No wonder the greedy EU'd are hanging on-Civil service fast stream to EU

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No wonder the greedy EU'd are hanging on............Civil service fast stream to EU

The EU has estimated its pensions liability at €60bn for all retired and current officials, with annual payments currently running at about €1.4bn.
Some 1730 British nationals currently make up almost eight per cent of the 22,000 retired EU officials, but the UK insists it cannot be held responsible for their pension entitlements which, it says, are the responsibility of EU institutions.
But EU officials say Britain would be expected to pay its part of the EU's pension promises when it finally quits the EU.
Battle lines are being drawn for a potentially bitter dispute over liability for paying pensions owed to thousands of British EU civil servants when the UK finally leaves the EU. (When you leave this 'Firm', it refuses to pay your pension unless you continue to promote  and support it)

How the Civil Service became EU'd  (Wanna job?)
The Diversity wall

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