Respect the Will of the People in the EU Referendum

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Respect the Will of the People in the EU Referendum
« on: December 09, 2016, 06:33:18 PM »
Dear Friends and Supporters,

Please tell your MPs: Respect the Will of the People in the EU Referendum

As you saw from our last e-bulletin, this week the Supreme Court heard the Government’s appeal to trigger Article 50 - without a vote in Parliament.  In January, the eleven judges will give their decision on whether the result of the EU Referendum alone was enough to start the Brexit process, or if MPs must vote on the triggering of Article 50. If they do decide to send this to Parliament for MPs to vote, we must all ensure MPs respect the will of the people.

At the moment, there are 91 MPs who do not respect the result of the EU Referendum. On Wednesday, this week, MPs voted on the Conservative amendment to the Labour motion to call on the Government to invoke Article 50 by the end of March - as the Prime Minister has stated. While the overwhelming majority voted in favour, these 91 anti-democratic MPs stated their clear intention to override the Referendum result.

Click here to see if your MP is one of the rebel 91, and how to contact them. If your MP is one of these rebels who voted against the Conservative amendment, we suggest you write to them, making it absolutely clear they must respect the will of the people. You can find a suggested letter here which you can amend. We must remind MPs, if they continue to ignore the decision made by the majority of the Great British Public, then they should resign or risk losing our vote at the next General Election.

If you are not sure who your MP is or how to contact them, click here to find out.

For the other MPs who appear to respect the result of the Referendum, they too must be reminded that Brexit means Brexit. They too must understand the seriousness of the Referendum result, to us the voters.

We have drafted another letter for you here to send to your MP to remind them they are your democratically elected representatives.

Brexit has had many challengers so far, seeking to overturn the Referendum - including Gina Miller, who brought the High Court case in the first place, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, and many others.

It’s clear the fight for Brexit is far from over, but we - the British people - have the power to ensure we Get Britain Out of the European Union. So please spend a few minutes, and write to your MP as we suggest.

This will make sure MPs really understand Brexit means Brexit, and we want the best ‘hard Brexit’ deal for the United Kingdom. This means access, not membership of the single market, and therefore we will have control over our laws, borders and money.

We thank you for your continued support. If you check out our social media regularly, as well as our website, you will find all the daily news and press coverage. This is the link to our website’s Latest EU News page, and there’s lots of information to continue to inform you, your friends and colleagues about what’s going on with the negotiations and what we are investigating ourselves. Get Britain Out will continue to work to ensure we get the best deal for the United Kingdom, and will not rest until we have done so.

If there are any of your friends and colleagues who would like to contact their MP and have not already signed up as a supporter, please forward them these instructions. It is important to spread information and the truth about this vital issue, so please forward this e-Bulletin to as many people as possible. Here is the link to Sign Up to our campaign.


Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out
If you go to the Get Britain Out website all the MP,s and their e mail addresses are listed also on the below link

Figure is actually 88, because the Daily mail had Catherine West listed twice once in Labour and once in SNP.
These constituencies need targeting in any election to come.

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