Britain will be better off in every way if our money is KEPT IN BRITAIN

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In my view, probably consists of remainers   -  as does much of Government, the Establishment, several of the supposed Brexit “teams” and even the Judiciary if we knew the truth.  If the judges acted according to their solemnly sworn oaths, our laws would be ENGLISH LAW already.  (And that includes the Welsh and the Scots who are ALL ENGLISH by birth.)
All this about  “We MUST exploit Article 50 etc etc” is known to be a trap for the unwary so that we shall be caught up in never ending “negotiations” certainly for the rest of my lifetime and beyond.  THAT is what they’re all working for so that but the time we oldies have died off, all the newies who really don’t know and probably don’t care, will agree to any kind of foreign dictatorial rule because they haven’t a damned clue even what that is.  THAT is what the Establishment are banking on.  In any case, Article 50 is admitted by its creator never intended to be used as they never thought it would be necessary, so it was constructed NOT to work.  A SPOOF.  It happens however, that our English Law already protects us, strikes down any attempt to render it inoperative AND is still in full effect despite politicians’ claims that it “might have been repealed but they‘re not really sure”.
As to all our businesses and produce (does Britain actually produce anything any more now that all our factories, manufacturing etc have been given away to foreigners), if we produce anything at all, it will not sit forlornly on the dockside because it’s illegal or something, but anybody in Europe who has wanted it this far, will still want it whether or not we abide by illegal foreign “laws” that serve only to mess up our modus operandi.  If you want to buy a loaf of bread, you’re not going to refuse to buy it because it wasn’t baked under dictatorial rule.  Though if you had any sense at all, you would refuse to buy it if it was baked with Islamic consent, so to indirectly fund ISIS. 
Britain’s economy will function FAR better if all our hard earned money wasn’t thrown into the bottomless pit of the EU so they can go and have a party on it.
Britain will be better off in every way if our money is KEPT IN BRITAIN, FOR BRITAIN’S SAKE AND BRITAIN’S BENEFIT.  
May is not doing that.  In fact I don’t see her doing anything at all to extricate us from the treasonable nightmare that politicians since Heath have pushed us into just because they don’t serve the electorate but a different master  -  the one world government agenda.
The ONLY course for Britain is to WALK AWAY from the EU and take her money with her.  IT would then collapse as, I believe, it is our money that currently holds it together.  When the French leave because of the Muslim issue, several other nations will also exit leaving Germany still holding the ruins of the failed disaster that they created.  Poetic justice, I suppose.
May is going to have to do something really extraordinary to convince me that she has any intention whatsoever of leaving the EU.
All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

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