The rise of Nationalism acros Europe

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The rise of Nationalism acros Europe
« on: December 08, 2016, 06:04:01 PM »
Thanks George, right wingers are sick of being told what they can think and do, they are sick of being told that that they are racist, discriminatory, hateful, sick of having our freedoms taken from us under some pretext or another….. it is us that should be calling the left, haters of their own country and people, who are causing racism by what they do, who are dividing by making things an issue, and who are turning our once wonderful society into rubble both morally and physically, etc..
No one in their right mind would bring rapists, murders and people who hate them into their own home to mix with their children and families.. but this is what they are doing to our country..
Any new party that comes up could never do as bad as what we have had with the two major parties in every western country for the past 50 years.. and strange how all new parties are quickly destroyed eh…
Hi Folk. Quite
Good letter Bellsparade. Now let’s see what Trump and  Pauline are going to do now they have the help of the European Right wingers like. Siv Jensen Sweden. Geert Wilders Netherland. Nega Nord Italy. Udo Voigt Italy. Karine Le-Pen France. Bruno Valkeniers Belgium. Pia Kjaersgaard Denmark. Timo Soim Finland. Jimmie Akesson Sweden. Gabor Vona Hungary. Heinz Strache Austria. I have not mentioned Britain because  London’s population now consist of 56 % foreigners and you don’t want to know about Manchester. Sheffield or Birmingham.
Hopefully Brexit is the turning point when real Britons will say enough is enough and vote for UKIP otherwise we can go back to thinking   “Where have all the real men gone. Long time in passing “ The real Britons emigrated  and left behind a quagmire of unisexual demented weak Pussies.   
 Regards George  

From: bellsparade
Sent: Tuesday, 29 November 2016 2:10 PM
During the 1939-45 War, Britain was not only confronted with Hitler’s Germany but from Fifth Columnists;  spies and traitors within, who did everything to hamper Britain.  I see much the same happening in Australia today, such as the Greens (I reject them completely), advocates for refugees, NGOs, the Churches and so on – all hell bent on passively surrendering Australia to illegal invaders.  They are not boat people, refugees or asylum seekers;  they are illegal invaders.  By the stroke of a pen, the Federal Government could stop the boats;  repeal the convention on so-called refugees.  The United Nations is now the de-facto Government of Australia.  The refugee convention is a United Nations con job to re-colonise the world as part of their New World agenda.  To quote Cicero:  ‘The enemy within the gates’.  Wake up Australia.
President Obama warns against the rise of patriotic, crude nationalism.  As a patriotic nationalist, it is better than the United Nations Communist New World Order, or the Islamification of America, which is the intention of Muslim Obama.  In Australia, turncoat Turnbull, the wannabe Grand Mufti in Australia, has the same objective.  Traitors, both of them.  I fail to comprehend why the Federal Government sends Australian troops to the M.E. to stop the spread of Islam, while turncoat Turnbull promotes it in Australia.

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