International collusion - for a most WICKED purpose!

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International collusion - for a most WICKED purpose!
« on: November 21, 2016, 06:39:06 PM »
International collusion - for a most WICKED purpose!

Norman Scarth

Mon 21/11/2016 08:55

[email protected];
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Norman Scarth ([email protected])

[email protected] ;   [email protected]  ;
To: Beatrix Karl, Minister of Justice in Austria, & 
 Monika Lackner (who I understand is a judge).  
(Reget Ich nein spracken de Deutch, & must write to you in English.)
I beg you to read that which is below, & take such action as any humane person should. 
Grandma B: The story of the abuse of Barbara Hofschroer, a frail old lady in a wheel chair (& the attempts to seize her property), which is running concurrently with the Machiavellian persecution of her 60 year old son, Peter Hofschroer , who had cared for her so well. (Google ’Grandma B’ for more)
TO START WITH PETER: As an exposer of the corruption which, sadly, is rampant in present day Britain, Peter Hofschroer knew that he was at risk if he set foot there again (as are all whistle-blowers in Britain). 
After his mother had been brutally & illegally abducted from his care in Germany, he himself had found a safe haven abroad, & was continuing to expose the corruption from there.  Not surprisingly, those he was exposing were desperate that he should be silenced, but could do nothing where he was. 
So, they devised Machiavellian legal trickery to lure him to Britain.  Knowing of his great concern for his mother’s welfare, she was used for that purpose.   
From his safe haven, Peter had started legal actions, civil AND criminal, which he hoped would protect his mother.  Those who have tried similar actions while in Britain will tell of the obstruction & frustration they have met from those who control the courts, especially when they tried to start Private Prosecutions!  
With Peter it was different – every assistance was given him to progress the actions - there were even Summonses issued in the criminal action!   But now there was a snag.  It could not continue from abroad: There had to be a physical prosecutor in court at the hearing. 
Peter contacted several lawyers in Britain, asking them to take on the case, but none would do so. 
Still aware of the risk to himself if he set foot in Britain, his concern for his mother outweighed his own fears, & he felt he had no option but to take on the task himself (hoping the court actions themselves might afford him some protection).    
And so he went to Britain, & on 4th December 2014 walked into York Magistrates’ Court as the prosecutor of the Summonses.   It appears that four Goons were lying in wait for him.  Instead of waiting till after the Summons hearing, which they could well have done, they pounced on him before it started, & dragged him off in handcuffs to a police van, then to prison.  
By preventing that hearing taking place, they themselves were committing the very serious offence of ‘Obstructing/Perverting the Course of Justice’, but, as the persecuted know only too well, The Law' only works One-Way in Britain.  
From then on, though Peter had not been convicted of any crime, he was kept in prison - On Remand – for no less than 22 months!  (The maximum allowed by law is six months!)  At the ‘trial’ which then took place, the jury were denied evidence which would have guaranteed his acquittal, & they did convict him of the most minor level of the crime he was accused of,
It was not even considered a crime until a few years ago.   Being at the lowest level, it would not have warranted a prison sentence, but for the fact that he had already been incarcerated for 22 months, which was then considered to be his sentence. 
He should then have walked free, having ‘Paid His Debt To Society’, but the Machiavellian process continued, & he was again remanded in custody to await the very dubious ‘Extradition Hearing’.  In spite of the piffling nature of the charges, there has been an Order for his extradition, which is currently under appeal. 
Adding to the torment, there has been cat & mouse torture.   Having finally been given bail for a week, manufactured excuses have been used to revoke the bail while he is awaiting the appeal.  We are told that prisons, which are bursting at the seams, are ready to explode, yet they can still find room for Peter Hofschroer, who is no danger to anyone (except those he was exposing!)
That is a synopsis of the matter as it relates to Peter Hofschroer.
When the abuse began to become obvious, five years ago, Grandma B was still naïve enough to believe that her case was an exception and the authorities – in particular North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and the City of York Council (CYC) – would act according to the law and quickly deal with the social workers and police officers who were party to the abuse.
She was very wrong.
In the ensuing five years, the extent of the official corruption spreading across Britain has become ever more apparent (the belated Chilcott, Hillsborough & Rotherham inquiries revealing only the tip of a very large iceberg).  
 The Common Purpose “graduates” running York Social Services then sat down with the abusers and held a “safeguarding” conference at which they exonerated Grandma B’s abusers and declared her carer (her youngest son Peter) the abuser. This conference breached York SS’ own rules, as the accused was not informed of the conference nor given an opportunity to answer the false allegations against him. As such it was unlawful and its findings not valid.
Visiting his parents in England, Peter had been very disturbed that they were not getting the care promised by his older brother Robert, in return for which Robert was to inherit their property.  
It would appear Robert was more concerned about the latter than the former.  Peter felt this lack of care was such that they would not survive long, & in fact his father did die. 
Fearing that without his presence, his mother would soon suffer the same fate, Peter took her back to live with him in his own home in Austria.  As her Official Carer, Peter did prove a capable & loving carer, confirmed by her Austrian doctor.   He felt it important for her to meet & socialise with local people, & her condition improved.   
They were enjoying a happy family life, but those in Britain who were anxious to gain control of Grandma B’s property also saw the value of Peter’s own property, & sought Austrian assistance in taking steps which would eventually result in the acquisition of that property too.  
They sought to have the Austrian judiciary declare Peter to be “mentally incapacitated” and put in a mental hospital, when his mother could then be returned to England.  (The first has not happened yet, but the second has.  The speed with which Robert shoved her into one of the notorious ‘Care Homes’ in York indicates how much he cared for his mother.  The location of this one is being kept secret, so that friends cannot even write to her, much less visit!) 
Fear of this happening caused Barbara & Peter to leave Austria, & seek refuge in Germany, where the German Authorities declared them to be ‘Persecuted Persons’.     
Sadly, it was not enough.  Robert was able to recruit York SS people to accompany him, & then the aid of German Police.  Barbara & Peter were both in their nightclothes when the gang burst into their home, attacked Peter with a pepper spray, handcuffed him & dragged him to a Police Station for just long enough to give them time to abduct his mother.   When this had been achieved, Peter was released without any charge against him whatsoever.       
Original article at Namaste Publishing
Until the age of 70 I was proud to be British, proud to have 'Done My Bit' in World War II, fighting to bring 'Freedom, Justice & the Rule of Law' to the rest of the world.  
Or so I thought!  
It is with sadness, shame & sorrow I now tell you there are neither Freedom, Justice, OR the Rule of Law in present day Britain.  
Norman Scarth.   
PS:  It would be bad enough if Barbara & Peter Hofschroer were the only sufferers.  They are not - not by a long chalk!
I am currently trying to help another, Susanne Kellner-Johnson (who, coincidentally, is Austrian, but has been living in England for several years).  She too is a whistle-blower, but is not in prison or a 'Care Home'.  
This completely sane woman has been incarcerated in a so-called 'Mental Hospital', where she is being forcibly injected with completely unnecessary drugs, just as happened in Stalinist Russia.  That is another method which is currently used in Britain to silence any who dare to tell truth which those with power do not want to be told.   
Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn (himself a dissident in Soviet Russia) described the practice as 'Worse Than the Gas Chambers'. 

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