Ask Cameron to open the dossier on Operation Ore

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Ask Cameron to open the dossier on Operation Ore
« on: November 18, 2012, 08:33:42 PM »
Once again I am asking for this e mail to go viral. Have you noticed that the outcry concerning the Jimmy Savile affair has already died down? The main stream media have done nothing to find out just how bad this evil permeates our society, does anyone REALLY believe that man could have gotten away with the things he did if high ranking officials had not assisted him?


The FBI sent our police force a very big list of paedophiles some time ago. The police started an investigation, they named it operation ORE and compiled a dossier on the people on that list. It contained a lot of VERY HIGH RANKING PEOPLE.
Some of the police on that investigation have been in touch with us and although they would not give us names, because they can't prove it NOW,  they have said that MP'S, EX MP'S, MEP'S, EX PRIME MINISTERS, SERVING AND RETIRED SENIOR POLICE, SENIOR MILITARY PERSONEL, JUDGES, BARRISTERS, SOCIAL WORKERS, CHARITY WORKERS, CHILDREN 'S CARE HOMES PERSONEL and many other high ranking people were on that list.

The result of operation ORE was given to the CPS and then TONY BLAIR SEALED THE CONTENTS FOR 100 YEARS.




I think the answer to that is obvious, don't you???? It seems the rich and powerful can do anything they like, even to our children, because they are protected.


So I am asking for everyone who reads this to write to 10. Downing st. London and post it on the first of December. All you need to say is Mr. Cameron please order the dossier named OPERATION ORE to be re-opened and the contents made public and acted upon.


If he received millions of letters on the same day he would realise that the British public are disgusted with these high ranking paedophile rings and want the people arrested, charged and imprisoned. How would you feel if your child was snatched, abused, (some as young as 4 to 6 months old) and then either left to live with that abuse or in some cases murdered?

Please help us stop these evil people, write to Cameron and post it on the first of December.

Thank you.







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