Letter to the 3 Judges=Ref Britain’s exit from the EU

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Letter to the 3 Judges=Ref Britain’s exit from the EU
« on: December 05, 2016, 09:57:57 PM »
Lord Chief Justice Thomas                                                                                                      Albert Burgess
Lord Justice Sales                                                                                                                     15Parliament Road
Sir Terrance Etherton                                                                                                               Thame
The Royal Courts of Justice South                                                                                          Oxfordshire
Strand                                                                                                                                          OX9 3TE
London 03-11-2016
Ref Britain’s exit from the EU
My Lords
I despair I really do, you are what passes for our most senior judges yet your knowledge of the English Common and Constitutional Law appears to be woefully inadequate to the high offices you hold. I do not wish to teach you to suck eggs. But it appears I must.
Parliament which contrary to common thinking today does not reign supreme that honour falls to Her Most Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II, CONTRARY to the view expressed by the House of Commons the 1689 Bill of Rights did not transfer Sovereignty from the lawfully anointed King to the House of Commons. And on the 8th March 1784 95 years after the Declaration and Bill of Rights King George III forced a vote in Parliament as to where ultimate Sovereignty lay with him as the lawfully anointed King or with the House of Commons as the elected house. By Parliamentary vote full total and absolute Sovereignty lay with the lawfully anointed King. So today by the Common Law of Kingship and Parliamentary vote not to mention the will of the indigenous people of this island Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II is the supreme governor of this ancient Kingdom. A Queen you are duty bound to support up to and including giving your life in her service.
Our first King to tell a foreigner to get lost was King Alfred who rejected an archbishop sent from Rome. The second was Henry III who repudiated his father’s surrender of England to the Pope in 1213. Next came Edward III who according to the greatest jurist of all time Sir Mathew Hale wrote to the Pope roundly in 1366. The most famous was of Course Henry VIII whose row with the Pope is well documented. Now let us jump backwards to Edward III who in 1351 gave us three pieces of legislation the 1351 Treason Act which by the by you gentleman have broken. The 1351 Act of Proviso’s which prevented the disposal of any English assets such as farms to a foreign owner and the 1351 Act of Praemunire which forbad the imposition in his Kingdom of foreign law’s, it also forbad his Bishops from excommunicating any of his subjects on the orders of the Pope. And it forbad the extraction from his Kingdom of any of his subjects to be tried in a foreign court. These things he considered an affront to his honour and dignity as an English King. The Act of Proviso’s was repealed in the 1948 Criminal Law Revision Act. The Act of Praemunire was repealed in the 1967 Criminal Law Act. The question we must ask is, is the honour and dignity of Queen Elizabeth II any less than the honour and dignity of Edward III? Well it can’t be can it they both held the office of the Crown and the Crown cannot change. That being the case the selling of our assets and utilities to foreign owners and the imposition of foreign law in this Kingdom are affronts to the honour and dignity of Queen Elizabeth II. Edward III considered and indeed ruled that an affront to his honour and dignity were a personnel Treason against him as England’s King.
Edward Heath set up a conspiracy to subvert our constitution and common law the major crime of sedition and at this level of sedition an act of treason and to hand this Kingdom over to foreign power an act of treason.
The Maastricht Treaty which made the Queen a citizen of Europe a constitutional impossibility was also a contravention of the 1351 Treason Act. The peoples vote to leave the EU was the people returning this Kingdom to the rule of English law and a total repudiation of the treasons committed by Parliament over the last 50 years. Your ruling goes against the wishes of the people and I have no doubt her Majesty and your action constitutes treasons against her Majesty by continuing the affront to her honour and dignity as Queen of England from which all her other titles supremacies and superiorities flow. I would most respectfully suggest you should without wasting time reconvene your court and reconsider your decision before it is too late. You should consider the oath from the 1689 Bill of Rights which is still the higher law of England. And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction. power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this realm so help me God. This is the ancient law far older than 1689 which has kept this Kingdom free since King Alfred told the Pope to get lost. You breach this at your peril.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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