IN, or OUT? “Germany must insist on the EU becoming a global player

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IN, or OUT? “Germany must insist on the EU becoming a global player in an insecure world,”

See:  “European defense union with tightly enmeshed armed forces.” Wolfgang Ischinger

Britain’s pending departure removes one of the biggest contributors to the EU budget, but a British diplomat said that London may seek to collaborate on defense research from outside the bloc because it sees the need for European capabilities.
The European Commission announced plans on November 30 to spend $5.8 billion annually to jointly develop and acquire new military equipment.
EU members would also spend $5.8 billion on new jointly shared equipment. This money would be put up by individual nations rather than coming from the EU’s budget. Importantly, EU rules on national debt won’t apply to any money eurozone members borrow to put toward this.
EU Observer reported, “The fund is designed to stand alongside a new military HQ in the EU foreign service and alongside battle groups—forces of about 1,000 men each—that could be parachuted into African or Middle Eastern countries.”      (Or trouble spots in neighbouring member states)???

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