LA, Los Angeles, CA
John W Quist, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Judith Quon, Social Studies Teacher, Victorville, California
Shari Rabin, College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
Peter Rachleff, Emeritus Professor of History, Macalester College, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Jared Ragland, Graduate student, history, Northwest Missouri State U, Maryville, MO
Aaron Raines, Teacher of History, Government and Economics, Nashville, Tennessee
Michael Rectenwald, Professor, Global Liberal Studies, NYU, New York, NY
Charles Rector, M.A., University of Arkansas, Woodstock, Illinois
Laura Redford, Professor, Claremont, CA
Miles Reding, M.A. Student, University of Oregon, Department of History, Eugene, Oregon
Debbie Reese, Educator; American Indians in Children's Literature, Santa Fe, NM
Ed Reese, Independent Scholar, Dallas, Texas
Amanda Regan, Ph.D. Candidate, Fairfax, VA
Sandra Regan, Overseer USS CONSTITUTION MUSEUM, Boston, Ret. Teacher, Artist, Author, Winthrop, Massachusetts
Josh Reid, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Brenda Reiss, Retired Teacher, Greenlawn, NY
Stella Ress, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN
John W. Retallack, Retired Professor, Rochester, NY
Susan M. Reverby, Historian, Wellesley, MA
Brittany Reyes, Academic Services Coordinator, Mountain View, CA
William Reynolds, Historian - Campus Martius and the Ohio River Museum, Marietta, Ohio
David Rezelman, Historian, Norfolk, 
Karen Rhodes, historian, independent scholar, Middleburg, Florida
Charles Louis Richter, Ph.D. Candidate, American Religious History, George Washington University, Washington, DC
Margaret Riddle, Staff Historian HistoryLink.org, Everett, WA
Julie Riesenweber, Architectural Historian, Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
Jana Riess, Editor and author, Cincinnati, Ohio
Steven F. Riley, Creator/Founder of MixedRaceStudies.org, Maryland, 
Angela Riotto, Ph.D. Candidate, OH, 
Terence Risko, Library Director, retired, Vero Beach, Florida
Nerissa Rivera, Duke University, Durham, NC
William Roba, Prof. of History Emeritus, Scott Community College, Bettendorf, Iowa
Rita Roberts, Professor of History, Claremont, CA
Dave Robertson, History Major, Dartmouth Class of 1975, Chicago, Illinois
Barbara K. Robins, Native American Studies & Liturature, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha, NE
James W.J. Robinson, Ph.D. Student, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Nancy Rockafellar, Ph.D., Historian (retired), University of California SF, San Francisco, California
Teresa Rollins, History Educator, Levittown, Pennsylvania
Travis Rose, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
James Rose, Wake Tech Community College - retired, Raleigh, North Carolina
Ruth Rosen, Professor Emerita of History, University of California, California
Dan Rosenberg, Adelphi University, Garden City, New York
Andrew Israel Ross, Assistant Professor of History, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
Nancy Ross, Dixie State University, St. George, Utah
Anthony Ross, University of Michigan, MI 
Alex Ross, History Teacher, Tarpley, Texas
Erika Ross, MA, Art Historian, Auburn, New York
Jennifer Ross-Nazzal, Historian, Houston, TX
Jim Ross-Nazzal, Professor of History, Houston, TX
Allison Rottmann, Lecturer, Fudan University, Oakland, California
Peter Rowley, Retired English and History Teacher, Vermontville, New York
Charlotte A. Rubin, Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, Portland, Oregon
Martha Rudd, Historian, journalist and editor, Burke VA, 
Vicki L. Ruiz, Distinguished Professor of History, UC Irvine, Irvine, California
Crystal Ruth, B.A., History, California
Rebecca M. Ruth-Hilliard, History Educator, Newberry, SC
Greg Rydel, Educator (retired), Trumbull, Connecticut
John Saltmarsh, Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston, Wayland, MA
Jeffrey T Sammons, Professor of History, New York University, New York
Arlene M. Sanchez-Walsh, Associate Professor, Azusa Pacific University, San Dimas, California
Dr. Paul Sandul, Associate Professor of History, Texas, 
Scott Saul, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Anthony Scarnati, Social Studies Teacher, Jericho High School , Port Jefferson Station, New York
Kurt Kim Schaefer, Bates Technical College, Tacoma, Washington
Virginia Scharff, Department of History, U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Jeffrey M. Schell, Associate Professor, Woods hole, Massachusetts
Mathia Scherer, Cultural Resources Management Consultant, Louisville, KY
David Schlitt, Public Historian, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Eric Schluessel, University of Montana, Missoula, MT
Anna Schmidt, Retired Teacher, Waterville, Ohio
Kim Schmucker, Historian and Social Science teacher, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Birgit Schneider, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 
Donna Schuele, Department of Political Science, CSU Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Sebastian Schulman, Indiana University/Smith College, Northampton, MA
Juliana Schulte, Special Education Teacher, Sedalia, Missouri
Anton Schulzki, History Teacher, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Suzanne Schussler, Certified Interpretive Guide, Montana
Don Schwartz, Historian, Seal Beach, California
Bonnie Fox Schwartz, Historian of the New Deal, New York, New York
Abby Schweber, Historian, Virginia, 
Dee Scott, Former Elementary School Teacher, Houston, Texas
Patricia Lyn Scott, Independent Historian, Rigby, Idaho
Lois Scozzsri, Professor of History, American Studies, Anthropology, Suffield, Connecticut
Pamela Scully, Professor, Atlanta, Georgia
Laurie J. Sears, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Stephanie Seawell-Fortado, Director, Illinois Labor History Society, Illinois
Charlie Seemann, Retired Folklorist, Elko, NV
Mary DuBois Sexton, Adjunct History professor, Silver Spring, Maryland 
Kelly Shannon, Historian, Hollywood, Florida
Michael Share, University Professor, Department of History, University of Macau, Macau, 
John E Sharp, History and Bible Professor, Hesston, Kansas
Patrick Shea, MA/MLIS candidate in History and Archival Management, Boston, Massachusetts
Steven Shea, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Wisconsin
Ronald John Sheehy, Editor, Race Inquiry, Florida
Debra Shein, Past President, Pacific Northwest American Studies Assoc., Portland, Oregon
Christopher W. Shelley, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon
Laura Shelton, Historian, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
Margie Shepherd, Civics and Economics teacher, retired, Albemarle County, Virginia
Jeanette E. Sherbondy, Anthropologist & Ethnohistorian, Chestertown, Maryland
David Shipley, Assoc. Professor, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama
Tim Shousha, Metropolitan community college, Omaha, Nebraska
Dr. James Showalter, History Teacher, Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma
Adam Shprintzen, Assistant Professor of History, Marywood University, Scranton, PA
Elizabeth Shultz, Historic Preservation, Harrisburg, PA
Lewis Siegelbaum, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
Nina Silber, Professor of History and American Studies, Boston, Massachusetts
Joe Malachi Silberstein, History Teacher (23 years), Philadelphia, PA
Christopher Sinatra, History MA, SUNY Oswego, Syracuse, New York
Alan Singer, Hofstra University, He

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