When it comes to Brexit, it’ll be May who wrecks it.

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When it comes to Brexit, it’ll be May who wrecks it.
« on: November 22, 2016, 07:06:53 PM »
With today's news that she would extend negotiations if necessary, I'll have to change my view and agree with you.   Who do you trust these days???

Sent: 22/11/2016 08:09:27 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Brexit? May wrecks it
May will wreck Brexit
When it comes to Brexit, it’ll be May who wrecks it.
She has never been committed to our leaving the EU and she demonstrated this when she appointed David Davies – not the brightest boy in the class - as our chief Brexit negotiator. Today Davies is off to talk with the EU’s negotiator, the vigorous and mentally agile Guy Verhofstadt. I don’t know what time they are due to meet, but if Davies gets there early enough, Guy will have him not so much for Brexit as for breakfast. He has already told Britain “There will be no compromise over free movement.” The other two “wise men” May appointed to lead us out of the EU don’t impress: Liam Fox is sluggish and pedantic while Boris is a lovable charmer but hardly the most assiduous politician when it comes to attention to detail.
But the main reason our Brexit is in danger comes from May herself, for she doesn’t believe in it. She is demonstrably incompetent and disingenuous. I cannot imagine why we are witnessing this widespread outbreak of confidence based on an apparently universal agreement that Theresa May is “a safe pair of hands.”
During her campaign for the leadership, Mrs May asked us to “Judge me on my record.” Happily, there is a lot of record on which to judge her, since she is the longest-serving home secretary since 1945. Her tenure was a conspicuous catalogue of errors and failures. Remember 2014 and the chaos caused by the delay in the issue of passports. May claimed this was owing to “a surge in applications,” but it turned out she had been warned the year before that her policy of closing overseas processing offices had resulted in a backlog of 360,000 applications and weeks of delay.
She complained that the Human Rights Act permitted suspected terrorists to continue living in this country under the clause that speaks of their right “to a family life.” She cited the case of one such suspect who was not deported “because he had a pet cat.” Then – trademark May – after so complaining, she did nothing to get the Act amended. As home secretary, she was in charge of the police. She cut their numbers and their budget during a long period in which the terrorist threat was at its highest. She sat back and did nothing while in Rotherham, Leicester, Bradford, Rochdale and a dozen other towns and cities the police failed to stop the wholesale rape and sexual abuse of under-age white girls by Muslim men. She was slow and indecisive in her pathetic attempt to intervene in the infiltration of schools in Birmingham by Islamic extremists. And she described sharia courts as “beneficial” and allowed them to operate in parallel with British law – and this in spite of the fact that such courts are complicit in the mistreatment of Muslim women by their menfolk.
The list of her sins, negligences and ignorances, her half-baked and deranged actions and inactions, is almost endless. But the worst of her many failures was her record on immigration. As home secretary, it was her remit to put into practice Cameron’s declared aim of reducing the number of immigrants from over half a million every year to “the tens of thousands.” In fact, during her tenure net immigration increased from a million to three million. But here is the truly laughable bit – were it not so catastrophic for our country: May claimed she was powerless to reduce immigration “because of Shengen, the EU’s open borders rule.” And then she voted for Remain! How’s that for joined-up thinking?
Our new prime minister has begun her term of office by announcing economic and social policies that you might think belonged exclusively to Jeremy Corbyn. She wants to curb executive pay. Apart from the fact that this could be achieved only by the adoption of the most draconian and demagogic policies, it would also drive the best talent into the arms of our competitors. Her plans for “positive discrimination” for women when it comes to appointments to company boards and her other ambitions for tighter regulation of the City and a more socialistic approach to industrial relations will lead, give it time, to the sort of sclerosis which paralyses the economy in France. May’s feminist obsession with social engineering, involving appointments being made on the sole criterion of what we are now obliged to refer to as “gender” rather than ability, will only promote mediocrity.
May is a self-confessed Remainer and Europhile. Brexit is about as safe with her as a chicken coup when the fox – or perhaps the vixen - has got in. Let me guess what she will do next. Brandishing her reputation as “a bloody difficult woman,” she will go to Brussels, shout and bawl at Jean-Claude Juncker and wave her arms about. Then she will return – just like Mr Chamberlain in 1938 – with a piece of paper which, she will claim, guarantees a deal for Britain so spectacularly good that we’d be fools to reject it.
End of Brexit. Full stop.

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