The people are Sovereign NOT Parliament

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The people are Sovereign NOT Parliament
« on: December 07, 2016, 03:05:54 PM »

From: terryly
To: [email protected]
Sent: 07/12/2016 11:40:03 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Parliament.
    Dear Mr Wright,     I address you as a fellow citizen and parliamentarian of this great country of ours, sadly in decline these days because of misunderstanding of many things  by many people.
  First we, the people, are sovereign  parliament by our Constitution  and our Bill of Rights. By our vote we elect some of our Members  to go to the House of COMMONERS to form a Government for a maximum of  5 Years to represent us by the mandates we agree on. There  to form laws for our safety and safety of our Great Country with  freedom and equality for all with one law to be obeyed by all and an  English  language understood by all.
It is very clear that the referendum allowed  and enabled the many millions  that make up  our parliament to give their TRUE  VOTE on whether or not we should leave the E U.    Government of just 600 Members of our Parliament can NEVER give such a True Vote because, having formed parties within government ,they will be whipped to obey the leaders of their party leaders and whoever instructs these leaders.  Hence there is no true democracy.
  Since our Constitution Says we must  never surrender our sovereignty and laws to foreigners, and this will, by implication, include foreigners in this country,  we can never have been a member of the European Union.   WE legally  fought TWO WORLD WARS in defence of our country  to prevent  us being ruled by foreigners .
 We should now cease  the current thoughts on any need to negotiate our way out  of the E U and instead  just leave.  There can be no recrimination against us if our cause is just as it is.
  What ever the Supreme court may say, on the matter now before it,  the original  decision was made on an old and Defect ruling.  This ruling ,if it claims any value now, should have been used  continually over the years  and on very many occasions of warlike acts against countries which were no concern of ours and especially the union with the E U
  Can we please get a  bit of that most valuable asset of "Common Sense" into leaving the E U now without all the  Politic talk of the Politians and civil servants .
  Yours sincerely  Terry L.
I heard this guy on the opening day say that Parliament is Sovereign,dear me,the people are Sovereign ,not Parliament

The Leveller

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