The best pre - Xmas news for 60 years  God Willing

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The best pre - Xmas news for 60 years  God Willing
« on: December 14, 2016, 08:21:31 PM »
  The best pre - Xmas news for 60 years 
                                                                       (God Willing)
      Today three things were announced which may change the course of history.
1.. Aleppo was liberated and, contrary to the massacre stories in the Western media, thousands of its inhabitants were dancing in the streets cheering the “wicked” Assad and his Syrian army.    RT
2..  33 countries announced that they were no longer trading in dollars, but in the currency of China which has become the largest economy in the World.      Outsider club
3..  President Putin has brokered a deal between Iran, the leading Shia nation, and Saudi Arabia, the leading Sunni nation and backer  of ISIS.  There is talk of eased sanctions and a restriction of the over production of Saudi oil which has lowered the price of oil globally and put American frackers out of business, while ruining the economies of Iran and Russia.     RT
With president elect Trump soon coming to power and the Europe wide disillusion of the electorate with the establishment,  the 3 above mentioned items (if true, and I believe RT news over MSM propaganda)   may mean that the power of the Rothschild army will be rolled back and their World Empire plans dealt a severe blow.
Assad is only the American / Zionist bete noir because he is one of the last national leaders not to have a Rothschild controlled central bank.
The war in Syria may be quickly rolled up if Trump and Putin ally to destroy militant Islam.
The Rothschild induced transformation of the dollar from a gold backed currency to a paper fiat currency of little true value, will soon mean that the dollar reaches its deserved status.  With China and 33 other nations no longer using it for international trade,  it will quickly inflate and lose a large part of its value.
Trump and Putin may well end the Rothschild plan for a worldwide Muslim Empire which would have been controlled by …. The Rothschilds.   National governments around the world would then be able to control Jihadi aims, with political correctness no longer protecting the many Muslims who commit outrages.

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