Full text of EC referendum 1975

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Full text of EC referendum 1975
« on: December 24, 2016, 09:07:37 PM »


Some will point out that the text of  this referendum does not differ from the relationship between the UK and the EC (EU nowadays).
However, it is not what is included so much as what is NOT included that is crucial. Nowhere is it mentioned here that immigrants would be invited to Europe by the millions and that member states would be pressured into taking "their share." There is no mention of how immigrants, even clandestine/illegal ones, must be paid the same amounts of welfare as natural born citizens who have worked for years to accrue the amounts paid.
Let us know if you can find others. 
I also will  be sending a link to the latest referendums, which you can compare with the texts of the latest EU legislation. My overall observation is that the legislation is  not mentioned in the referendums, which are by and large fraudulent as a result.
There is also a strong suggestion that new laws will have to be approved by national leaders. If I understand correctly, this is no longer true. Hence, misrepresentation.
Don Hank
1975 Referendum pamphlet - harvard-digital.co.uk
This page contains the text of the Government produce pamphlet advocating a vote to stay in the "European Community (Common Market)" in the 1975 British Referendum on ...


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