Letter to the Master of the Rolls(Albert Burgess)

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Letter to the Master of the Rolls(Albert Burgess)
« on: November 12, 2016, 10:43:50 AM »
Andrew Caton                                                                                          Albert Burgess
APS to the Master of the Rolls                                                             15 Parliament Road
Room E214                                                                                                Thame
The Master of the Rolls                                                                         South Oxfordshire
The Royal Courts of Justice                                                                    OX9 3TE
Strand 10-11-2016
Dear Andrew
It was very nice of you to ask after my health, I am now 72 so as you can imagine bits are ceasing to function as well as one would like but on the whole I cannot complain. I trust that you are well. I was saddened to hear you cannot squeeze even such a thin book as mine onto your book shelves you might consider consigning Dicey to the rubbish bin where he belongs, Maitland and Taswell-Langmead state that he is wrong and my ten years continuous research into the constitutional history of England tells me they are right in their understanding of the constitution and Dicey is wrong. You can also bin Bagehot whose understanding of the English constitution equates well with the Beano and Dandy; it is as knowledgeable on the constitution as either of those comics. My book was written for children to understand due to the educational dumbing down of society over the last 50 years.
I was born in 1944 in London and a short time after my birth my mother on hearing the air raid warning grabbed me under one arm and the puppy under the other and ran for the shelter. She got 50 yards away from the house when a VI BLEW IT UP. The shock wave picked her up and threw her through the air and realizing she was about to hit the ground with my head she managed to turn herself so she landed on her back pulling the puppy and I onto her stomach, until the day she died she did not know how she did it. I like to think like Churchill I was born for a purpose, his was to win a war. Mine I believe is to educate our legal profession into our ancient and extremely good English Constitution. Our Judges in particular seem to have only limited knowledge and that based on Dicey and Bagehot who are both provably wrong.
Had these three Judges been honourable men they would all have excused themselves from this case on the grounds they were in favour of the EU and had argued the case for the EU and that they would not be seen to be impartial in their ruling. Now the government’s argument is they can use the Royal Prerogative to do anything they want. They are wrong! One of the books on your book shelf which you should not throw away the Commentaries on the laws of England by Sir William Blackstone but please take it off the shelf and read it you will see that he refers to Henry De-Bracton 1250 Chief Justice and Fortescue 1420 Chief Justice and 200 years later Finch under Charles I on the Royal Prerogative. Firstly the King cannot use the prerogative to do any wrong or as Blackstone puts it “The King hath a prerogative in all things that are not injurious to the subject” Such as the illegal wars in the middle east which have killed and injured hundreds of Her Majesty’s subjects. Not to mention the casualties in the local population and the total destruction of their infrastructure.
The Prerogative is that special pre-eminence the King has over his subjects in right of his regal dignity. And can only be used by the King for if it is given or lend to any of the Kings subjects it is no longer a Royal prerogative. So the use of the prerogative by ministers to sign all the EEC/EU Treaty’s is an abuse of the Royal Prerogative, and as such the Treaties are all under English law void and of no legal effect. If these three Judges knew anything about the laws of England they would know that and they would have declared all the EEC/EU Treaties void and of no effect and therefore as we are not members of the EU there is in effect nothing for Parliament to discuss. So the case is thrown out as a waste of the courts time.
I am in possession of 600 pages of government papers from the Heath era all marked secret, confidential or restricted. They are all on government headed paper and signed by those who have seen them or those who sent them. The Lord Chancellor Lord Kilmuir told Heath in a letter which starts dear Ted and which is signed by him that there are real problems with the constitution with what he intended to do but “we can get around the constitution” How can I ask is it possible legally to get around the constitution? He goes on to say the Judges will not like being placed under the control of European Judges and this has never been done. There is a good reason for that it is an act of treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act
Another page advising Heath from the Foreign Office that it is important our MP’s obtain positions of authority within the European Parliament ready for the day they take over. Now I am not a Lawyer let alone a Judge, but I am albeit retired a fully trained and experienced police officer who was fortunate to have joined the police force when the last book of police law which dealt with offences against the state was available, it was my bedtime reading which is why I know the two things mentioned above are both acts of sedition and treason. Something your Judges should know but do not appear to be aware of. Heath and every government since have been committing treason with every treaty they have signed, and if her Majesty signed them she has exceeded her authority under English law. So because the King can do no wrong we hang their wicked and evil advisors. You might also look at the Geneva Convention on treaties which also makes our membership of the EU void.
I would very much like to come to the law courts outside working hours to talk to all the Judges about the English Common and Constitutional law which they appear to have a very limited knowledge of.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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